Well, here's the fifth and last chapter. Let's continue.

Metal looked up to the sky and saw Angel Island, then he started to look down. Hoshiko was sitting next to him, as close to him as she could get. She was afraid and thinking what would happen if he died. She still thought this turning to real thing impossible. She didn't want to lose him. Tails landed on the ground of Angel Island. The group got to the ground and started walking to the shrine of Master Emerald. Knuckles and Rouge were leading the way. Soon they saw the Shrine of the Master Emerald, which Chaos was guarding. Chaos walked down the stairs and was standing in front of Knuckles and Rouge. Hoshiko remained as silent as everybody else.

"I'm here to see Tikal" Knuckles said.

Then Tikal appeared in front of him.

"Long time no see, isn't it, Knuckles" Tikal said.

"I'm asking for a favor." Knuckles said.

"Oh, What can I do for you?" Tikal asked as she smiled.

"Not for me...for him" Knuckles said and pointed at Metal.

Hoshiko was hugging Metal tightly and never wanted to let go.

"What do you want me to do to him?" Tikal asked in confusion.

Knuckles was about explain why, but Metal walked in front of Knuckles.

"I want to be a real Hedgehog" Metal said.

Tikals eyes opened wide. She never have turned any robots into real hedgehog.

"Are you sure?" Tikal asked.

"I'm not changing my mind." Metal said.

"You see, I haven't done anything like this before, so I'm not sure if it'll work. Even if you would become real, you would be dead already." Tikal said.

"Is there any chance for him to survive?" Sonic asked.

"A really small chance" Tikal said as she turned around.

"Let's do it then!" Metal said.

"NO!" Hoshiko shout and ran to Metal.

They hugged and Hoshiko started to cry.

"Hoshiko, I'm doing this for us." Metal said.

"I don't want you to do this. I don't want you to die." Hoshiko said and cried.

"I'm not dying. I promise that you won't lose me" Metal said.

"Promise?" Hoshiko said as she kept crying.

"I promise." Metal said.

Hoshiko said goodbye and gave possibly the last kiss ever to Metal's forehead. Tikal took Metal closer to the Master Emerald. Hoshiko was crying like she was about cause a flood. Amy was hugging Sonic tightly and was also crying. Tails and Cream were shaking in excitement. Knuckles and Rouge looked like nothing was going to happen. Metal looked at Hoshiko crying. He started to fear for first time in his life. Then there was a bright flash. No one could see anything.

Things were very bright for a while. Then the light faded away. Hoshiko opened her eyes first. She looked at Metal. Still she couldn't see. But soon the light was gone. Her eyes opened really wide. Metal was laying on the ground and...he looked real. He wasn't shining like when he was metallic. His eyes were closed and he had lips. Everything was in place. She immediately ran to him. She whispered his name as she put her head on his chest. Amy was hugging Sonic as she cried on his shoulder. Tails and Cream were crying. It was such a emotional moment. Knuckles and Rouge were just smiling and walked away to the forest. Hoshiko felt Metal breathe. She shivered.

"It'll take a while until he will wake up. You better take him home." Tikal said.

Hoshiko stood up and hugged Tikal.

"Thank you, Tikal." Hoshiko whispered.

"You're welcome." Tikal said and disappeared.

Meanwhile in the forest.

"I'm glad it's over." Rouge said.

"Me too." Knuckles replied and kissed Rouge.

"Hey Knuckles, would you....." Tikal appeared and then her eyes opened wide.

Knuckles and Rouge were making out in the forest and were naked. This really freaked Tikal out. Then she looked down.

"Oh Knuckles, you haven't changed at all." Tikal said and looked away as she blushed.

"Nobody else looks at my Knucklehead there!" Rouge said.

"Sorry. I'm really sorry." Tikal said and kept blushing.

"We come back to the shrine when we're done." Knuckles said.

"Well, I hope you're done soon, cause someone has to carry Metal home." Tikal said and disappeared.

When she returned to the shrine, Everybody was at the X-Tornado. Chaos carried Metal to the X-Tornado as Certain song ( Don Davis – Spirit Of The Universe ) was playing in the background. Once again Tikal disappeared. Chaos returned to the Shrine to guard the Master Emerald. Tails took Sonic, Amy, Cream, Hoshiko and Metal back to Station Square. Knuckles and Rouge decided to have one night at his cabin in Angel Island.

It was 10PM at Hoshikos place. Metal still hadn't woken up. He was still sleeping. Hoshiko sat close to him and stroked his quills. She got closer to his ear.

"Metal, please wake up. I want you to wake up." She said and put her hand on his chest.

Then he started to shiver and he opened his eyes. He sat up and looked at his hands. His eyes were opened wide. He touched his hands and felt it. He checked his quills. They weren't metallic anymore. Then tears started to escape from his eyes and flowed down his cheeks. Then he felt someone touch his shoulder. He looked at the direction and saw Hoshiko. Metal for first time in his life felt warm and blushed.

"Is this real?" He said as more tears came from his eyes.

"Yes." Hoshiko whispered.

Then she leaned closer and kissed Metal's lips. Metal was shy. She never had kissed him like this before. First time in his life, he kissed back. Then they broke the kiss and looked at each other.

"What is this feeling that feels like I'm about to shutdown?" Metal asked.

"That's a sleepy feeling. I guess we better go to sleep." Hoshiko said.

Then Both of them fell asleep into each others arms.


Story written by Berkeli ( obviously. )

Idea came from the movie: 'I, robot'.

Every Sonic character, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Tikal and Chaos belongs to SEGA.

Hoshiko The Hedgehog belongs to UKHoneyB.

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