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Summary: A seemingly normal, upstanding citizen is told he must move across the country for his job. Little does he know, his forgotten past will be coming back to haunt him!

Bartleby "Barry" Gregory spent his days lazily sitting at his desk, smiling. He had everything going for him: he had a cushy corporate job, complete with the salary, secretary, and corner office, two houses, perfect looks, and a great personality. To his colleagues, he came off as the guy with the perfect life. There seemed to be nothing to slow him down or bother him. That's what they think…

Secretly something was pulling at his soul. There were a lot of things wrong. He had so many questions, mostly about his past. The thing was Barry knew nothing of his past. Everything before the past three years was gone. They said he had been in an accident and it knocked out his memory, but he never believed them. Somehow Barry knew deep inside him that there was something other than that. If he only knew…

Heaven June 12, 1998

"Wh- what am I doing here?" Bartleby said, looking around. He found himself in the one place he least expected to be: Paradise. He smiled, he had even started to laugh, but the Metatron brought his euphoria to an abrupt stop.

"I wouldn't celebrate just yet," he drawled. "She has requested an audience with you, and I'm sure it's not going to be pretty."

Bartleby got to his feet and followed the Voice for what seemed like miles to a beautiful, tranquil field. Suddenly, she appeared before them, still in the clothing she had been wearing at the church mere minutes earlier.

"Here's the other one," Metatron announced. "Hope you're not as lenient with this one…" He stepped back, allowing the two to converse semi-privately.

Bartleby, child, what have you done? She looked at him with a concerned, but still loving expression. How could you have done this? Do you realize what could have happened if you had succeeded?

"Yes," he strained, his voice cracking and tears running down his cheeks. "Yes, I do, but I just needed to see you-"

Why, Bartleby? You know I'll always love you, no matter what you did. It's my nature. He nodded. Now, what will I do with you?

Please, not hell, he thought.

No, hell doesn't seem appropriate for someone in your situation…



"Mr. Gregory, sir?"

Barry looked up from his computer screen to see his secretary, Marie, carrying something.

"This letter came for you." She handed him a standard sized envelope, addressed simply to Bartleby's Office, Seattle, WA. He took it, curiously searching for a return address sticker, to no avail. It seemed harmless enough, however, so he opened it. Inside was a handwritten letter:

Dear Bartleby (or do you go by Barry now?),

Congratulations on your promotion, I heard you'll be moving to the area soon! It's been so long since I've seen you, you moving to Wisconsin on us and all.

We've been set up with a nice house just outside the city. There's a train station in town, so you can travel into Boston whenever you need to. No one here will know our story, as long as we don't blow our cover.

Don't worry about Larry. He's in the city, but doesn't know anything about our whereabouts.

Anyway, you'll need to enroll me in High School once you get here. It seems She thought it would be funny to make me sixteen years old….

If you have any questions, feel free to write back to the address on the back or call me at our house. Hope to see you soon, bro!

Your sister,


P.S. Would it be okay if my "boyfriend" moved in? I'm sure he'd be great company for you.

Barry folded the letter up, putting it back into the envelope. Suddenly, he noticed a return address sticker had appeared, almost by magic, on it. It said the letter was from Grafton, Massachusetts.

What the hell is this? Is someone playing a trick on me? Who the hell is this Desdemona, and why is she so excited to see me? What's this promotion she's talking about? And who the fuck is Larry?

Suddenly, he had a flashback. He had them quite often, but lately they'd been more prevalent, more frequent. In this one he was standing before a beautiful woman with a concerned look on her face. She said something; the only words of which he understood were "Wisconsin" and "eternity." Then he felt a sinking sensation, and an intense feeling of loneliness, like there was a part of his soul missing. This was the same strange feeling he got while reading that letter.

Suddenly, Marie came back into the room.

"Mr. Gregory, sir, Mr. Mills wishes to speak with you in his office…"

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