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Chapter 4

Sweet Misery

Rikku watched the raindrops roll down her window as she lied on her bed, feet in the air swinging back and forth.

Her thoughts were interrupted by light knocks on her front door. Rikku swung her feet over her bed and slowly opened her front door to reveal whom she thought was Yuna. Rikku's eyes widened and just as Gippal opened his mouth to speak, Rikku shut the door in his face.

Rikku rolled her eyes and turned around slowly, heading back toward her bed when Yuna stood drenched in front of her face. Rikku squealed piercingly as she fanned her face with her hands. "H-how did you get IN here?" she panted, half scared to death.

Gippal quickly pointed to the window, not verbally answering her question.

Rikku stomped over to the window and shut it, letting the rain continue to drip down the glass panes. Then she walked up to Gippal and slapped him lightly but angrily across the face. "That's for dripping ALL over my new carpet!"

'Dang she gets mad easily..." he thought running his fingers through Yuna's soaked brown hair.

"Seriously?" he asked.

Rikku turned away from him and looked out the window. "Sorry..." she began folding her arms out in front of her. "It's just," she chuckled quietly. "I still kinda love know?"

"Y-you do?" Gippal asked stepping towards her.

Rikku turned around slowly, their faces only inches from each other. "So what do you think of his butt?" he asked, raising his eyebrows, a smile creeping across his face. "Just drop-dead-gorgeous, hmm?"

"YUNIE!" Rikku's mouth was now wide open in surprise. "You have Tidus!"

"Oh, yeah, him."

"Tidus??" TIDUS!?" Yuna slapped her fiancé's face, causing him to blink a few times and sit up. "Oh thank god! Honey I was—"Yuna paused... "I mean—"

"Honey!? Gippal are you sick?" Tidus asked, cocking his head to the left in bewilderment.

"Well, that's just the thing. I'm well...I'm not sick. But I'm not Gippal. I'm Yuna." She confessed, placing her hand on his cheek, making him face her.

Tidus batted her hand away in disbelief. "Gippal are you INSANE? Are you high? Jeez! Cause man, you're scaring the hell outta me!"

"Listen, Tidus!" Yuna quickly thought of something. "Remember what you said to me in Luca? If we get separated from each other, just whistle? Well, I whistled a lot when you were gone..." she admitted, sitting looking into his cerulean eyes.

"Holy crap you're my fiancé!" Tidus freaked, jumping to his feet. "Wait...I did propose to the real Yuna...right?" he asked in a shaky tone of voice.

"Yeah, Tidus—"

"Wait, wait, if you're Yuna and Gippal is in you're body..." he began, a disgusted look appearing on his face.

"HOLY CRAP!!! HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!! G-GIPPAL HE KI-K-KISSED ME!!!" he said nearly pulling out his own hair.

"Oh, did he?" she smiled.

"I can never show my face in public again!! My reputation as a ladies' man is ruined!!" he wailed.

"Reputation? What reputation?" Yuna asked.

Tidus looked at her with sad eyes.

"Oh sorry, honey," she said.

"Yeah, whatever." He said solemnly.

Yuna lied down on Gippal's soft hotel bed, exhaling noisily as she heard a faint phone ringing.

"Hello?" she asked in Gippal's usual tone.



"Um, you're break, it's over now, right?"

"OH NO! I TOTALLY FORGOT! Can you, like, hold on a tiny sec please?"

Yuna placed his fellow Al Bhed worker on hold and dialed her phone number. "Oh, Gippal please pick up, please pick up..."




"Huh?" Yuna cocked her head in confusion. "What?"

"Oh nothing, sorry. Just that it's...kinda weird...hearing myself talk to me..." he trailed off scratching the back of his neck.

"Some one from the Machine Faction is on the other line right now! I think he—"

"Cred!" Gippal cursed, slamming his fist in his palm.

"And it's kinda weird hearing myself speak Al Bhed..." Yuna pointed out, her voice cursing on the other line.

"Yuna! You're going to have to go to Djose for me!"

Yuna blinked a few times and shouted loudly into the mouthpiece of the phone. "Gippal...ARE YOU FREAKIN CRAZY!?"

"Well, then if I'm so crazy, I'd really love to hear you're non-crazy suggestions!" he argued.

" could...errr..."

"Exactly." Gippal retorted, shaking his head. "You leave tomorrow."


"No buts about it, babe! You're stuck in this mess...and I'm stuck here...on an island pretending to be you. I think we are equally punished."

"So now being me is a punishment?"

"No that's not what I meant...It's just some one is going to find out sooner or later. Especially when your soon-to-be-hubby tries to kiss me..." he shuddered at the thought. "Because now that your engaged there is going to be a lot more lovey dovey between you two and he's bound to try and kiss you—I mean me—sooner or later, hmm?"

"No he won't. Because he...he already knows that know...."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!!" Gippal hushed her and shook his head. "How...did he find out?"

"Well, I kinda...told him." Yuna informed him nervously.

"Oh, great! Now that he knows he bound to slip up somewhere to some one and then its going to be the talk of the island! Ohh, look it's the two maniacs who think they're each other! Let's go take these two mental suckers and just plop 'em right with the other psychos, cause they'll fit in right away!"

"Gippal! GIPPAL! Just calm can trust Tidus, he—"

"Okay we ARE getting off topic..." he began, interrupting the defending girl. "Anyways, tomorrow we'll ship you off to Djose and you will pretend to be me and be a good girl, you what you're told," Gippal smiled and then continued as he heard a faint groan from the other end. "And I'll be here, pretending to be you...and finding a way for us to switch back."

"Sounds great, but just one thing..." Yuna commented. "Don't embarrass me."

Gippal smiled and chuckled softly. "No problem." He said clicking the phone off and placing it back on its charger.

"Now this..." he began. "This is going to be fun." He said in a sarcastic voice but at the same time he actually thought that just could be.

Gippal rolled over on his bed, the phone was now pressed on his ear once again. After a few rings, a high pitched and cheery tone greeted Gippal.

"Hiya! Rikku here!"

"Hey, Cid's Gir—err I mean, cuzzie..."

"Hey Yunie! What's up?" she asked, lounging on her leather sofa.

"Nothing. I just wanted to ask you something."

"Okay," she said readying herself for a question. "What is it?"

"Can you meet me in front of the temple in a few minutes? I need to talk to you." Gippal asked. He decided he was going to tell Rikku the truth. Hey, since Yuna told some one, what harm would it cause for me to tell Rikku? I mean, she really that dangerous? Nah... Gippal thought. But there was key word there...and that would be thought.

Gippal tapped his—or Yuna's—foot on the hard concrete floor by the temple. The breeze blew around him, making him feel more comfortable...and peaceful.

"Yuna!" a familiar voice came from behind him. It was Baralai.

"Oh, hey." He greeted Baralai and Paine who were walking in his direction.

"What are you doing here by yourself?" Baralai asked her, his arm around Paine.

"I'm...uh waiting for Rikku." He spoke as Rikku trotted towards the threesome.

"Hey guys! What's up?" Rikku asked, panting a bit and shifting her weight from one foot to another.

"Same old stuff, I guess. Except the fact that Paine keeps eating everything in the house so I have to go to lunch every afternoon." Baralai stated as Paine planted a punch on his right shoulder.

"Aww you guys look as if you were a match made in heaven!" Rikku complemented. "Don't you think so, Yunie?"

"I...err...uh...yeah?" Gippal stammered. He wasn't used to answering corny questions like that.

Suddenly a faint beeping came from Gippal's pocket. He fumbled through a few pieces of gum, a set of keys, and a bottle cap to reach his transmitter deep in the pocket of Yuna's jean skirt.

"Yeah?" he greeted.

"Um...drec echd..." (Um...this isn't Gippal...)

"Ur, oayr, israc hud rana huf. Es rec yccecdyhd, syo E ramb oui" (Oh, yeah, he's not here now. I'm his assistant may I help you?) Gippal faked, realizing he still has Yuna's voice.

"Ra ryc yh yccecdyhd?" (He has an assistant?)

"Um...famm...zicd vun dutyo." (Um...well...just for today.)

"Um...ugyo? Yhofyoc E fyhd du naseht res dryd ra ryc du ryja dryd Machina fedr dra hispan..."(Um...okay? Anyways I want to remind him that he has to have that Machina with the number...) the man tailed off as Gippal heard him fumbling through papers

"Hispan ryc du pa nabyenat yht nayccaspmat po dusunnuf pavuna huuh." (Number 65839 has to be repaired and reassembled by tomorrow before noon)

"Ur, lnyb." (Oh, crap.)

"Y bnupmas, secc?" the man asked. (A problem, miss?)

"Hu, hu. Es veha. Emm damm res du keja oui y lymm dusunnuf." He replied. (No, no I'm fine. I'll tell him to give you a call tomorrow)

"Whoa...since when do you speak Al Bhed, Yuna?" Paine asked, baffled.

"I...uh...I...umm...err..." he stammered in uncertainty, trying to quickly think up of an excuse. "R-Rikku taught me."

"I did?" Rikku spat out in surprise.

"Wow, that Baralai sure is a chatterbox once you get him started." Rikku said waving farewell to the couple.

"You can say that again..." Gippal added.

"So, really, where did you learn Al Bhed?" Rikku asked.

"Okay, Rikku. This is what I was going to tell you when I called you over here." He said. "I'm not Yuna. I'm...Gippal. And that's why...I know Al Bhed."

"I-I don't believe it!" she squeaked in disbelief.

"Listen, Rikku I'm not lying! It's the truth!!" he shouted.

"E ghuf y mud ypuid oui, Cid's kenm. E ghuf dryd yd ouina vevdr pendrtyo byndo oui drnaf ib ymm ujan dra lyga yht drah dnelgat Brother ehdu aydehk ed po dammehk res ed fyc pedc uv knyhumy pync. E nasaspan oui yht E fana myikrehk cu rynt frah Brother cdyndat lnoehk du Cid cyoehk dryd fa buecuhat res yht ra haatat du ku du dra rucbedym. Drah fa kud bid ehdu desa uid eh dra lunhan yht drydc frah Brother synlrat ujan du ic yht dumt sa du hajan ku hayn oui ykyeh palyica E fyc y 'Pyt Ehvmiahla'." (I know a lot about you, Cid's girl. I know that at you're fifth birthday party you threw up all over the cake and then tricked Brother into eating it by telling him it was bits of granola bars. I remember you and I were laughing so hard when Brother started crying to Cid saying that we poisoned him and he needed to go to the hospital. Then we got put into time out in the corner and that's when Brother marched over to us and told me to never go near you again because I was a 'Bad Influence'.)

Rikku blinked a few times and then backed up a few paces. "Oh my god...I...I..." Rikku's cheery loud tone suddenly lowered into a muffled whisper. "I told you I loved you..." she said, her eyes wide open in shock and embarrassment. Her face was beet red and then she turned to face him slowly. "Y-You asked me if you had a gorgeous butt!" she squeaked in disgust.

"Well, listen Rikku I can explain—"he was interrupted by a loud squeal.

"Oooh gross!" she yelled. "I never thought I would do this to Yunie but since you're in her body, I'll make an exception!" she yelled slapping him hard across the face followed by the words, "YOU PERV!"

And then...she was off, running away in embarrassment.

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