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Raven was soon pulled back into consciousness. The sight of droning gears turning throughout the setting puzzled her for only a moment. After a while she began to recognize this chamber as the lair of Slade. The very lair that contained a cluster of unforgotten memories. The dark teen shook her head to relieve her of such vile memories and scrambled to her feet.

A flash of silver and black appeared. Raven found herself once again lying upon the cold floor; her hand rubbed her throbbing cheek. A hand that would send unpleasant shivers up your spinal cord pressed against her scalp; her bruised cheek collided with the metal base.

A spiteful yet familiar voice whispered into her ear.

"The time has come."

"Cyborg, any luck reaching them?"

The half-human half machine turned toward his obsessive comrade, a vast grin painted across his face.

"No answer."

Robin grinned. Starfire approached the two, overhearing their conversation.

"Then our mission to bring together our friends is a success?"

Cyborg turned to face his naive comrade.

"The two lovebirds didn't respond. Must mean they're on a date."

Starfire clasped her hands together and let escape a small squeal of delight.

"Wonderful! I shall make the Pudding of Happiness!"

The naïve female left to gather ingredients for the pudding. Robin and Cyborg exchanged glances and then shrugged.

"Wonder if this pudding will taste better."

"Don't know Rob. With Star, who knows."


Raven slid across the metal base, gritting her teeth in agony. Slade sauntered over to her, cracking his gloved knuckles.

"Young Titan, perhaps you don't wonder why I captured you and your insignificant

little friend?"

"He's not worthless!"

Slade chuckled harshly. Raven despised that. She despised anyone who considered Beast Boy to be worthless. "No," the villain spoke in a dreadfully suspicious tone of voice, one in which meant unfortunate events were to be drawing near. "I'd say he's feeling a bit...useful today."

A frightening sound of a roar enveloped the entire metal chamber; A set of gleaming red eyes floated over her head. "Beast Boy it's me!" Raven exclaimed, creating a translucent black shield as the beast struck. Its jaw closed with a bone-crushing snap. Slade summoned his apprentice as he deserted his own lair and into the upcoming day that lay ahead.

'There must be a way to cure Beast Boy without causing him pain,' thought the dark teen, constructing another black shield for protection. Her mysterious blue irises began to search the place for a cure, a medicine, a remedy, a...a...

Finally a shimmering silver object caught her eye. A needle. A needle which might hold the remedy to returning the new Beast Boy back into the old one she knew. The one she fell madly in love with. The elongated piece of silver was now engulfed in black and hovered high within the lair.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

The instrument zigged, zagged, looped, and flew toward the green beast; it settled itself inside the creature's skin. The monstrous creature hastily returned into the old Beast Boy before Raven's very eyes. The dark girl truly grinned with satisfaction.

"Oh man," Beast Boy spoke after exiting a hazy eyesight, "I feel as if I was being used for some sort of evil plot." Raven placed her pale hands underneath his arms and heaved him to his feet. "That is a possibility," she replied and the two began to chuckle.

"Say Raven?"


"Would you...I dunno...like to....go out with me?"

The dark teen let her lips curl into a small smirk as she wrapped an arm around the green lad's shoulder.

"I thought you'd never ask."

The recent couple made their way out of the abandoned lair and into the dark mourning, caring hand in caring hand, each a pink blush sprayed upon both cheeks. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The End

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