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"Sirius, come look at this." James pulled out a bag, tugging open the drawstrings. "Look, from Honeydukes. My mum bought it for us, for finishing the year."

Sirius peered inside at the sweets. "Oh hell," he murmured. "Did she buy them out?"

"Very nearly, she said," James answered with a grin. "Well?" He emptied the bag onto his rug. "Before it spoils."

"Don't worry about that," Sirius promised, picking up a chocolate frog and settling contentedly down on the floor. James took an Ice Mouse and sat beside him. "This is great," Sirius giggled through a mouthful of chocolate. "It's summer, we've got candy, and I've got three months to spend with my best friend."

"Why're you talking?" James demanded, eyes sparkling. "This all isn't about to eat itself." Sirius, laughing, threw a sardine Bertie Bott's Bean at him.

They sat in a saccharine silence, the only sounds of wrappers crackling. It was sunny out, and a breeze played at the leaves. An ideal summer day. And of course, there was candy.

"Do you want that?" Sirius asked, pointing to a Chocoball at James's feet.

"Why, yes, I do," James said, snatching it out of his reach with a grin.

"Well, so do I." He groaned as James popped it in his mouth. "I'll have to go in after it."

"Oh, will you?" James bit through it. "Mm, it's good, Sirius. I love the strawberry goo in the middle, don't you. Oof!"

Sirius had tackled him. "You tease," he reprimanded James with a smile. "Told you I was going in after it." He slipped his tongue in James's mouth, feeling around. "Did I ever tell you this is my favorite?"

"The sweet?" James managed.

"No, not the sweet." Sirius tousled James's hair and pushed into the kiss. He tasted like chocolate, sweet milk chocolate filled with strawberries and cream. He let out a satisfied sigh. His favorite candy and favorite person.

James pulled closer to him, draping his arms around his neck affectionately. "Didn't know you were so mad about this," he murmured, so close that Sirius felt it rather than heard it. He wasn't talking about the chocolate then either.

"Mm, yes, I am. Shut up and enjoy it."

"Am." He ran a hand down Sirius's back, weaving a finger across his torso playfully. Sirius in turn let his tongue explore James's mouth. Very sweet. Very sweet. He pulled back and kissed his jawline, his throat, collarbone. James was laughing and unbuttoning his shirt, revealing smooth tan skin that Sirius ravished. James pushed his chin up, met his gaze, and tackled him with another deep kiss.

It was warm, they had candy, and he was kissing his best friend. A perfect summer day.

James pulled back, giddy and glasses askew. Sirius sat back on his haunches with a smirk. "You know, Sirius," he offered, pushing his glasses back in place, "there's more of those." He tossed him another Chocoball.

Sirius rolled it between two fingers. "Yes, well, I liked that one best of all."

"Mm, but if you have that one as well, I just might have to, what did you say? Go in after it," James suggested mischievously.

"Would you? Well, in that case...." Sirius popped the sweet into his mouth, and laughed as James tackled him to the floor.