A Tale

By: jadedeyes

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha. Though like many of us we wish we did. I don't own A Knights Tale either, which gave me an inspiration writing this story.

Chapter 1: The Tournament


In the medieval times a sport was invented. Loved by both noble and peasant fans. But only nobles with demon blood were allowed to compete.

The sport was called jousting.

Lord Inuyasha Axene was born of noble blood for six generations. He came from a trait of Dog demons. Inuyasha wasn't your average demon, considering he was only half. Half human, half dog demon. He felt that he didn't belong in either of their worlds. And they didn't believe that he belong in them as well.

His father, full dog demon had a passion for humans, and that's how he met his mother. It's sort of unusual to see a human and demon together. But lately it was starting to become a natural thing.

Inuyasha was presented to the sport jousting at a very young age. He grew very fond of it and was quite skilled. He loved it because he could take out all his anger and frustration in the sport. Every year a tournament was held. Inuyasha, of course wanted to enter. His mother and father of course wouldn't let him because they would say it was too dangerous and that maybe when he was older he could enter.

So Inuyasha, now 18 years old, stood facing his father who sat in a big maroon seat that was carved with gold instead of wood.

"Father, as you know, the tournament has begun once more. And again I come here for your permission to enter the tournament."

Inuyasha stood waiting for his father to answer. Lord Crane Axene looked at his son then closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

"Inuyasha, you always ask the same thing each year and again I will replay the same answer. No."

Inuyasha growled in frustration.

"God dammit, you told me once I was old enough to participate, I could enter the tournament and I am fuckin 18 years old. Don't you think that's old enough? Well compared to your age . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"Silence Inuyasha. You should know better than to speak to your father that way. My answer will not change. No, I will not watch my son involved in any way in that sport. Now leave."

Inuyasha growled, but bowed and left and slammed the door on his way out. He was angry. His father was never going to let him enter the tournament. He knew that. He walked towards the stables. He grabbed one of his horses. His favorite horse he named, Josie.

"Mark." Immediately his servant Mark stood in front of him and bowed.

"Yes my lord?"

"If my father asks where I have gone. Tell him that I went to go see Lord Miroku."

And with that he got on Josie and rode off. Lord Miroku Geffen was a good friend of Inuyasha's. He lived not that far from his home. They are childhood friends. Miroku lived by himself. His parents died when he was in a very young age. Miroku was a very good fighter considering him being only human, his downside; he was the biggest pervert in the world.

Though, it was rather entertaining to see Miroku get slapped, again, and again, and again. As Inuyasha rode, he noticed Miroku's Castle. As he got closer a servant stood waiting for him. The servant bowed.

"Lord Inuyasha, welcome to Lord Miroku's castle. His in the dining room. You may walk on in."

Inuyasha got off Josie and a servant immediately took Josie to the stables. Inuyasha walked up the castle. He knew his place very well. When he reached the dining room, he could hear giggling noises. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Of course, he was with a girl. Inuyasha didn't bother to knock and walked in. There was Miroku with a girl in his lap.

"Inuyasha, hi. Welcome to my house. I don't believe you have meet Jessica. Jessica meet Lord Inuyasha, Inuyasha meet Jessica." Inuyasha forced a smile and Jessica looked at Inuyasha up and down and smiled a seductive smile.

"Hello, Lord Inuyasha. It's very nice to meet you. I'm rather very disappointed that we haven't met before."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Where the hell did Miroku find these sluts? Now that is the question.

Miroku noticed the way the girl was staring at Inuyasha, Miroku sighed, yes when Inuyasha came; he lost the whole attention from the girls.

"Hey Jessica, I think you should leave. Lord Inuyasha and I have some rather important business we must attend to. So please excuse us dear."

Miroku said as he pushed her out the door.

"Wait Miroku, will I see you again, I mean I wou-."

"Really, wow, great ok bye love."

And with that he pushed Jessica out the door and closed it.

"Wow, Miroku, you sure know what women want."

Miroku glared at him.

"Whatever, so why are you here Axene? Something important came up? You getting married?"

"Hell no, well not yet. I came to ask for your help."

"That's interesting. Now what do you need help with? Hmmmmm, well I do know this girl that is excellent in bed but is not quite the looker."

Inuyasha glared at him.

"No idiot, I came here to ask you to help me enter the tournament."

"Oh, let me guess, daddy said no again. Well, what did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking that I could enter the tournament but using a different name. I would need you're help because this year they need proof that you are of noble blood and I was wondering that you may find someone that can write my form of nobility. Also, I would tell my father that I was staying at your place for a couple of months, while I'm at the tournament."

Miroku sat on his chair and put his hands on his chin.

"I'll do it but in one condition."

"What is that? It better not be that you want me to convince my mother to sleep with you again, cause if you do I swear I will funkin ri-."

"No what I want is for me to join you at the tournament. Not enter it, but just to go. Maybe I could meet someone there. You know, I'm really getting tired of all the same women. So I'll agree, only if you'll let me come."

Inuyasha stood there thinking. He could say no, but he may need Miroku.

"Fine you can come. So will you help me?"

"Yes, now I know someone who is willing to write you a form of nobility, but it will coast you."

"I'll pay him anything."

"No, what I mean is that he may want to join in what we are doing."

"Fine, whatever, he could join. Just as long as he writes me my nobility form."

"Ok good I'll go get him."


Inuyasha told his father that he was going to stay at Miroku's house for a couple of months. Lord Carne didn't like the idea of letting Inuyasha stay with Miroku but he did let him go.

Inuyasha now stood with Miroku and a man known as Rufus Helgeland who is suppose to write him his nobility form. Rufus was a rather funny looking man. Tall, very skinny, and dumb looking.

"My Lord Inuyasha, Lord Miroku, I am willing to do this, for a price which I assume you already know."

"Yeah I know you're in."

"Why thank you my Lords. Now I will start to write your nobility form. Um, for what name shall I put you in?"

Inuyasha thought long and hard.

"Sir . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jake of TimEx" (AN: As you can tell I am excellent in coming up with names -.-)

"Such a great name if I should say my lord."

And with that he started to write the form. Inuyasha and Miroku walked outside.

"Are you positive you want to do this? I mean if you get caught, the devil will be after you."

"I know, so you might as well start praying." Miroku laughed.

"So when dose this tournament start?"

"Couple of weeks. Can't wait to get there. I've been waiting for this my whole fuckin life. I can't wait to get there."

"Lord Inuyasha?" Both Inuyasha and Miroku turned around to find that Rufus stood with a scroll on his hand.

"I have finished the nobility form sir. Now when do we get to stroll into our journey?"


Inuyasha, Miroku and Rufus traveled on there way to Bringstock, the first place were they had to compete. If they passed, they travel to the next city if they fail, well they pretty much fail.

Bringstock wasn't a very pretty place. Many men, of all sizes came into this tiny town to compete. This town was filled with way too much men. The only 'women' you saw where guys dressed with wigs, short skirts and you can see all there hairy legs. You gotta give them credit for they did look like women from there backs but when they turn around, dear god, you'll be as good as dead.

Inuyasha looked at Miroku. Yes, being perverted was a curse, it made you blind. Inuyasha knew that Miroku didn't know that the 'women' he was drooling about were actually men.

"Inuyasha, I'll be right back."

"Wait Mirok-." Too late. There was Miroku on his way towards the 'women'.

"So," Rufus started. "Who's going to pay for his grave?"


"Why hello there precious, you are quit the looker. Now how about you and me got get a room and I'll remove those awful stockings."

The 'woman' turned around and Miroku's face paled.

"What are you talking about? These ain't stockings." The man said with a woman's voice.

Miroku face was so white that next thing you know he fell straight down and was out cold.

"What a dumbass." Inuyasha muttered as he walked towards Miroku picked him up and put him on the horse.

They found a Inn and got a room for each of them. Inuyasha decided to stroll around and see what more surprises this town has.

Inuyasha went to go see the tournament and see who was going to be his next opponent. The two people who were jousting in the momenet were Lord Drake Skim VS Lord Thomas Rivers. Lord Drake Skim has cat demon blood, while Lord Thomas Rivers had squirrel demon blood.

So far it looked as if Lord Drake Skim was going to win. It turned out that he did win. Inuyasha was studying his movements to see where he should hit him, were his weak spot was. Inuyasha was walking slowly as he saw that the man before the blow came, he would twist to his left so the opponent would hit him on his left side which left him a big gap and hit his opponent.

Inuyasha knew just what to do. He went back to get ready to face Lord Drake Skim.


Inuyasha's armor was heavy not fit for him, but they had to buy it since there were no others left. Inuyasha mounted on Josie. Miroku and Rufus at his side. Inuyasha put on his helmet and held on to his lance while they entered the arena. Many cheers were heard.

Many of them were chanting Lord Drake. Inuyasha growled.

'Soon they'll be saying Lord Inuyasha, I mean Lord Jake, instead.' Inuyasha liked that thought. When they entered. Noble men and women were seated on nice soft cushions while the peasants were seated on wood chairs or like most of the people, they were standing up.

The score keeper went up the face the nobles. He raised his hand and the crowd went silent.

"The score is three lanches to one to win. Lord Drake Skim, please state when you are ready."

Lord Drake raised his lance in the air saying he was ready.

"Lord Jake of TimEx state that you're ready." Inuyasha raised his lance showing that he was ready.

"Ready for this Inuyasha?" Miroku asked.

"Hell yeah, I've been waiting for this forever."

"Remember in order to win you have to hit him three times, but if you knock him out the horse, you win."

"Yeah spare me the rules. I know how this works."

The man raised a white flag in the air.

"Ok Inuyasha get ready." Miroku said.

The white flag went down and Lord Drake took off right away. Inuyasha tapped Josie on the sides and she took on running.

Inuyasha held the lance closely; he noticed the Lord Drake turned to his left. Inuyasha smiled. Inuyasha turned towards his right, they were coming closer together. Inuyasha saw an opening gap on his neck and with enough force he could make Drake fall out of his horse.

Inuyasha saw his opening he aimed towards it as Drake aimed for his spot too. Both collided together that pieces of wood were shattered. Inuyasha hissed in pain but then the crowd cheered. Inuyasha couldn't see because Drake hit him on his face which made his helmet close tight together. It seemed impossibly to get out.

"Inuyasha, you won. You knocked that son of a bitch right out of his horse. Ha." Miroku said as he came towards Inuyasha.

"Lord you beat him straight on."

"I did, where are you, I can't see anything. Shit."

They tried to remove his helmet but it was impossible. Rufus and Miroku each held an arm of Inuyasha as they got him off his horse. They led him straight towards the nobles.

"Sir Jake." Inuyasha turned towards the sound but instead was facing Miroku. Miroku grabbed Inuyasha and faced him towards the Noble man. The noble man looked towards the guy who earlier started the match.

"Sir Jake, remove your helmet."

"Uh, My Lord, I'm afraid that the blow from the lance has bent the helmet to my head." Inuyasha said.

"Um, my Lord says-." Rufus said but was stopped when Inuyasha hit him n his stomach.

The guy turned towards the Lord.

"I present the champion my Lord." The Lord nodded but in a wired way. Then you could hear cheers and clapping. Then it got silent.

The Lord held out a gold feather that rested on a pillow. He handed it towards Inuyasha. Since Inuyasha had no idea what was happening, Miroku grabbed his arms and led them to the feather to pick it up.

Once Inuyasha had it in his grasp he raised it up and again many cheers were heard. The Lord looked at the Lady that's standing next to him and shrugged his shoulders. As they bowed and walked away Inuyasha got a scent of something intoxicating. He loved the smell of the scent.

He turned and faced the direction the scent was coming from but he couldn't see anything because of the helmet. He then was pulled by Miroku and Rufus. Inuyasha decided to ignore it and he let Miroku and Rufus drag him away.

Later they left Bringstock and Miroku sold the feather for 15 silver coins. They each splited to five.

"Great job Inuyasha. Were to next now?"

"Next Kingtook."

"Now Kingtook had better have women."


Back in Bringstock, a 16 year old sat next to her mother. The girl laughed. Lord Jake of TimEx was pretty funny. Considering that his helmet was stuck to his head. Kagome was disappointed that she didn't get to see who was under the helmet. 'He probably looks just as stupid as he acts.' she thought.

She then noticed that Lord Jake was facing her way. Kagome stopped laughing. It seemed like he could see but she knew that he couldn't, since his helmet covered his eyes.

"Kagome, is there something wrong?" Her mother asked.

"No mother."

Kagome and her mother then started to walk back towards there Inn were they were staying. Lady Kagome Higurashi was the daughter of very rich and noble people. She came from a long blood line of mikos. Of course Kagome could care less about being noble or rich. She never had any fun.

Being a miko was pretty interesting. She had powers that she had to train in order to control them. Kaede trained Kagome since she was old enough to train. Now at 16, Kagome could pretty much control her powers. But she had no idea why she had to train, nothing bad has happen. Nothing for her to defend herself from.

Her mother and her father were always trying to get her to marry, since she turned 16. The age when a girl must look for a husband. Her parents had hooked her up with men of all ages. 12, 17, 36, 56, 23, even 86. What where her parents thinking.

They want her to get married then her husband dies a couple of weeks later. I mean come on. She was 16. And they wanted her to marry an 86 year old. Kagome remembered being very pissed off that day.

Kagome didn't like Bringstock and was glad that they were leaving to Kingtook pretty soon. She heard that Kingtook was a very pretty place. Unlike this place when men looked at you with lustful eyes. Hell, even a 7 year old looked at her funny.

'This place is very screwed up.'

"Kagome dear. It's time to go. Have you packed all your things yet?"

Maggie Higurashi said as she looked at her daughter. Kagome nodded.

"Yeah, let's go."

"Kagome I got a letter from Lady Ray this morning. I didn't want to tell you but it seems that Sango and Rin will be at Kingtook."

Kagome squealed.

"Are you serious mom? Or are you just joking with me?"

Her mother looked at her and smiled.

"Of course I'm not joking with you so let's go. This place freaks me out. Your dads waiting for us downstairs."

Kagome nodded and went downstairs.

'Maybe Kingtook will be better.'


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