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Default Chapter

Seto Kaiba glared heatedly at the small crowd of people that had somehow managed to gather around before turning his attention back to the "mutt" that stood in front of him. How did he manage to get himself in this position? It was always the same routine everyday, without fail: He would be walking to his car, he would pass a certain blonde, and all hell ensued. Give or take a few details, of course.

"What is it, moneybags? Finally realize that your no match to a top duelist like me or are you just admiring the view?"

Seto glared his infamous death glare once again before deciding to finish this little session. After all, he did have things to do.

"Of course not, puppy. I was just taking in the fact that even a dog can somehow manage to get a group of cheerleaders. And here I was thinking that you at least needed some kind of talent to accomplish such a feat. Congratulations." Okay, so it wasn't his best work yet, but what do you expect? After so long, you begin to run out of original insults.

"Kaiba, I'm warning ya..."


"What? That you didn't wear your muzzle today?"


"I swear, if you say ONE more thing, I'll..."

"You'll what? Act just like the dog you are and -"


Seto didn't even get to finish his statement before a rather angry Joey flung himself at Seto only to be held back by a few of the before mentioned cheerleaders. Seto smirked to himself, knowing that today's battle was won.

"Kaiba...you bastard...don't you walk away from me...you heartless jerk..."

Deciding to ignore the dog's remarks, Seto calmly turned his back to the scene and began his way to the car. He pushed his way through the slightly disappointed remains of the crowd that only still lingered in hopes of witnessing a fight and exited the building into the school's parking lot. Just as he was about to enter his car, he was stopped by a persistent, yet still soft voice calling his name. He turned around to witness someone recognizable as one of Yugi's nameless cheerleaders heading towards him.

'What was his name again...'

"I'm, umm, sorry to interrupt you..." the small boy rambled but Seto wasn't really hearing any of it. He was more occupied with...other things. More precisely, trying to remember the boy's name.

'Is it Tristan? No he's the one with that hair...'

"...and I know that you don't care enough about me to even r-remember my name..."

'...ah, it's Tea, no that's the girl...'

"...b-but I umm, I w-wanted to ask..."

'...it's not Devlin...it's not Tristan...I know it's not Tea...'

"..why you always pick a fight wi-"


"E-excuse me?"

"You're name. It's Bakura, correct?"


"Okay Bakura, what did you need to tell me that was so important that you felt the need to hinder my return home?"

"Well, I umm...well you see..." Seto eyed the boy nonchalantly before deciding that he was getting no where.

"Look, I don't know what you wanted to tell me, but I just want to go home. I have a corporation to run and a little brother to take care of. So if you don't mind, I would like to leave. Besides, I seriously doubt anything you planned on saying will really make any kind of a difference seeing as how you can hardly even get it out of your mouth. So if you don't mind..." Seto looked down at the boy for the first time during his speech to meet a pair of deep brown eyes. They held eye-contact for only a second before Bakura looked down at his feet, his faced tinged in a lovely shade of pink.

"I've...I've got to go now," Seto reinforced rather slower this time. He looked back down at the boy once again to see his head still down, looking at his shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. Just as he was turning to enter his car, Seto heard a the small noise, barely distinguishable as a word.

"Why?" Bakura questioned in a hushed voice.

"What?" Seto gazed down at the smaller boy, throughly confused.

"Why?" Bakura answered more confident this time.

"I've already told you, I have a corporation to run and-"

"Not that. Why are you the way you are?"

"What do you mean?" Seto countered more than just a little crossly. What was this kid getting at?

"W-why do act like you don't care? Why do think your incapable of dreams? Why...why won't you let anyone near? Why do you insist upon...being alone?" Seto looked down at Bakura, taken back by his sudden show of self certainty. But the shock was quickly replaced with annoyance.

"What difference is it to you if I choose to be the way I am? It doesn't matter to you," Seto replied coldly glancing down at the boy one last time. All of his self conscience thoughts seemed to flood back upon him as his face flushed to a deep red. He placed his gaze back down at his interesting shoes while stuttering many things in a ways of apologies. Seto turned his back to him and climbed smoothly into the back of his limo, giving the driver directions to bring him home. As the car began to pull away, Seto turned his gaze to the window to see Bakura still standing in the parking lot still looking flushed in the face. Seto turned back around and relaxed into the back of his seat. Why did he even get out of bed this morning?

Seto pushed down the top of his laptop rather forcefully before leaning back into his chair with a heavy sigh. Why was this kid getting to him? It's not not like he hadn't said anything that hadn't been said before. Even if it was put in a different way, he had heard the same message over and over in the mutt's verbal bashings. It always had the same meaning: you are a cold bastard. End of story. But still, there was something different about this time. It was almost like the boy had planned everything that he was going to say. Like he had pondered over the same subject for much too long. Almost like he was hoping for an answer...

W-why do you act like you don't care? Why do think your incapable of dreams? Why...why won't you let anyone near? Why do you insist upon...being alone?"

'All these questions, they all start with why. Why do I do this? Why do I act like that? Why do push everyone away? Why won't I believe in dreams...It...It can't all be true, can it?....So what if it is? I choose to be the way I am. Emotions...they are worthless... they make you weak and I'm anything but weak. That's only too true... I'm nothing but a machine...I don't even live anymore...I have no heart... I... I'm nothing but a shell... I'm a waste of a soul, if I even have any soul left within me. I wonder if anyone could use what little bit of life force that I have left. "A soul for sale or rent, if interested call Seto Kaiba, No smokers please." I wonder if I'd get any calls.... Now I'm just being an idiot. But still... Why am I letting a kid that I don't even know get to me? But he seemed so serious...so...melancholy...'

Sitting up straight, Seto pulled out a piece of note paper and neatly wrote something on it before laying it on top of his briefcase. He then turned to face his computer once again in hopes of finishing his work before sleep claimed him.

Ryou had dreaded showing up for school the next day. Why did he have to open his big mouth? All he wanted to do was ask why he fought with Joey in hopes of finding some way to make it stop. Really, that's all he wanted to know, but no he had to open his big mouth. He had already spent the majority of his day avoiding any spot that Kaiba might have been at and making sure he was unnoticeable in the few classes they had together. It's not that he was afraid...okay, so it was because he was just a little afraid. (He really didn't know how Kaiba would react considering the two of them had never really interacted together, but if the many fights between him and Joey had taught Ryou anything, it was that Kaiba, was not very kind person when angered.) But he was more embarrassed. He really didn't want the older boy to know that he was that curious about the 'Great Seto Kaiba'. It was something that he had always kept himself. It wasn't like some silly teenage girl infatuation. It was more like a curiosity. How could one person be so cold? Ryou was certain that he could be nice. After all, he was quite possibly 'bother of the year' when it came to Mokuba, so he couldn't be all that mean all the time, could he?

A sudden, sharp sound awoke Ryou from his thoughts as two boys playfully hit at each other, causing one's book to fly from his hand. Looking around, Ryou realized that class was over. He rose from his seat and made his way out the door. He slowly walked down the halls, keeping an eye out for an certain brunette when he finally reached his last class. He sat down in his usual seat in the back only to find a piece of paper laying on his desk. He picked it up slowly, holding it a good eight inches from his face as if it would suddenly lunge at him and bite his nose. Luckily for Ryou,it was a normal piece of blue-bordered stationary paper , and not some man-craving, rogue monster. After a few minutes of stunned silence, he allowed himself to read the lettering on the small slip of paper. In very neat handwriting that elegantly sloped to the side, was the words

I have no heart. I'm cold inside. Is that the answer you wanted?

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