Title: Cool Sheets and Empty Spaces

Author: Rachel


Pairings: B/A, A/N (gags), S/Fa

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Rating: A slightly smutty PG13 (for now anyway)

Spoilers: Everything, post-Not Fade Away.

Notes: Set a year after Not Fade Away in the summer of 2005. Illyria is dead. Wes and Gunn are alive (hugs Wes muse), and they're back working out of The Hyperion. Also, Faith has joined the

AI team and Connor is staying with them over the summer.

Notes 2: If you like Nina (I can't imagine how you could), this is probably not the fic for you.

Notes 3: Thanks a bunch to Kristi for helping me out with this and listening to me ramble on, analyzing character for hours.

Summary: Buffy goes to LA to get Angel back, but finds it more complicated than she'd expected.

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Rome, Italy.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The Slayer resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She viewed the man in front of her more like a Father than anything else, which probably had something to do with her annoyance at the moment.

"Yes Giles, I'm sure. It's not like I haven't done it before." She did have a point. She'd done similar transactions with him and several times without him, as had Willow and Xander. He had wanted them to be able to handle the business. Willow had designed the Council's entire computer system. Xander chosen and designed all the offices and all three had gone to retrieve new Slayers. It certainly wasn't that she could handle it.


"Buffy, I'm sure there are other things that require your attention." Her jaw twitched as she clenched it. He could tell she was about two questions away from screaming.

"This requires my attention," she told him, the annoyance seeping into her voice. They'd been having this 'discussion' for the last hour, even since she walked through the door and told him she wanted the LA job. "Last time the training room was all screwy, it took a month and half to get it fixed."

The Watcher sighed as he thought of the New York debacle. He couldn't figure out how they ended up with hula-hoops and ribbons; they looked more like party favorite than training equipment. Or why Stevens even signed for it. "Yes, well..." he took his glasses off and began cleaning them, "I'm sure Neil will do a better job."

He replaced his glasses and watched her, her jaw twitched again. Once.... Twice...

"Neil! You wanna send him? He has the IQ of a lawn dart!" she shouted. Neil was young, naive and very much into the 'old' style Watcher's Council, he reminded her a bit of Wes when she first met him. He was one of the few who objected to the new regime, even tried to petition members of the old Council to come back and 'run things right.' In the end, it failed and why Giles had brought him as young Watcher along with Andrew, both were still a mystery to her. Not to mention, Neil had this way of looking at her that was just....eww.


"Don't you dare 'Buffy' me! Even if you aren't going to let me go, you sure as hell aren't going to send him! Speaking of, why don't you want me to go? You've spent all this time trying to talk me out of it, you have yet to tell me why. What are you afraid of? That I'm going to uncover your dark secrets?" The last part was snippy and she knew it, but right now she didn't care. All she wanted to do was be helpful and he was jumping all over her. She had no ulterior motives, nothing that involve a tall, dark broody vampire that just happened to live in LA. This had nothing to do with him.

Nope, not a thing.

Giles looked stunned for a moment; but relaxed almost immediately; she didn't seem suspicious, just annoyed and simply Buffy. With a mental shake, he searched through the papers on his desk as he considered his next words. He knew it would hurt her, but he was only protecting her as any Father would his Daughter.

"Angel is involved with someone."

Shock formed on her face, but not from the news; a little birdie told her about that months ago. Okay, so it was a busty slayer who's doing it with one of her former's.


After Sunnydale, her contact with the other Slayer started based on Slayer business; finding the new girls who were old enough to be trained, major surges of demon activity. Then Faith moved back to LA to help Angel Investigations fight the good the good fight, which was able to so since Willow had gone through the LAPD's system and made it so Faith was no longer an wanted criminal.

What surprised her was that Giles knew, she didn't he'd spoken to anyone in LA since before she blew up Sunnydale. "How did you find that out?"

"It irrelevant," he sighed, he didn't think she'd take Andrew as a reliable source. He wasn't sure he thought Andrew was a reliable source, but was the only one he had. "I just don't want you getting hurt."

She softened at his concern. "I'm not going to get hurt; Angel and I are of the past." 'Or at least we are till we're of the future.'

He pinched the bridge of his nose, if he didn't give in soon she was likely to think something amiss, and there certainly was not.

No, not a thing.

"You do realize the amount of work this would entail?"

Buffy squealed and leaned over to hug Giles, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I swear you won't regret this."

"Let's hope not." he said, as she hugged him tighter, "Buffy...breathing's becoming an issue."

"Sorry," Quickly, she let go and sat back in her chair, putting on her best business posture, but unable to keep the smile off her face.

"The location is set and has Xander's approval. You'll need to oversee the minor repairs, the delivery of various equipment, and furniture. The delivery dates are all in here, along with other relevant information." He handed her a half-inch thick, light blue folder. "You can change and re-order things as you see fit." He gave her a wary look, before giving her the credit card. "This is for Council purchases only." She stuck her tongue out, putting the card in her purse. "Now, there one bedroom in the building that's already set up for you."

She bit her lip as she flipped through the file. She could do this, this was the easy part; the part with Angel and begging him to take her back was going to be a little harder.

"What time's my flight?"

"Uh, tomorrow night at 7:30 pm, you should arrive in LA some time in the afternoon. I'll have the plane tickets waiting for you."

She nodded, standing up and hugging Giles again, "I won't let you down." she promised.

He hugged her back; the act had become less awkward over the years. "Ah yes, well, you better get packing."

"Will do," she smiled and left the room. 'Phase one of getting Angel back: complete.' she thought with a tiny smile. She need to home and start packing, she also had a very important phone call to make.

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