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The Beginning

Life for Ronald Weasley had been far from fun this summer. About to go into his 6th year at Hogwarts, Ron was now, not a boy, but turning into a man. He had big muscles and hair that perfectly suited his personality, red and long, just above his shoulders. He had a stud earring in his left ear. Which also showed off his new look. He was sort of turning into his brother, Bill. And although he was only almost 16, he was a hit with the ladies. However there was one girl he fancied above all the others. She was kind, beautiful, and good at witchery. He knew he loved this girl with all his heart. He also knew, however, that it was wrong for him to love this girl, and it would not go down well if he told any of his friends. So he wouldn't tell anyone. Not even Harry. Not even her. He knew she liked him, but of all the girls in the school, she was the one who didn't fancy him. Ron could never figure out why he even liked her in this way, but he did.

So, as the summer holidays drew to a close, Harry, Hermione and Ron started packing their Hogwarts trunks to set off for school in two days.

"Ron, would you happen to know where Crookshanks is?" Hermione asked. Ron has never liked that cat, ever since their 3rd year. When it tried to eat his rat, Scabbers. Now he had a tiny owl called Pigwigion, Pig for short. It was such a tiny owl it went mad every time it made a long distance delivery.

"Why are you asking me? I haven't seen it," he replied bitterly.

"Him, Ron, him. Not 'it', him," Hermione said angrily. With that she stormed out the room, going to find Crookshanks.

"You know sometimes I think she's in love with that bloody cat!" Ron said to Harry. Who had been smart and kept his head down when Ron and Hermione were having their mini argument.

Harry was getting manlier now as well. He had shot up this summer as well as getting contact lenses. He also started to gel his hair in a way that looked, still scruffy, but cute as well. Some girls now favoured him rather than Ron, just because he tried to look his best but didn't love himself. Which Ron did. He was always checking out his hair and making sure his earring was in the right position whenever girls came along.

"Well he is her pet," Harry replied wearily.

"I know, but do I care that much about Pig? No. Seriously, she must be in love with it," Ron huffed.

Harry just sighed and carried on packing, as did Ron because he could see his moans were going to get him nowhere.

"Ron! Harry! Hermione! Ginny! Time for tea!" Mrs Weasley shouted up the stairs to them.

It was now the day before school started again. Therefore it was the last day of all 11 of them having tea around one tiny table. Which Ron was quite glad about. Over the last five years he had got used to having lunch and tea, and breakfast for that matter, at a table with elbow room. When he was a child he always hated sitting at a tiny table with eight people at his side. And no room to move about. Then he went to Hogwarts. Sure, there were a lot of people at the table, but at least it was a big table to go with it. And space to move.

"Coming!" All of them shouted in unison. They had just all finished packing and were talking up in Ron's room. His room was tiny, however, so they were all very squashed. Ron and Ginny sat on his bed; Harry sat on his sleeping bag on the floor, opposite Hermione who was sitting right in front of the cupboard. That was all the room there was in Ron's room really, apart from the space for his desk and owl cage by the window.

"Well I don't care what you say, Malfoy is now, and will always be, a cruel hearted, cold blooded bastard. And know one changes, no matter what the world throws at them," Hermione said as they were walking out the door and down the everlasting stairs. They had been talking about Malfoy and how that was the only thing they ever hated about going back to school after the holidays. However Ginny seemed to believe that there might be some good in him. 'Somewhere deep down.' She had said. At that everyone started laughing, and Ginny didn't look impressed. Then Hermione started her speech.

"Well said Hermione!" Harry applauded. "You're completely right!" He smiled.

"Thanks," Hermione said, blushing a little.

Ron and Ginny looked at each other. Ron looking a little disgusted, but humoured anyway.

"Ohhh!" They mimicked together.

"Aw, look, she's gone all red," Ron teased.

"Yeah, red like your hair!" Hermione said. And Ron shut up. He knew his hair was red, but he didn't like people stating it.

"Well at least I'm not an ugly know it all like someone here!" He shouted.

Hermione gasped. So did Harry and Ginny.

"Ron, that's taking it to far, don't you think?" Ginny said.

"Yeah, I mean, I know Harry's smart and all that, but he's not that ugly is he?" Hermione retorted. At that Ginny laughed, as did Harry. He knew it was a joke.

Ron huffed and walked of into the kitchen. Ginny, Hermione and Harry laughed as they did the same.

Their tea was a bit tense after that. Well, for Hermione and Ron it was. Ginny and Harry kept trying to make then talk, but they wouldn't have any of it. So Hermione spoke to Ginny all night and Ron spoke to Harry all night.

Apart from that, the roast they had was very good. They had roast chicken. This had been made massive by Mrs Weasley.

After tea everyone helped to wash up and dry up, which took forever because there were so many people. Doesn't make sense does it? How when they're more people it takes longer, when it should be quicker.

When they had finally finished it was almost pitch dark and nearly eleven o'clock.

They were all sitting watching TV in the tiny living room when Mrs Weasley noticed the time.

"Goodness me! Look at the time! We need to get up early tomorrow, we should all be in bed by now," she said exasperatedly as if she had just been late for a work interview or something.

"Mum! Can't we just watch the end of the program?" Ron asked. They were watching a program about muggle objects. All the Weasley's were into muggle things, most of all Mr Weasley.

"No you may not. Now go and get to bed!" She replied.

The four of them got up and went to their rooms. Harry was the most anxious to get out of there, after all, he lived with muggles all his life, he didn't need to watch a program to find out what the function of a rubber duck was!

Ron and Harry left Ginny and Hermione on the second floor, where Ginny's room was. Hermione was sharing with her obviously.

"Good night Gin!" Ron called as he walked up the second set of stairs.

"Night Ron!" She shouted back.

Hermione looked sad that Ron hadn't put their argument behind them.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he will have forgotten about it by tomorrow," Harry tried to comfort her. Not really succeeding.

"Thanks," Hermione made a poor attempt at a smile, "Well, good night," She said.

"Good night," Harry replied, and seeing the look on her face, said to Ginny, "Night Gin."

"Well thank you, now, I'll leave you two to it, good night," She said and disappeared into her room.

"Leave us to what?" Harry asked shyly.

"Um, I don't know," Hermione replied. Realizing she was turning red again, she said, "Well, good night," and she smiled and walked into Ginny's room.

"Yeah, night," Harry said. And went up the Stairs to Ron's room.

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