This fic was written in 1998, when I was yet an impulsive, impetuous, impressionable 16-year-old new to anime and fanfiction. I have decided to post it because it is a sort-of companion piece to my current RK fanfic project - Yesterday's Shadow is Tomorrow's Twilight. Quite a bit of people have been asking me where to find the references, so yeah, here you go! This fic should solve the mystery of how Soujirou got the Kamiya Dojo shinai in YSTT.

Of course, though, you can read this fic as a standalone. We all cannot get enough of Soujirou. :3

I'm posting the fic wholesale, as is - I did not remove anything, not even the ridiculously rude author's notes at the top of some of the chapters. XD Feel the idiocy of a bumbling 16 year old fanfiction writer trying a bit too hard to get attention!!!1!1 XD Ph33r my incorrigible grammos and typos!!!11!1!

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy the fic. Oh, and because ff:net has a lot of strange formatting restrictions, and because I'm too lazy to go back and pick out every double enter I need to type, you may get a bit lost in between scene transitions. Sorry! O.Ox

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