The Legend Of Zelda: A dark fairytale

Chapter One: Return of Hero.

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"Zelda, sometimes sacrifices must be taken for the sake of the world" said Link to the princess.

"But do you need to throw away yourself so that you may seal Him?"

Link smiled at her and said:

"You know that the spell that sealed has begun to weaken. If no action is taken he'll come back and he'll be at the heart of the sage's room where he can do enormous damage."

"We can still wait!"

"If we wait too much, the seal will not be repairable anymore. The seal requires that another person to be sacrificed."

"We could send somebody else! I'm sure plenty will vouch for your place, to save you!"

"Probably, but I want to be the one. 'Sides, it's not like I'm going to die. I'll simply be sent to the dark world too."

Three years passed as Link was sent to the dark world to complete the seal, and Hyrule was again a peaceful land. A stranger came to Hyrule to meet the King, and was soon appointed advisor of the King. His name was Nagon, a man that came from a unknown country. He always hid his face under red cloth and usually wore a red cape that surrounded his entire body hiding it, otherwise he'd wear a leather armour with spiked shoulder pads and a dark chain mail. Two years passed, and he helped as well as he could the King and kingdom prospered more. It was ritual for the King to be blessed by the seven sages each year at the festival created to celebrate the death of Ganondorf.

That year Nagon asked to be there, as it once was traditions long ago. The King hesitated a bit , but then let in and allowed to be there as along as he didn't ruin the ceremony that would undergo in the sage's chamber.

It is unknown what happened in there by all except the Sages, the King and of course Nagon, but what is sure is that Nagon betrayed the King. A terrible earthquake made Hyrule shake, and in some places created small breaches in the ground. Dark clouds appeared over the Temple of Time and when Nagon came out, he used his dark arts to murder all those present that offered resistance. He was followed by dark creatures and demons that obeyed his every command and pretty soon he took over the castle. The prince safely escaped the castle disguised as Sheik.

All those that remained in the castle were murdered. The demons took over the town center, and soon they walked out to take over Hyrule. The monsters appeared at the same time at wherever there was a Temple.

Our story begins when these creatures reached the Kokiri village.

He was back. He didn't know how, but he was back into the Forest Temple. He looked around, and could easily see that this place hadn't been used in a little while. He brushed some of the dust that had fallen on his black cloak. He suddenly stopped, as he 'felt' fear. It was pretty close, and to that 'feeling' he also felt pain and viciousness. He smiled in anticipation of upcoming battle.

He was aware that he had changed, but he had also turned stronger. He now adored a good fight, and new 'senses' had been added to him. Best of it all, he was free again. He closed his eyes and muttered words in a strange language, and shadows surrounded him. He was soon absorbed into the shadows and gone.

The Kokiri tried as well as they could to fend off the monsters, but they were unable too. A fire breathing lizard was setting fire everywhere, and killed yet another fleeing Kokiri. His eye exploded as a rock found home inside, but the attacker died as a giant ogre grabbed him and smashed him into a nearby tree. Blood flew everywhere, and the young Kokiri boy cried in pain. The ogre laughed as he squished the poor creature more, until he literally exploded into a rain of organs and blood. The evildoer laughed even more, but stopped laughing when a huge explosion roared behind him killing the lizard. As the smoke settled down the surviving creatures, a dozen ogres and three spiked lizards, saw a dark figure amidst.

It was a young man, wearing a black cloak that surrounded his body. A sword was tied to his shoulder, the belt holding it coming out of cloak and ending upon his back. A small black hat was upon his head, and blond hair was coming out of it. He had deep blue eyes but instead of having black pupils, his were shining red. He smiled at time and said:

"Hello guys, didn't know they let little kids come out of their home this early. You've been bad boys," he said unsheathing his sword ", and I must punish you. Of course, since I don't know the law well, I'll just go and say the proper punishment here is death."

The ogres burst out laughing and replied to him their own language.

"Oh? You believe you can kill me THAT easily? You're in for a shock boys. You five over there'll be all dead before you can see me move"

He disappeared and reappeared right behind the ogres. They all turned at him, except five of them who couldn't because their head had been cut off. They grunted in low voices, and the closest one lunged at him. Link lifted his arm unveiling a gloved hand and pointed it at the chest of the ogre.

"Sheuushamerek kora te kuurem! Shadow Blades!"

Blades came out of his hand sliced the ogre into small pieces, but before the pieces of raw meat fell upon him, he closed his hand and wind dispersed the newly fallen enemy. Only blood remained circling around him caught in the rush of wind. He smiled and said:

"Tatl and Tael, theses are yours. I don't want to play with kids anymore."

Two black fairies came out of cloak, and started floating around him. One of them said in a 'pouty' female voice:

"You always keep the weak ones for us. We're not your personal cleaners you know!"

"Bah, whatever. I don't want to waste MY energy on them. Its up to you if you want the murder of all Kokiries and fairies." Replied Link in a detached tone.

"Yeah, we both know you couldn't ever stand THAT," said the other fairy in a mocking tone.

There was a flash of light and a beautiful young lady wearing a dark dress appeared. Her face was mildly angry, and her black curled hair fell upon her shoulders. Her dressed was a little damaged here and there and it seemed to fit a burial more than casual wear. She had deep blue eyes, but her pupils were normal.

"Stop mocking me! I know you guys don't want to see them all die too!" said Tatl.

There was another flash and a young man wearing a chain mail and spiked shoulder pads. He too had black hair along with blue eyes. He wore black pants and short spiky hair. He started laughing, and replied:

"I don't really care anymore actually. All I want is a good spar."

"I couldn't agree more" agreed Link.

"Men!" said Tatl rolling her eyes towards the sky.

At the same time two ogres burst into flames, screaming in agony while the others looked at them surprised and shocked at the same time.

"I got to admit, you do it with style. I didn't even see your lips move." Said Tael, as he set fire to another too.

The remainder of the creatures, as if they all though at the same time, lunged at the both of them. They smiled at their enemies and started chanting quickly while moving their hands accomplishing an old form of magic.

"...Deshuroo kazeimo rasgereth! Valley of spikes!"

Thousands of steel spiked came out of the ground and impaled all of their enemies. The ogres sputtered blood as they slowly dying. The fairies turned around to look at Link, who smiled at them for a small second before it vanished. They looked at him strangely, but they stopped as Link jumped towards a bush sword drawn. As his sword touched the ground, it was followed by a great explosion of dust large gust of wind. A small crater had been created where his sword has landed.

" Benuki-Ken , Sheuushiken style" he muttered in a robotic voice. " You were able to avoid my attack...I was worried I hadn't held back enough for you to survive."

A person came out of another bush behind Link, breathing heavily.

"You got to be joking, you almost killed me!" said Sheik. "Still I'm glad your back Link".

"Heh, don't lie to me. I know you Zelda, I know your acrobatics and your style, you could have avoided that attack blindfolded. I was afraid you lob a deku nut to me in reflex" replied Link slightly smiling.

They both slowly, and awkwardly, walked towards one another and hugged each other timidly. Zelda was slightly afraid of Link's new eyes, his new dress code, actually of him altogether but she saw that he was still who he used to be. She gazed into his eyes, and saw that the pupil wasn't plain red, it was more as if a liquid was swirling or maybe even fire that was burning. Different shades of red swirled round and round in his pupils, making them even scarier. She hugged him again, holding him tighter while avoiding his look, feeling happy to see him again after nearly four years of absence. He on the other hand seemed a little bit more shy than her.

"You seem a little shy?" she teased him.

"You know that, in there, I haven't touched, less even look at another human being. Its almost as if I forgot what human love is."

"Stop teasing me!"

She backed herself away from him to look at him. He had an incredible serious look on his face, which made her doubt.

"You're not joking are you?" she asked.

"No I'm not."

He turned at Tael and Tattle and said:

"The Dark Realm is an incredibly dark place, where you learn quickly to forget all normal human feelings. In there, there's only monsters waiting for the perfect moment where they easily murder you. No, I mean kill you. People get killed so often in there, that it's not considered murder."

The fairies nodded in a agreement, and Zelda gasped at the though of such a place. She hadn't imagined that it had been that hard. On the other hand, Link had turned into a 'darker' person. He was slightly stronger than before, but she hadn't seen his full potential yet. He had grown much more confident than before, but she was still unsure on whether he was strong enough to back that confidence up.

"Zelda, what happened while we were gone? Why is there orcs that obviously come from the dark realm here?" asked Link.

The princess hesitated and told him the story as she knew it. She added new details that had been revealed lately. Apparently, some of the Sages had sided with Nagon and where chasing the survivors in hopes of eliminating them. Link stayed silent for a moment before asking:

"Is Saria part of the traitors?"

"We haven't seen her in a while, so it's possible. But I think she's actually hiding from the others. I know Impa has turned against us though..."


"Yes. She tried to kill me two days ago, and she's unleashed Poes into Kakariko village. Its highly possible that she'll try to free even more possible ghosts into the village, and then turn the village into an outpost for Nagon. She killed my personal guards herself but failed to kill me when I fled."

"I see. This place's a mess now. Well I guess my first stop is in Kakariko village, and we'll have to make it fast before Impa finally destroys it all. Have the people evacuated the village?"

"Yes, but there are soldiers there sent to get the Poes on the run, and if possible retake the village and the spirit temple."

"Interesting. I'm guessing there failing?"


"Well, guess we'll have to start moving now."

The stepped into Kakariko village and looked at the mess. Houses and soldier's tents were intact, but bodies were lying everywhere. The army had obviously failed to destroy the enemy or had turned invisible leaving only dead bodies. Poes appeared upon their arrival and began approaching them. As if it wasn't enough, it began to rain huge hard drops upon them. Link shrugged, and drew his sword as both Fairies appeared next to him. Link starting running towards the cemetery as he shouted:

"Take care of them! I'll get Impa!"

"We don't have a choice now do we?" muttered Tael.

"Oh hush!" replied Tattle.

Link ran into the cemetery, and slowed down a bit. He walked cautiously towards the temple's entrance. Two Poes silently appeared behind him. One of them approached him slowly, and when in range, quickly started turning on itself using the lamp it carried as a weapon. Link rapidly turned around and slid under the ghost. The ghost stopped turning surprise but too late. Link placed his sword over him, and sliced the ghost in 2 halves while getting up and leaped towards the remaining one. It lifted its lamp over itself protectively, but the lamp was sliced in two, like itself. When the sword touched the ground, there was an explosion cause by the strength of the attack, and a small crater was formed. The engraved stones surrounding the crater flew away into the nearest object and crash into. The first poe reformed itself behind Link, but before it could attack, a huge hand made of shadows grabbed it. Link still muttering the spell under his breath turned around towards the poe and lifted his hand towards the sky. Thunder fell and struck the poe, destroying it for good. Before Link could move, he was grabbed by the neck from behind.

"Nicely done young one." Said Impa as she clutched him closer.

"Yeah, well I've learned a couple of tricks in there. Want to see?"

He hit her in the stomach using his elbow, and as she let go of him in hopes of getting her lost air back, he turned around roundhouse kicking her away. He removed his cloak revealing his the same clothing he used to wear, but in black color. A belt holding kunais circled his body diagonally, crossing the belt holding his sword. He crouched, placing himself in offensive position.

Impa got up, and winced in pain. She drew her short sword and placed herself into combat position. She waved at him tauntingly, and Link attacked. He held his sword using both hands, his right hand the top of the handle, and the other one at the bottom like in kendo. He firstly aimed for her head and she blocked the attack. But before she knew it she was flying again. She got up and saw that he had kicked her into stomach while she had blocked.

She got up again and this lunged at him. She spinned on herself and then attacked using the force generated by the rapid spinning and her own strength aiming for his shoulder. Link lifted his sword diagonally, the tip pointing down and blocked the attack. He push her sword away, spun around and sliced her belly open for attack, and quickly followed with a quick punch on her chest which sent her sprawling on her back.

When she got up she saw that he was in weird stance. His left leg was stretched out entirely, and his right leg was kneeling, while his left hand was in front of him palm opened. She understood that this was the stance he had taken to hit her lastly, but she still wondered where he had picked up that skill.

This was a fighting style like none other she had seen. She felt as if she was only dancing in the palm of god, and there was nothing she could do about it. She lift herself up again, readied herself for attack. This time she would have to use magic, because now she understood that is the combat was to continue on the physical plain, she would lose.

She concentrated a bit, and energy accumulated in her left hand. She created a small explosive ball made of pure energy, which glowed with a small greenish color, and threw it at Link. He moved so fast that she didn't see him coming. He threw himself down, and kicked her legs from behind using a circular motion. While she was still flying upwards, he slid under her and pushed her up with his open palm technique. She flew higher upwards, she didn't know how high but it was high enough for Link to get up under her.

When she started falling back down he hit her using the hilt of his sword, followed the attack with another hit of his palm, but before she reached again new heights, he hit her with the dull side of his sword in her arms sending her flying away.

It hurt. She had crashed into a tombstone. It hurt. Blood fell into her eye making her see red. The wound on her belly was still bleeding, but now blood seemed to pour a bit more. Her right arm, where Link had hit her, hurt enormously. Worst of it all was that she now understood how much he was only playing with her. He had used his hilt to hit her, but she knew that normal technique involved using the other side of the blade to impale her.

She didn't try to get up yet. She was feeling very weak and bruised, so she closed her eyes a few seconds concentrating her energy to stop the bleeding. She didn't know how to fully heal a wound through magic, so she supposed it would have to do. She plunged into her right pocket and got a pill out of it, which she chewed immediately. The pill numbed her body and made the pain go away temporarily. She didn't like having to resolve to the use of drugs in a fight, but the pain would have stopped her from going. She closed her eyes and muttered a quick incantation under her breath.

Link was looking at her actions without showing an expression on his face and not saying a thing. He instinctively looked up, but too late: arrows were falling from the sky and three found home in his right shoulder, two in his left shoulder and four more on his chest and belly. His eyes bulged in surprise and he coughed up blood.

He had never seen such a spell, it made arrows come from the sky, but they arced at the last second so that it not only hit the head, shoulders, but also the chest, the legs and even the feats. He looked at Impa get up grinning at him.

"Well looks like I win. I always do. I admit you're the first one to make me believe that I would lose, but guess I was wrong," she said to him.

Link didn't reply, he simply looked back at her expressionless. That face made the ex-princess body guard shiver a bit. The eyes that that he had now unsettled her a bit, enough to wonder if she was really in a position to win.

It also made her wonder if the legends were true. Ancient legends within her clan believed that one day the Hero would come and save the land. But as a coin has two sides, the Hero would one day 'release the demon within'. That is why her clan feared the arrival of the Hero and yet welcomed it. They happy that the Hero would finally get them out of dark times, but they also were afraid that the demon that laid dormant within him would destroy the entire land. That is why they had tried to kill him when he had been a child. They never knew that she mother had survived and escaped to the Kokiri forest.

She was unsure if the demon inside Link had fully awoken, but she knew that it was her job to finish the job of her ancestors and bury the Hero after he had accomplished his task. She was the one who had originally weakened the seal to the dark realm. She was also the one who dropped that a human sacrifice was necessary to complete the seal. It was only the completion of the task set forth by her ancestors and was the normal thing to accomplish.

On that stormy day, she would have to finish the job personally. She gathered her energy into her right hand and lifted it as if holding an invisible spear. She gave one last look to the 'Hero' and then threw the magic spear at the powerless man.

The fairies and the princes had defeated more than half of the remainder Poes, but they were now circling them. Both Tael and Tattle grinned in anticipation and poised themselves for attack. They didn't feel as of yet any fatigue and they were still thrilled by getting to fight so many enemies.

The ground suddenly shook, followed by a quick flash of red light. A scared look appeared into both of dark fairies' eyes. On the other side, a puzzled look appeared on Sheik's face, not comprehending what was the source of this small earthquake.

"He's awaking..." whispered Tattle.

"We have to get rid of them faster! We have to get to Link before it's too late!" also said Tael.

"What's going on? I don't understand!" said Zelda.

"That earthquake means Link will go into berserk mode soon. If he's not stopped, he could destroy Hylia itself before you could even figure it out. We've seen him like this a couple of times before, and believe us, Ganon is actually friendly when next to the demon that sleeps in Link's body."

Impa could have sword that she had seen the magic lance go through its target's body, but it had been followed by an earthquake and such a flash that she had been blinded. When she recovered her sight, she saw splinters surrounding Link, but no lance. The arrows where still in his body, but not the lance. When she looked up to see the face of her enemy, she saw something that startled her. The red dancing lights in his pupils had gotten 'out', as not only the center of the eye was red, but the iris of the eye was now tainted here and there by red dancing fire stuck into cone shaped lines. His pupil looked would look more like a grotesque star if it weren't for the fact that the cones were slowly moving randomly as if they had a life of their own.

'What's this? Has the demon awakened? It cannot be!' she though.

The 'Hero of Legend' lifted his sword without showing a trace of pain on his face. He started to slowly walk up towards her. Impa back away in a defensive position, readying herself for another spell. He opened his palm, and a ball of dark energy came out and went for her. She summed all the strength she could and sent a ball of her own, but she was sent flying as both ball made contact. She got up again, still feeling no pain and looked at her enemy. He had no visible damage, nor had he actually moved an inch from the blast.

She lifted her short sword, and ran towards her enemy. She took her first step towards him, and surprised look appeared upon her face as she impaled herself on a foot wide lance that hadn't been there a second ago. She coughed up blood and looked up to him. He threw down the arm, with such speed and strength that the air moved by the rapid attack, sliced the lance horizontally and made another cut on Impa's chest. She fell on her back and coughed up more blood.

It was evident now that all the wounds had reopened, and the internal bleeding had restarted. She distantly heard Link muttering something, and then felt great pain sear through her body. All the scars, old and new had suddenly reopened accompanied by great pain. For the first time, tears of pain came up to her eyes and mixed up with the blood that was now covering her. A shadow was now covering her. It was the 'Hero' who was looking at her suffering. She wasn't sure if she saw his sword over his head, waiting to plunge into her suffering body, finishing her off. She wasn't sure because her vision had started to get clouded from the blood coming down into her eyes, and the lack of blood itself. Everything seemed far now; she was falling asleep. But even in her current state, she understood it was the state that you don't wake from. On the other hand she was happy. The 'Hero' had grown enough now. The 'Hero' had blossomed enough to destroy any evil she could summon, and probably any evil that the Dark Realm could send. She knew what was waiting for Link and his friends, and Hylia itself, and it would require strong heroes. If not, Nagon would unleash the end of the world with his plan. The plan consisted of... She blacked out at that point.

They came running into the cemetery after quickly finishing the Poes off and saw Link poised over Impa preparing himself to give her the final blow. Zelda gasped at the sight and screamed:


Tattle chanted a spell and Link stopped moving for an instant before turning around to look at them. Zelda gasped at the sight of his eyes, the cones in his eyes now dancing furiously. He looked at them all the while looking as if he could not see them. It seemed as if his brain refused to acknowledge them.

"Link, stop it!" ordered Tattle in a very commanding voice.

All of a sudden, Link's eyes returned to 'normal', as normal as red pupils can be. He looked at them as if seeing them for the first time, and then turned around to look at his dying enemy.

"Is it too late to crystallize her Tael?" asked Link in a low voice.

Tael approached him and looked at the traitor and said:

"No it's not. Well it's not if I do it now. Back away, I'll do it right away."

He closed his eyes, and starting chanting an incantation. A light appeared under the dying lady, and started floating. A crystal then appeared around her, a crystal looking exactly like the ones Link used to travel with during his quest against Ganondorf. The inside of the crystal froze up and the crystal starting growing smaller until it reached the size of a dollar. It floated for a small moment, and then floated into Tael's hand. Tael turned around and gave Link the crystal. Zelda who had been watching the whole show asked:

"What was that?"

"It's a spell designed to keep the person alive, all the while imprisoning him or her. Its hard to explain, but you could say that the time within the crystal is stopped, and in that way the affected person is kept alive." Answered Tael.

"Why did you do that?"

"Well we supposed you didn't want to see Impa die. We can still save her and heal he, but we can't do that now. We'll also have to find a secure place where she cannot harm us while we are trying to save her."

"Oh. I see. So what do we do now?"

"We'll have to go the temple of time, or more precisely at the chamber of sages. I want to see Rauru. I hope I won't have to kill him." Replied Link.

"You mean, you think he's a traitor too?" asked Zelda.

"I'm pretty sure he is actually. If there has to be treachery amongst the sages, it requires his help; otherwise the sages are unable to gain access to the Sage's Chamber. We'll have to ask Impa when she comes around. But, I've got a feeling we should really head to the temple of time."

End of Chapter One.

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