Heyhey all! MY second Rikku/Gippal fic and this time it isn't a Romance/Comedy it's a Comedy/Romance! LOL! Well hope you enjoy! Please read the prologue, by the way it gives you a hint to one of the surprises in chapter 1! R&R pwease!



(In Rikku's POV)

It's been 3 long years and Spira has finally settled down...and in my opinion, it's better that way. After the whole Vegnagun/Shuyin deal, we've been traveling all over for parties and ceremonies, where of course—Yuna, gets all the attention. Now I've made my home back in the small town of Besaid where you can see and hear the ocean from my tropical-themed abode.

Ok, I'll admit I kinda miss the parties and happy and smiley people but now I finally get to relax at home with the people who I care about the most; My cousin-Yunie, my sphere-hunting-friend: Paine, and my old friend from Zanarkand: Tidus.

Well, I actually spend more time with Paine, now that her hubby a.k.a husband Baralai is in Bevelle for a month. Yunie and Tidus are always off somewhere. Like yesterday they came back from their beach house in Kilika. I mean they ALWAYS go fun places without me.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Paine lives next door to me. But honestly, she's not that friendly. Like last weekend I asked if she wanted to come to watch the blitzball game with me and she said 'No. Just go away, I've been sick all morning!' And then she comes over the same day like three hours later and expects me to give her my Halloween candy? What kind of friend is that?

Anyways I better get going cause I'm going to meet up with Paine to go greet Baralai at the docks.

Okies! Chapter 1 comin' up!! WAHOO!! Thanks for reading and pwease continue reading Don't Wanna Be You.