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Savage Devotions: The Vampire Hunters of Prague by Ligeia.

Part 3.

'The night, her sepulchre and shroud, her soul in living tomb of flesh,

A huntress, goddess, mistress dark, by blood of lesser souls refreshed.

The roses wither as she passes, rose on bower and on cheek.

She tastes each death and never fails to grant each rose eternal sleep.'

Spike closed the notebook on which he had scribbled the lines and bent over the still form stretched out on the old mattress and bedding that he had dragged down into the tunnel from one of the rooms in the castle above. Few people, even the locals, knew that the network of tunnels under Prague Castle, built by the Communists as access to bomb shelters, extended for miles under the castle grounds. They should be safe there for a while at least.

'Dru,' he whispered, 'baby, everything will be OK. I promise.' With a trembling hand he raised the corner of a blanket and wiped away the perspiration that had pooled on Drusilla's upper lip. Never had he seen her so wan, so unnaturally placid, her skin's former translucent pearly gleam turned ashen and dry. The moon was high and just past full, the third night since the attack and still she had not stirred.

I used to look to you to see the truth, he thought, the truth of what we are. Now I look to you and I see nothing. Darkness colours your eyes with what's not there.




Under a moon the colour of fresh bone the vampire-hunters had cornered the two vampires not far from the abandoned church. While the policejni scoured the streets for human killers, the cabal led by the old Englishman sought out the culprits in the dark places of the city. The little boy, who had been missing for over a week, had been found early that morning by the proprietor of a bakery as he loaded fresh loaves into his van. The child was propped in the window of a nearby toy store in the centre of the Old Town Square, for all the world as though playing with a toy train set that was displayed there.

By that evening the old man's group had run the killers to ground. Hopes of surprising them in their lair faded with the daylight but the vampire hunters did not flinch from smashing the oak doors from their hinges and entering the darkened building to confront the monsters in their den.

The old man eagerly pushed past the younger men once they had broken through the door to find both vampires awake and ready to fight for their lives. The blond male reached out to his mate as the female, Drusilla, stepped forward to take a closer look at the old man, managing to draw her away as the rest of the cabal members spilled into the church's main hall. Pointing a long thin finger at the old man, Dru cried out, 'I know you! I remember you!' She threw back her dark head and laughed. 'You're my dolly's brother!' Together, the vampires leapt up to cling to the brick ledge below a partly shattered stained glass window. Using one booted foot, Spike kicked down the rest of the jagged pieces into the church, raising screams and curses as the sharp edges ripped into the flesh of the crowd below.

Dru and Spike jumped from the ledge to the ground outside but a mob had begun to form as the sounds of the church being breached reached neighbouring streets. Encircling the church grounds the angry residents, finally having a target against which to vent their rage and incited by calls from the already bloodied cabal, began to close the distance between themselves and the killers of the city's children. One bear of a man, no doubt used to his bulk alone being sufficient to nullify any opposition, lunged at the much smaller blond but broke off his charge as Spike's face shifted into its vampire aspect. Dru followed suit, the shock proving strong enough to halt the mob in their tracks. The cabal however were not caught so unprepared and surged forward, stakes at the ready, the others quickly recovering themselves and wading into the fray.

The fight was short but brutal. Spike laid about him with the confidence of a wolf among a pack of yapping dogs and the dusty ground was soon soaking up blood from the torn throats and slashed limbs of the fallen. Drusilla laughed crazily as she snapped the neck of one of the female cabal members then spared a glance for Spike, revelling in the sight of her champion, her golden-haired Childe, snarling and tearing his way joyously through the fast decreasing throng.

The courage and determination of the mob began to falter as some individuals turned tail and ran, leaving a break in ring of bodies enclosing the vampires. Barely glancing behind him, Spike grasped Dru by the hand and began to haul her after him though the rift, paying no attention at all to the shouted cry of the old Englishmen whom Drusilla had seemed to recognise inside the chapel. But before they had gone more than a few steps, he felt Dru stiffen and balk. Spike swung around to see what the matter was but Dru was looking away from him staring fixedly back at the old man. He too stared, unblinking, at her, both of them seemingly locked in the moment, the entire focus of each other's universe. 'Dru!' Spike yelled. 'Come on!' He spun her around to face him then groaned in horror and dismay at the long silver implement protruding from between her eyes. He watched with growing alarm as she reached up to pull the metal stake from her forehead, leaving a gaping wound slowly leaking black blood down her face and onto the ground. As he swooped her up into his arms he could feel her thin body start to shiver and convulse. Roaring his outrage, he ran towards the mob who, in stunned silence, parted to let him by.

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