2032 I.A.

- a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie


Summary: Inuyasha and The Day After Tomorrow X-over. Kagome and Laura were the best of friends when suddenly Kagome had to leave for Japan. Year 2030, the year when North America was frozen over for another Ice Age, those manage to escape to Mexico, including Laura Chapman and Sam Hall, were safely situated until the Ice Age was over. Now 2 years later, Sam and Laura were sent to Japan for a mission. Is Kagome gone for good( I mean bad), or is she still alive somehow?


Meeko: Inuyasha, my favorite anime, The Day After Tomorrow, one of my favorite movies, had finally come together in a fan fiction!!! Too bad they both don't belong to me, especially Jake Gyllenhaal (who plays Samuel Hall in the movie), I mean, who wouldn't want to, right?


Chapter 1: Leaving for Good or for Worst (Part 1)

YEAR 2025 (5 years before the super storms)

Laura's POV

"Laura," I was holding onto my phone, with my shoulders, actually, because I was doing my English report on the computer.

"Yes?" I said to the phone, while shifting it to the other side. I wasn't really paying attention at this particular time because this piece of homework about Shakespeare wasn't really my thing. But all the same, it's due tomorrow so I better finished it anyway.

"So, what's up?" I asked as I looked at the notes on my table, trying to read it off as well as talking on the phone with my best friend.

"Oh my gosh, Laura, I have to go back to Japan with my mom and grandpa for the rest of my secondary school years and I'm not coming back ever, what am I going to do?" Kagome said it out really fast, almost breathless, as one would say.

I couldn't even hear what she said, in fact. I stopped typing and held the phone with my hand. Okay, there was definitely something wrong, what did I just hear Kagome said?

Hyper ness was not a good sign for Kagome, well, at least for most of the times. The only times she was hyper was when she had too much sugar and coke in one day, oh, and let's not forget who would get hyped up when she met a cute guy.

But I could tell it wasn't the sugar hyped up time this time, nor was it the cute guy theory; it was something worst.

"Breath, girl, breath," I chanted, trying to calm Kagome down," inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, there you go. Now that you've actually calm down, we can talk about this."

"Ok," Kagome sighed, "my mom's trying to make me go back to Japan with her next week." Damn! Next week! I knew something bad was bound to happen. And I hate it when I was right about these things. I sighed.

"Well," I replied slowly, trying to think, "what can you do? I mean, you'd had to go if your mom makes you." I tried not to make Mrs. Higurashi sounded too forceful, I mean, she was nice to me when I visited their house and all. I could hear Kagome groaned from my phone; I wanted to help her, but what can I do?

"How about this," I started to suggest, "starve yourself and refuse to eat anything unless your mom changes her mind." But I couldn't hear Kagome's answer because someone was yelling at the top of her voice.

"Laura, honey," my mom was yelling, "come down here! Some guy is here to see you." A note to you, I can seriously heard that emphasized 'guy' when she said that. I swear!

"Look, Kagome," I said to the phone apologetically, "I really got to go see the 'guy' as my mom put it in her most emphasized manner." A few seconds of silence followed after that. Uh oh... did I just say something wrong? I mean, I know it was rude to just walk out on a person when she was having trouble, especially if that person was your best friend! But again, what can I do? I couldn't just leave whoever it was at my door for an hour, or could I?

"All right," Kagome sighed heavily, "I guess I'll call you later. Who's the guy, anyways?" She asked slyly. This sounded more like the Kagome I know.

"I don't know," I told her the truth, "anyways, I'll catch you later, ok?"

"All right, bye." She hung up. I put down the phone and walked down the stairs. I wondered who could be the 'guy'. Mind, I didn't usually have male visitors to my house.

Then, I saw him. Him! The boy standing with his back leaning on the front door was - Samuel Hall! I stunned for a second, then realized what I was doing, just standing on the top stairs and gaping, I quickly recovered and went down do greet him in the most normal gestures I could manage.

"Erm..." I started to stuttered, why did I always have to stutter in front of Sam Hall? "Hey, what brings you here?" I glanced up at him, his dull brown hair was draping in front of his brown (Meeko: or it could be blue/green I really don't know), somehow, sparkling eyes.

His eyes met mine for a second, but shifted them again after that one second. He put his hands in his pants pockets and he stared at the floor as if something was exceptionally fascinating was on the ground beneath him.

"I just came to ask you," he said in his timid, but mellow voice, "Laura, do you have time this Saturday, at 7 pm?" Did I just hear him wrong? Or was he going to ask me on a date?

To tell you the truth, I had been having a crush on Sam since...since when? Oh, I don't know, I think I lost track of time. Anyway, that wasn't even the point. The point was, I liked him but sadly, I didn't think he did. But now, it seemed there was hope.

"Erm..." I started to blush lightly, "are you...err...asking me out, or something?" My cheeks were practically on fire, that, I could tell you. I looked at him again, this time, more clearly. And I thought, for once, with his eyes, I could tell he was going to ask me out. And he did look like he was going to answer yes.

"No," he replied, as if, if I'm not mistaken, trying to force himself to say it, but of course, it might be my imagination, "we're going out to watch a movie and Brian just wanted to ask me to ask you if you want to come with us."

"Oh," I was a bit disappointed. No, wait, I was very disappointed, actually. It wasn't even the fact that he didn't ask me out, it was as if Brian made him come and get me; like, he didn't really wanted to come or something.

"I don't know," I said, coolly, "maybe not, because I still have an English assignment to due."

"Erm..." Sam sounded uneasy, "isn't your assignment due tomorrow?"

"Oh," I didn't see that coming, "well, I still have to do...stuff, you know?"

"Oh," he said quietly. Then this awkward silence came upon us.

"So..." I began.

"Do you...want me to go?" he asked quietly. Do I want him to go....do I want him to go?! Of course I don't!

But at this moment, I wished he would just leave me alone. Just for this once.

"I have to get on with my homework," I opened the door for him, mentioning him to go. I know it was sort of rough, but what else could I do?

"Alright then," he said and turned around and strolled down the sidewalk. I almost wanted to call him back. Almost...

Meeko: Ok...you people like it? Like it or not, leave some comments or suffer! Oh, and there WILL be the Inuyasha gang later in the story...so beware! Also, there'll be bits of the movie later in the story between Laura and Sam!! [big smile]