Teen Titans: A Titan Gone Bad

"C'mon Rae," Beast Boy begged, shoving the same plate of tofu burger in front of the dark girl's face. She examined the platter with must disgust shining in her eyes and looked up at the green shape shifter before her. His olive colored sparkling eyes grew wide as a frown crossed his face, a face that Raven could easily resist. She threw him a glare that sent Beast Boy taking a few steps back. "No," she replied, annoyance already consuming her monotonic voice.

A gray storm cloud magically appeared over the green lad's head; little raindrops left their marks all over his hair.

All his teen years he spent trying to make his gloomy teammate laugh, but never succeeded. Every time he cracked a joke she would ignore it or push it aside. It either made him feel depressed or angry, or possibly both. He tried to contain his frustration with the gloomy girl inside. She was too beautiful to yell at. At least that's what he thought.

But he also knew that she couldn't howl with laughter or crack a single smile. He wished she could. All he wanted to see in life was Raven's pretty smile.

She shoved the platter back at him. "There's no way I'm gonna eat this," she said, "And 'The Face' is getting old, Beast Boy. Very old." Rage suddenly consumed him in a wave of feeling. He tried to restrain it for fear of spilling the beans and revealing his deepest, darkest secret to her. He shoved the plate back at her.

"C'mon. Just one taste."


"Y'know you want to."

The dark teen threw him yet another dangerous glare. Not a good sign. Beast Boy knew that but went on pushing his luck anyway. "C'mon Rae. Just try it. Please?" the green lad spoke with a pleading tone, "I'll stop bugging you if you try." Raven rolled her eyes and snatched the tofu burger from her teammate's hands. "Fine. If it'll get you off my back," she spoke and stuffed the burger inside her mouth. It tasted like any other burger, except a bit spicier.

'The taste isn't too bad,' Raven thought, taking a bite and chewing it. The warm, steamy goodness of the burger warmed her up in an instant. She sat the burger down. Beast Boy smiled.

"So," he began, joy, excitement and happiness already filling him up, "How was it?" Raven looked at the green lad and exhaled a sigh.

"It was-"

The sound of the kitchen door opening interrupted her. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg stepped into the room. They carried some luggage and suitcases in their hands. Both Raven and Beast Boy wondered where they were heading. "Robbie, Star, and I are going to Long Beach," Cyborg spoke up, showing the two 3 plane tickets. Beast Boy stepped closer to the trio.

"What about us?" he questioned, pointing to him and the goth girl. Robin placed a hand on the back of his neck. "You 2 are gonna stay here and protect the city from any type of danger," The Boy Wonder quickly responded. Raven and Beast Boy glanced at each other, then turned their attention back to the trio. Starfire grinned at the confused and bewildered titans.

"Do not worry friends!" she chimed in, happy as usual, "We will be back in a few Earth days!" Without another word spoken, the three eager titans left, leaving the two remaining teammates to gape after them.

'Great,' Beast Boy thought, still staring at the closed kitchen door, 'Now I'm gonna be stuck with Ms. Darkness for who knows how long.' Within a few seconds his attention was back at the gloomy girl who, in turn, stared back at him with a blank expression.

"So," Beast Boy began, hoping to spark a conversation between them, "Do ya wanna play 'Super Ninja Fury' with me?" As if not hearing a word he said, Raven got up and walked out the door. Beast Boy, a little shocked by this reaction he received, ran after her.

"C'mon Rae! Just one level!"

He managed to stop her in her tracks and catch the dark female's attention.



"Why would I want to play a pointless videogame with you?"

"Ummmmmmmmmmm...because it's fun?"

Raven let out a low growl and resumed strolling towards her dark, dim room. Beast Boy slowly became the form of a dog, curled himself on the couch, and cried sadly as loneliness quickly consumed him.

The darkness of the room welcomed Raven as she stepped inside. As the dim room cast a shadow upon her body, she pulled out a diary. The diary was brown and very middle-aged looking. The metal corners made it look even more ancient.

The dark teen fished out a pen and began writing.

"Dear Diary,

Today was yet another unimportant, pointless day. Beast Boy tried to feed me one of his tofu burgers. Wasn't too bad. Also tried to get me to play 'Super Ninja Fury'. That idiot. When will he ever learn?"

The dark girl slammed the book shut and plopped upon her soft, round bed. She suddenly felt pity for leaving the green shape shifter behind. She thought of going downstairs, thought of playing the game with him. "I'm not going back down and asking him that," Raven whispered to herself. But it was no use. The feeling of guilt was already gnawing at her. She exhaled a long sigh and finally made her decision. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

The ninjas drew out their long, metal bows and heavy swords, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Their masks that concealed their faces (except the eyes) were the color of blood. Sleeveless shirts consumed their entire mid-section; a rope-like belt was fastened tightly around their waist in order to get a firm grip on their matching, baggy pants. The army of ninjas attacked, their weapons at the ready.

Luckily Beast Boy was prepared. "Okay Beast Boy," he whispered under his breath, "How 'bout a Lion style attack!"

The green teen immediately focused on the lion's appearance; every hair, every claw, every curve. His body soon took the shape of one as the attacking ninjas were still high in the air.

The man-eating beast let out a battle roar and lunged into the air. His claws protruded out of the four gigantic cat paws; his sharp-as-a-sword fangs shone brilliantly in the light. The inevitable feeling of fear quickly enveloped the ninjas like a tidal wave.

The king of beasts tackled the group. The victory words "High Score" zoomed across the humungous TV screen. Beast Boy leapt from the couch; pride and joy engulfed his heart.

"YES!!!!!! Go Beast Boy! Go Beast Boy! You won! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

"So," said a cold voice from the darkness, "I assume you got the 'High Score'? The green teen turned around only to find Raven sanding behind him. Color was sent to his cheeks as he smiled nervously. Seeing him like this always filled the gloomy goth with pleasure. Heck, anytime he was near her always gave her pleasure.

Beast Boy's mind began to race from passing thought to passing thought. Something struck him without warning.

"Hey Rae?"


"Wanna play 'Super Ninja Fury' with me?"

Raven took a moment to think.


Beast Boy's eyes lit up. He ran over to the game counsel, inserted the game, and handed his dark teammate an extra controller.

Slade plopped into his black leather chair as he watched the two play. The wheels in his malicious mind began to turn; an idea was forming. An idea to destroy the Teen Titans. The mission he had always failed at. But with two titans protecting the city, his mission would be much easier. "Mr. Slade," said the headmistress of the well-known H.I.V.E. academy as she came in, "I have brought you a new agent."

Slade got to his feet.

"Perfect timing. I was just thinking up a plot."

A dark figure approached the masked villain. His shoulder length brown hair brushed against his shoulders, his blue eyes were as cold as ice. He wore a black, baggy top with a chain necklace and a pair of blue jeans.

"His name is Cedric and he possesses an amazing ability. He is also an expert at creating machines and microscopic probes. Please show off your ability Cedric."

Cedric gave the headmistress a smirk. His once blue eyes became a fiery yellow; solar power dissolved into them. 'Just like a former apprentice of mine,' Slade thought, Terra passing through his mind. Lasers were shooting from Cedric's eyes; it's heat and power melting almost everything in its path.

Slade liked what he was seeing; he also took a liking to the teen creating the power. "So, Mr. Slade," the headmistress spoke up, "What do you think?"

"Cedric is skilled. But he does lack control," Slade relied, blocking one of Cedric's lasers with his armored arm.

"But that's no problem. I can teach him."

The headmistress nodded and exited the room. Slade turned to his new apprentice. "You've mastered machinery," Slade said, looking Cedric straight in the eye.

"Yes master. Machinery is my favorite thing."

Slade looked like he was deep in thought. "What's on your mind?" Cedric asked.

"I want you to create a microscopic probe. Not just an ordinary one. A special one. One that will help me destroy the Teen Titans."

"Good night Rae," Beast Boy said, taking off to his room. Everything was tranquil. Nothing for the green lad to get suspicious about. He inhaled gently and plopped onto his bed; he pulled the warm covers over him. He closed his exhausted eyes. Sleep soon swept over him.

(BB's dream)

"Wake up B.B."

The green teen released a tremendous yawn as he gained consciousness. The room around him didn't look like his room at all; the darkness of the room sent a chill up his spinal cord.

He felt someone else's hand on top of his. He quickly turned around to see Raven in bed with him. The green lad received a shock once he laid eyes on the dark girl. She was not wearing normal pajamas; she was wearing pink underwear with a matching bra.

Raven pulled the covers off and got out of bed; Beast Boy followed suit.

"Y'know Raven, there's something I wanna tell you."

He strolled over to the goth, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her.

Beast Boy held his pillow closer to him, creating kissing noises as he did. Cedric slowly approached the sleeping, unsuspecting titan. The green teen's sensitive hearing picked up the gentle footsteps and pulled him awake. "Hey!" the shape shifter shouted as he tried to transform. But it was too late.

Cedric drew out a tranquilizer gun and aimed. Fear crossed the green lad's face as Slade's apprentice fired and a dart inserted itself in his green skin.

The gunshot echoed throughout the entire tower; pots and pans were banging against each other. Raven's eyes shot open as soon as the sound reached her ears. She threw off the covers and ran downstairs. 'They deactivated the tower's security system,' she thought to herself, now at a sprint.

A yellow blast came out of nowhere and went for the goth. Raven swayed to the left and dodged the blast with ease. Cedric scowled. Raven's hands soon became enveloped in black magic; an extra washing machine flew towards Slade's apprentice.

For his own protection, Cedric fired another laser. The two objects collided and caused a great explosion in Titans Tower. A cluster of lasers followed after that. Raven dodged them with even more ease. "Damn. I need to learn how to control this power," Cedric whispered to nobody but himself. Beast Boy began to snore loudly.

Cedric stared at the dark teen again, his eyes powering up for the millionth time. He released the blast. Raven tried to dodge the blast again, but the blast was too fast for her. The laser collided with the dark girl's torso; the teen fell to the ground. The background was slowly becoming black. Cedric finally came out of the darkness, still dragging an unconscious Beast Boy. That was the last Raven saw for her consciousness had slipped out and she fell into darkness.

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