well, this is my new and maybe last fic around here. I hope you enjoy this fic.

The sun was shining at Station Square, a place where everybody was happy. There was no more Eggman trying to take over the city, and everybody were smiling and enjoying this peaceful and warm sunny day. Everything seemed to be like before, except Sonic and Amy have moved in together and are living happily in their own house. Knuckles and Rouge got together and are living together in Rouge's big mansion. Sometimes Knuckles even lost himself into the labyrinth of mansions corridors. Tails and Cream have become real close. They haven't confessed their feelings to each other yet, but someday they will. There was one new hedgehog, which lived in Sonic's and Amy's house. He looked like Sonic, but he had red eyes and was made of metal. Metal Sonic has turned good. Now he's a friend of Sonic and they both were very athletic. Usually Sonic was lazy. Since Metal Sonic lived with him, he's being very energetic. Metal and Sonic watched TV together every night, and Metal seemed to enjoy staying with Sonic and Amy.

But there was one thing he wondered about everyday and night. Everytime when Sonic was with Amy, they pressed their lips together and hugged each other. Metal didn't know what was that all about. He still thought like a robot. He wondered if Sonic and Amy were changing their oils together. It of course sounded very weird, so he decided to ask Sonic about it in the morning. Metal was in his darkroom looking at the ceiling. He kept thinking about the same thing all the time. He put a plug in and then shut down.

"Battery loading in process." The computer told him and loaded Metal's battery full for next day.

Next morning the sun was shining on Metals shiny metal armour.

"Battery loading completed." The computer said and Metal woke up.

He walked to the one closet, took oil from there and drank oil from the bottle. He put it back and walked out of his room, then walked downstairs. He heard someone cooking. Someone else was awake, too. Metal walked to the kitchen and saw that Sonic and Amy were there, pressing their lips together. He walked in to the kitchen.

"Morning, Sonic." Metal said and interrupted Sonic and Amy.

"Yo, Metal!" Sonic replied and took a bite from his chilidog.

"Sonic, can I talk to you in private?" Metal asked.

"Yea, sure." Sonic answered as he turned to look at Amy.

"Go to the living room. I'll be there as soon as possible." Sonic told to Amy.

"Okay, Sonikku." Amy said as she walked to the living room.

"So, what do you want to talk about, Metal?" Sonic asked.

"Well, I've been wondering about that, why do you and Amy keep pressing your lips together? What is that?" Metal asked.

"That's called kissing." Sonic answered straight.

"Why are you kissing each other then?" Metal asked.

"Because, we love each other." Sonic answered with a proud smile.

"What is love?" Metal asked, not knowing about these feelings or emotions

"That you can ask from Amy. She can explain it better than me." Sonic said.

Metal Sonic nodded and walked to the living room. Amy was sitting on the couch and watching morning news. Major boring stuff. Metal Sonic sat on the couch.

"Amy, can I ask you about something?" Metal asked.

"Sure." Amy answered and paid attention to him.

"What is this thing called 'love'?" Metal asked.

"Well, love is a thing that makes you feel warm and happy " Amy explained

Metal Sonic was confused.

"Do you get overheated" He asked.

Amy blushed and giggled.

"You could say that." Amy answered.

"How do you know when you're in love?" Metal asked.

"Well, you start to do some stupid things. Like you don't get your words out right." Amy explained.

"Well thanks, Amy" Metal said and walked back to the kitchen.

Sonic walked past him to the living room to Amy. Metal was alone in the kitchen thinking about love. He thought that no one would fall for him. He's a machine, who doesn't have lips to kiss or anything, like the real hedgehogs had. He decided to forget about that and play on his PS2.

There's first chapter. Sorry it's short. I'll write longer chapter next time.