"Procrastination is like masturbating. It's all well and good, until you realize you're fucking yourself."

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Chapter 3: The Call

Barry got home earlier than usual, as he'd been given the rest of the day off. He tossed his car keys onto the coffee table, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and sat down on the couch. He pulled the letter out of his shirt pocket and read it through again. In fact, he must have read it about twenty times, end each time he grew more confused and that odd, empty feeling echoed through him stronger and stronger. The only thing that brought him out of his trance was the phone ringing. He looked up at the clock to realize it had been over an hour since he came in. After the phone rang at least twice, (he always tried to answer the phone after two rings: one sounded too desperate, and more than three made it seem like he wasn't interested) he pulled himself up off the couch and picked up the receiver.


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