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The Legend of Zelda: A dark fairytale

Chapter 2: Treason

Even though it was plain day, the moat leading to the market place was still lifted. The small group composed of a dark man hiding himself under a black cloak, a young woman wearing complex dark dress, another young man wearing a chain mail and spiked shoulder pads and finally a young man or woman wearing blue ninja clothing and a towel tied his/her head in a western fashion.

"Well, looks like we're locked out," said Link to the group.

"We could always force ourselves in," replied Tattle.

"Yeah, it'd be pretty easy" also replied Tael.

"Let's try not to make too much noise, because after all we are very close to our enemy base camp and it would be easy for him to send troops after house" stated Sheik.

"Right. Let me get the door then" said Link.

He pushed back the part of the cloak that hid his head and placed his right arm, palm opened towards the closed gate. He started muttering incantations in an unknown language, but it seemed almost as if a real demon was speaking instead. It gave small shivers to Zelda, who tried to not let it show on her face. A small spinning black cloud appeared inside Link's open palm, and electricity soon started coursing through it. The electricity seemed to float on the cloud for a few seconds and then it sank inside the cloud. A few seconds later, the ball started to rapidly grow, and more and more electricity coursed up its surface. All of a sudden, all the electricity sank under the cloud and illuminated its center. The Hero retracted his arm, and with a loud yell he threw the dark energy ball towards the closed gate.

As soon as the ball-cloud connected with the gate, there was great flash followed by a huge explosion. Small splinters of wood fell to their feet, but there were also huge splinters of rock. Fissures opened up inside the moat, and they continued for about three of four meters on the ground. The moat quickly drained up, and the algae was soon left to dry in the sun. About ten of fifteen meters of wall surrounding the door was entirely destroyed, and dust was lifted from inside the cracks for the remainder of the wall. Most of the front wall collapsed from the sudden disappearance of its 'glue' with great noise. Tons of dust rose from the collapsing wall, and screams could be heard from inside the marketplace.

"I thought I told you not make much noise so that they don't send troops after us!" said an outraged Zelda.

Link didn't answer but simply laughed and shrugged. He looked at huge dust cloud, narrowing his eyes. Several dark forms started appearing and growing as they were approaching the small group.

"Well looks like we've been heard. Get ready."

The 'hero' winced while trying to look at the oncoming troops and noticed they were normal hylian soldiers. Well normal was a little overrated in the current case, because upon closer inspection, their eyes shined with golden light.

"Looks like Nagons controlling them" stated Sheik.

"No. It's definitely Rauru. It's the divine illumination spell, which he had tried to teach me, but I was still pretty bad at using magic in that time. They don't feel any more pain, and obey Rauru's direct orders, which he may dispense by thought. They are all dead, as the spell is so strong that the brain cannot support it. Once the spell is dispelled, there is left is empty shells that breath and have blood pumping in their veins. Have mercy and let none live."

He finished his sentence and drew his sword. He didn't know why, but he was feeling more and more excited as he was approaching the Temple of Time. He felt more vigorous and stronger. He looked again at the troops running toward him, and smiled eagerly. He couldn't stand it anymore so he jumped into battle.

He ran towards the troop leaving the rest of the group behind while unsheathing his sword. He was ready to use the techniques he had learned in the dark world, taught by his master upon the unwary troops. He didn't notice, but as he was approaching battle, and at the same time the temple, his eyes began to 'dance' again. Small cones of dancing 'fire' were now in his pupils, moving wildly and randomly inside his pupils. Using his right arm, he lifted his sword over him and swung it down. There was a huge explosion as the air pressure in front of his sword was sent crashing down.

Three of the fifty soldiers were sent went flying upwards, while the two closest were ripped into pieces by the strong pressure. A soldier on his left lifted his sword over him, but before he could attack, Link sliced his belly open making his innards come out. Another soldier in front of him tried to impale him, but the 'hero' jumped on the lance and jumped up again. He landed behind the soldier and used his sword to slice his enemy diagonally from his left shoulder down his back towards his right leg. Enormous amounts of blood came out of the wound, but already his killer was moving towards another target.

As the other members of the group ran up to the hylian soldier, they couldn't help but see how much ease Link had to fight his enemies. He seemed to be dancing a well-practiced death choreography. He was making his way through crowd of enemies as easily a knife cut through butter. When Sheik killed her first enemy, the saviour of Hylia had killed more than half of their opponents.

"You guys take care of them, I'm going for Rauru" yelled the 'Hero'.

"No, wait for us!" screamed Zelda back at Link, but he didn't hear her.

Instead he kept going in further and further inside the Marketplace, leaving behind him a trail of dead bodies. Only 15 of the 50 soldiers now remained to fight, and it's was clear that they were no match for the small group.

Inside Link, the demon stirred a little.

The entrance door burst open as Link crashed inside the Temple of Time. A handful of Hylian soldiers were awaiting him as they charged at him. The first one tried a diagonal slash towards the great warrior, but he blocked the hit. He pushed away the attacking sword and plunged is own weapon into the Hylian soldier using the newly formed opening. The 'hero' grabbed the now dead Hylian soldier by the throat and lifted him, using is body to shield himself from other attackers.

The 'flames' inside his eyes were now dancing wildly, and he was now feeling an incredible orgy of sensations. The closer he got to the chamber of sages, the greater the ecstasy got.

He grabbed the leg of his 'shield' with his left hand, and used the body to hit the legs of his attackers who had surrounded him. He jumped on the shoulder of his closest enemy and while still over him, he crouched a bit and slit open his opposite shoulder. While he was coming back down, he sliced in two an enemy that had been standing right behind the now dead soldier. Link quickly turned around and blocked an oncoming blow from an enemy behind him. Taking his sword with both his hands he pushed his attacker's sword away, but it quickly came back now aiming for his stomach. The 'hero' pushed away the broad sword again, and crouched himself and ran under the attacking arm. He placed his sword horizontally on his side slicing his enemy in half.

When he had completed his attack, he spun upon himself in hopes of hitting attacking enemies. He stood crouching awaiting for his last five enemies to attack him. Exasperated, he lunged at the soldier closest to him. The poor knight tried to block, but Link's attack was so strong that it cut through his broad sword as if it was butter. He lunged at the following enemy who was more prepared that his predecessor, having placed himself in defensive position. Using only his right hand, Link attacked the head of the hylian guard in a straight vertical line. The soldier easily blocked the blow, but he had surprised look when the 'hero's' left hand plunged into him grabbing his beating heart. He pulled out his hand with a sickening suction noise.

He smiled at the remaining three survivors. As if on a silent signal they all lunged at him at the same time, but to no avail. Using only his right hand, he blocked both the middle and right attacker whom had been respectively aiming for his shoulder and belly. Using his left hand he had grabbed the left attacker's sword, and removed it from him before throwing it back into him. He spun on himself and lowered himself under his enemies and opened all of their bellies before the left attacker had fallen on the ground with a loud thud.

As Tael, Tattle and Sheik entered the now empty Marketplace, they saw Hylian soldiers scurrying to get the Temple of Time. Tattle pouted a bit before saying:

"Link never could stop himself from attracting large crowds."

"Someday, I'll just slap him until I get some reason into that kid. Alright, let's go help the poor guy pick up his mess," sighed Tael.

The door leading into the chamber of sages opened and the intruder jumped onto the huge triangular platform. On the middle of the triangular platform, Rauru was awaiting Link. The 'hero' who had once came here to receive help from this man, was now planning on how to kill him. He removed his cloak, and tossed it on the ground left to him. The ancient sage looked at him carefully before saying:

"Your trip to the dark realm has changed you…Look at you, you're all covered in blood and you don't even seem to mind. The dark realm has slowly started to turn you into a demon. You feel great ecstasy being here don't you?"

"How can you know?" replied Link.

"Well, I know a legend that you don't know. I won't tell it to you now, but I'll have you know that those eyes are now part of the process that changes man into monsters inside the Dark Realm. There is now another process, beside the one that changes your personality. You felt strange when you were in the dark realm. As if you were finally waking up from a dream. You also lost memory of many things inside there and now that you're back you have practically no memory loss. You feel still awoken, but now you feel as if you had lost control over something while in the dark world. Do you know why you feel the same strange feeling here and not over there in the village? I'll tell you why, you're close to one of the biggest gates that leads to the dark realm. You see every temple as been built to protect an entrance to the dark realm, and to protect these temples the three goddess created monsters that would stand in the room closest to the room containing the gate. It was these monsters that you fought when Ganon controlled them using his triforce of power. To control these monsters the goddess created the Sacred Sages who could control, summon and even fuse with these creatures. That's right, if I want to I can summon the Demon of Light in this chamber and order him to destroy you. Now Link, after all we've done together, and more importantly even though you know I'll be able to kill you easily, why have you come here?"

"Well that's pretty easy, you joined with my enemy and you know that I can't put down a good challenge," replied Link.

"You always seemed to amuse me 'hero'. You forget that I've been myself a warrior and the 'Hero' of this country. Of course you are the one legend foretold the coming; you are the 'Hero of Time', the one that saved us from upcoming danger. I don't know if you felt it yet, but you must know this: you are the also the worst danger to this land. Now is not the time to explain why and how…now is the time to fight. I will kill you today 'Hero', and finally take the triforce for my own."

Rauru extended is hands and light appeared in each. The light shimmered as if it was a flame and then changed into two swords made of pure light. In response, Link drew his sword, which was slightly damaged from its constant use.

"That's not the master sword…So you left it there in the temple after all? I thought you'd finally take it back and make this fight interesting. Of course if you intend to lose you better keep using that-"

Before he could finish is sentence, the dark warrior had jumped holding his broad sword over his head and was now aiming to split the ancient sage into equal halves. The ancient warrior used both his swords to block the oncoming blow and pushed Link away. The Hero of Time smirked and attacked again, this time a little bit quicker. He started by attacking the left shoulder of his opponent who dodged the blow with a small jump back. As the sword was still in mid-air, pointed as its target's stomach, the Hylian warrior moved forward in hopes of impaling the old man. Rauru used his right light sword to push away the attack Link then slashed sideways towards the old sage who tried to dodged the blow with a jump back, but he was still cut on the stomach. He winced in pain, and placed his hand on the wound in reflex.

He concentrated and soon the wound was no more. He smiled and looked at Link enjoying the first fight he had in a while. Link had gotten much better, and was using a different style of combat than the one he had taught him. It was a style of combat that was very strange but it left feel as if all he was doing was fighting against water: whatever he would do the result would be the same. There was no doubt that there sword skills were not from these lands, and his instinct told him that they were not from the dark realm either. Someone had taught him new more powerful techniques.

"Well, are you just going to look at me all day, or are you going to attack?" asked a taunting Link.

"You're completely right my child, that's why I'll have to go all out now" replied Rauru.

He lifted his hands over his head and began chanting a strange incantation. When he was done, the floor began to rumble, and the beautiful waterfalls around the room stop flowing. The ground shook stronger, and from the seemingly bottomless pit surrounding the triangular platform, lights began to appear. An incredibly strong shriek was heard. A huge winged demon appeared from the pit bellow. The creature had two twisted horns, long wings that bared holes in them, huge claws and light was emitted by its eyes. It had impressive muscles, and it was more less five or six meters high.

"Link, meet the Demon of Light, the protector of the Temple of Time" said Rauru in a proud voice.

" AUGH! WHY DON'T JUST DIE RIGHT NOW!" asked Tael to his last standing enemy.

The group was breathing heavily inside the temple of time, where they had killed over fifty more hylian knights. Tattle quickly closed and lock the door in hopes of buying them more time before the next wave of attackers.

"Well, we got them now. All we have to do is wait for Link to come back from the chamber of sages…" said Tattle in a tired voice.

"That bastard…left…us…with the. …biggest … lamest… bunch" said Tael in a tired tone.

"It's not all that bad. He left…us with only fifty of them" replied Sheik.

"Yes, but he took the most appalling enemy for himself and left us with this bunch of…second grade knights" said Tattle.

"You mean you would have more liked fighting-" began Zelda before an earthquake interrupted her.

They didn't have time to investigate what was the source of this earthquake as a huge axe went through the door.

"Iron knuckles" muttered Tael.

The axe shook for a few seconds as its wielder tried to yank it out of the door, but before he succeeded several more axes joined. The door was completely destroyed in less than a minute, and soon six Iron Knuckles walked inside the temple of time. They formed a circle around the small group and readied themselves for combat. The fairies started preparing spells as Sheik unsheathed two daggers.

"I see that the party's going to start without me, that's just mean Zelda, after all the time we've known each other" said a new voice from outside the temple.

A man, about six feet tall came in, with long fiery red hair and blue eyes came in. He wore a long black cape, and suit made of leather and spikes were installed upon the shoulder pads. He also wore black gauntlets with small studs were the knuckles were. The newcomer lift his head and looked at them with a smile before saying:

"Oh my! It's been a long time since I saw you, princess."

"Nagon!" spat Zelda.

"Yes it's me. How are you faring?"

"Better than you, as you still don't hold the Triforce within your vile hands!"

"Ha ha ha ha! You thought I was aiming to get the Triforce weren't you Zelda? You've got it all wrong. Of course it's a shame that I had to develop my own strength by my own means, but the goal of the attack on that day was not to obtain the Triforce. I aimed to more, much more. You see, under each temple of Hylia, there is a portal that leads to the Dark Realm, and the biggest one is here, under the temple of time inside the Chamber of Sages."

"Yes, we know that Nagon…"

"Please, don't interrupt me Zelda. You see, my father is trapped inside the Dark Realm, and I'm aiming to free him and allow him to destroy this land. You were the one who sealed him in there."

"Impossible, the only person I sealed inside the Dark Realm is Ganondorf."

"Who turns out to be my father. He failed to give me a name, so I chose mine using his name by rearranging a few letters. Nagon is only a variation of the name Ganon…"

Zelda looked at Nagon in shock as she realised that she had been close to Ganondorf's only son for so long without realising that by rearranging a few letters she would have understood. He simply smiled back at her and continued:

"I plan to get him out and give him Hylia on a silver platter. I've allied myself with the creatures inside the dark realm, and soon with the help of Rauru I'll bring back my father. Now that I've found you Zelda, I'll also be able to give my father another gift: the Triforce of Wisdom."

The Demon of Light shrieked again and then lounged at Link. He remained calm and stood his ground looking at the demon indifferently. His eyes flashed red for a second, and he moved his sword away. A dark figure came out of the shadows and moved quickly before attacking the Demon's face. Blue blood flew the wounds of the creature as it screamed in pain. The shadow jumped of the face, and it appeared to be a dog with no eyes and very pointy teeth. The dog was entirely black except for the parts where it was stained by the bluish blood.

"Well I didn't see that one coming… You're cloak is in fact a demon from the dark realm isn't it?" asked Rauru.

"Surprised? Nobody alive knows about this small feat, even the fairies. I'll just have to step it a bit though and show you my real strength soon" replied Link.

"If by that you mean wake the demon inside you, then please do so I'm getting bored here."

The huge demon lifted its huge clawed hand and tried to squish the dog under it. The dog dodged and then attacked it's attacker, namely the huge hand. The dog aimed for the smallest finger and bitted it with incredible ferocity. The blood immediately poured out of the open wound, splashing its surroundings. The demon yelled again, before slapping the dog sending it flying. He screamed in more pain as Link, using the dog as a distraction sent his sword plunging trough its open eye. Seeing that his opponent didn't die from the blow, he pushed further in using his sword, while the demon screamed in pain. It finally hit the 'hero of time' using one of it's hands and sent him off flying. The demon tried to remove the blade, but it wouldn't budge.

"Well, you lost your sword, you can only fight using magic. Might as well just stand there and await death," said Rauru.

"I could, if I had no weapons left. You see I brought back a weapon from the dark realm, its power is immense, and I need to concentrate to use it. It seems easier though, now being closer to the dark realm. Its more or less the an evil version of the master sword"

"A sword forged in the darkest pits of the dark realm…yes I've heard of such a weapon. But you can't wield it now can you? Or can you… Apparently the trip to the dark realm changed you more than I had thought, you have lost your "holiness", if your permit the usage of the word, and now you can't touch a holy blade such as the master sword"

Rauru laughed in triumph as he realised now how powerless the hero was. Now no one could ever stand up to him. Link smirked while stretching his arm. Dark energy began to pulsate on his hand and soon a sword wrapped up cloth began to appear from within Link's hand.

"I see, mused Rauru, you were keeping the sword within you to keep it sealed. Very interesting, I should have thought of that one, this way no one can touch or steal the sword. And I can see why you want to keep for yourself; even under its sealing cloth we can feel it's extraordinary power."

"Back in the hell, this was the sword that allowed me slay countless demons, and have the surviving ones fear my name" replied Link.

Link carefully removed the cloth to reveal a plain broad sword, but upon which all reflections were dark, making it almost seem as if it feasted upon light. The ex-hero took the sword in his hand and it seemed to elongate a little while cryptic writing began to appear along the blade. Wind whirled around the man as he closed his eyes. He took a deep breath feeling the power he had forgotten entirely about. He had to act quickly though, knowing the blade's true evil power. He felt it's cold evil power sip into his body and he let himself lose control to it. To a certain extent of course. He grinned and opened his eyes who shun red. Deep inside of him the demon jerked and stirred, waiting to awaken once more.

The trio huddled together, keeping their backs turned to one another preparing to do what was once known as a 'last stand'. Nagon smiled believing that the that truly was their last stand; even if the Iron Knuckles lost, which was improbable since even the hero of time had never done such a feat, they would been weak and powerless and it would be easy for him to finish the job. The opponents stared each other down for a few seconds before the trio launched their attack. Tael moved quickly and plunged a dagger inside the neck of one the iron knuckles. The beast pushed the fairy back and lifted its axe over it's head. The fairy quickly jumped sideways to avoid the blow that made the ground shake. Blood poured out of the wound made to the neck and still the creature kept moving forward, ignoring both pain and signs of impending death. It quickly recovered and hit Tael with the back of its axe sending him crashing on another Iron Knuckle. The new opponent quickly veered to face its attacker and lifted its axe over its head. The older opponent followed its attack and crashed its huge axe on the other Iron Knuckle's head who promptly died. The body fell crashing down on an exasperated Tael.

" Oh for Pete's sake!" he cried out afore saying a loud "oof!" as he was crushed under the dead demon.

The Iron Knuckle lifted its axe again aiming to hit through the dead body as a now afraid Tael struggled under the creature. But the demon didn't give its last blow as it collapsed on the floor convulsions sputtering blood from its helmet-covered mouth. It struggled to get up once more and kill its last foe, the one that had made it bleed so badly from the neck but its muscle gave away from lack of oxygen and it collapsed upon the temple floor. Tael sighed in relief and tried to extricate himself from the creature. Sheik and Tattle killed another two knuckles and were fighting the last two when Tael got free. He was about to aid them when his eyes fell upon Nagon. He grinned evilly when an idea came to his mind, and idea that would end this battle before it was even started. He began chanting the incantations to the crystallizing spell.

Link ran towards Rauru who had already placed himself in a defensive stance. The old hero was now moving faster that any normal human should be able too, was over Rauru in less than a second. Rauru fell down a second later, bleeding from several wounds totally oblivious to what had just happened. He was about to get up but Link's hard boot knocked him back down. The old sage looked up and saw that the flames in Link's eyes were now dancing faster than ever, and shun with an intensity that he had never seen before. The ex-hero lifted his sword preparing to plunge it inside the traitor's throat, and as the weapon was descending the 'hero of time' was swished away by the back of the giant creature's hand. The hero flew for a short while and nearly fell down into one of the bottomless pits of the room.

He struggled to get up and coughed a bit of blood; he was now aware that he had a few broken ribs. He felt pain as if something inside him was stirring and he winced. He shook the feeling away by concentrating on the battle, but it was harder than ever now as he was now seeing numerous colors giving way to the color red. His sight was slowly fading away and for a second he wondered if he was dying. But a memory emerged from his brain and he knew that this had happened before, but he couldn't remember when or why. The feeling of joy and ecstasy was now at its peek and he was unsure if he could still concentrate on the battle. He winced again and concentrated as much as he could, removing all thoughts from his mind, a technique that ironically Rauru had taught him. He got up once more and lunged at the demon of light.

The dog-caped creature jumped once more and ferociously attacked the demon on its left were its good eye was still. Link attacked using the blind spot generated by the dead eye. He silently landed upon its head, and slid down to the back of its head. He looked down for a few seconds and then saw what he had wanted to see; a small opening in the cranium bone for his sword to fit in. He concentrated muscle and his body, and let magic go through his arm and into the demonic sword enhancing it's strength. He plunged the sword deep in the back of the demon's head as it screeched in pain. It uselessly tried to struggle against the unknown foe as Link, using his magic, slowly elongated the sword into the demon's brain. As the creature was slowly dying and collapsing down upon the floor, the hero was hit by a blast of pure light energy that sent him crashing into the ground in pain.

"Hahahahaha, for a second there I was almost afraid. But when you made yourself more attuned with the powers of darkness, you also created a weakness the powers of light and that when I stroked."

He felt the dying hero's life energy slowly fading away. He looked at the dog creature as it collapsed and changed back into a cloak. He smirked in victory, in happiness because he had been truly afraid of dying today. Relieved, he slowly walked to the dying body preparing to gloat over the dying man. He never noticed the ground shaking, and the new source of power that was appearing. The demon had now awakened.

The incantation was now over and all that was left was to chant the last word.

" CRYSTALI-" began Tael.

However he was rudely interrupted by the ground exploding behind him that was soon followed by a gigantic earthquake. As he was toppling over, he was able to weakly finish his sentence. One of the Iron Knuckles fell into a hole that had appeared under it, while the other one began shaking nervously and let it giant axe fall down to the floor. Nagon screamed in pain as his body was slowly turned into crystal. Sheik and Tattle ran to Tael catching him narrowly as he had almost fallen into a pit that had appeared behind him. They got him out and looked at Nagon who was cursing unable to move. Apparently the crystallization had stopped, it was keeping him in pain.

" I'm sorry Nagon, I was unable to finish my incantation, but no worries I'll finish you off right now so you don't suffer"

He got up and took his dagger into his hand slowly walking towards his enemy. He stopped as he felt an enormous amount of dark energy, so clear and so cold that it made it gave him chills down his spine.

" Oh no. He has awoken again, but he's not supposed to be here! He was supposed to have stopped existing when we got into this world!" yelled Tael

"So that's what my fathers strength feels like! Much stronger than I had anticipated …" said Nagon.

"If only that was your father's energy… I'll kill you now and then get to him before he kills us all." Said Tattle

Tael starting running towards Nagon, but stopped as a huge axe crashed in front of him. The Iron Knuckle was still shaking in fear, but stood between him and Nagon. He lifted his axe again and smacked Tael away using the back of his weapon, with a grunt picked up his master. Before they could do anything the Iron Knuckle had ran away. But they were already concentrating upon how to get into the chamber of sages.

He had almost arrived in front of the body when he felt a surge of energy coming from within the dying hero. It was normally impossible, but the hero was coming back to life thought that he hadn't really died. Before he could take a step back, the ground exploded in front of him and he was surrounded by thousands of lightning bolts of dark energy. He was sent flying and nearly fell down in the bottomless pit surrounding the floating platform. He got up in pain, saw that the beautiful cascades of water had stopped flowing, and saw the new Link. Well he didn't actually see him, due the enormous amounts of dust that had been lifted up, but he could feel the 'energy' emitted by the new demon. He couldn't see much except two floating lights and a shadowy form. The form approached, and soon got out of the dust cloud. It was still the human he had come to know, but only now his eyes were entirely flaming red. But he didn't feel human anymore. He didn't feel like any monster he had seen before. He was over and stronger than any one he had ever seen. The new creature was now grinning holding the blade from the dark realm in its hand.

" Thank you for waking me up, human. Now I shall take this part of the old seal down, and open this door to the Realm" said Link in a rather hoarse voice.

"Well finally someone who is of my lev-" started the ancient sage before being interrupted by a sword thrust into his heart.

He spluttered blood while looking up at the grinning demon. He was horrified at the way the he was taking pleasure licking upon the blood that was covering his face. He pushed the blade further into the now quivering body of the sage. He threw the body off his sword by using a sideway thrust sending him crashing upon the center of floating platform. The old sage lifted his head in agony and looked at the demon who was charging up energy in its hand.

"Better destroy this place and disappear afore those pesky little fairies come and send me to sleep once more." He said to himself.

The old warrior squealed in fear, and concentrated his energy for the only he could possibly do. The temple's explosion made the entirety of Hylia shake and even made certain parts of the castle crash upon itself. That day the market place was almost entirely destroyed by the explosion of dark energy.


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