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"Gah!" A voice screamed. "Watch it, Harry! You're not gonna kill me now, are you?" It added uncertainly.

The man named Harry smirked. His glowing emerald eyes, so filled with life, also sparkled with mirth.

"As you can see, this," Harry held up a blade, "is metal, and you," the raven hair teen pointed to his trainer, currently on the ground, "can only be killed by a stake."

Harry threw the blade back and forth from hand to hand. The trainer followed it closely, like a tennis match. He continued for a minute, only now realizing that, his sight was now promptly six feet lower than what it previously was. Tearing his gaze away from the stilled sword to his apprentice's face, he saw a smirk and the emerald eye staring elsewhere.

Hopping around, the now bodiless head, turned to see his own body running around like a headless chicken. Bouncing around to face his mature charge, he drew a big breath and yelled.

"Yes, Harry, I might not die, but it sure does hurt like HELL!"

Harry just chuckled. "Awe, but you're such a cute beheaded vampire."

Then proceeded to get down on one knee and scratch behind the ears and cooed. "Who's a good vampire, oh, who's a good vampire."

The creature just returned with a fierce bight. The boy-who-lived snatched his hand away and amusedly said, "Who's the feisty one today, huh?"

The vampire just ignored him and turned again, to see his body on its hands and knees searching for its lost head.

"Over here, you useless body! Over here!"

"Are you sure you not insane, Orion?" Harry asked as he picked up the head to carry over to the lost appendage. "Clearly, you know you own body, right? So you must know that your ears are attached to you head, and not your body?" Again the head tried to bite.

"Fine! Be that way, and see if I ever help you again."

With that the head landed painstakingly on the ground with a sure "thwuck" and Harry just walked away.

"If it weren't for you, wouldn't be in this position." Orion replied. And then mumbled to himself. "If only her were a normal boy. But no! We have to teach the different one, who can beat us in all types of things, and kick are arses to Pluto and back! Repeatedly!"

Harry then stuck tongue out and countered, "Ah, but my dearest mentor, I am nothing but normal, far from it." With that the door snapped shut and a head and body were left all alone to reconcile.

Normal and Harry Potter could only be used in contrast of each other. Harry Potter was a wizard, and not an even normal one to their standards.

Voldemort, the most evil dark lord, was after him and his family. Betrayed by a friend, Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort killed James and Lily Potter. He tried on that same fretful Halloween night to kill Harry himself, but failed, resulting in his own demise.

Since that night, from age one and three months to ten, he lived with his magical racist relatives, not knowing about his heritage. On his eleventh birthday, Harry was visited by the groundskeeper of the magical school, Hogwarts. Then the bespectacled boy found out about himself, and went onto his first year at the school where he belonged. He befriended two best friends; Ron Weasley, a pure-blood wizard, and Hermione Granger, a muggle-born witch. They went on an adventure, nearly sacrificing himself, to save the wizarding world once again. He stopped the return of Voldemort and destroyed the philosopher's stone. That year marked him as the brave first year, which won the house cup for Gryffindor, and became the youngest seeker in a century for Quidditch.

His next year, even more marked him as an unusual boy. He met a house elf, who was trying to save his life, and returned got him in trouble with the ministry. He had to fly an enchanted car to Hogwarts, which flew into the whomping willow. Harry also found out to be a parslemouth, the ability to talk to snakes. That got people thinking he was the heir of Slytherin. Then a huge snake was attacking the students and Harry was the one who was able to kill it with the help of a phoenix and a sword.

Harry's third year, a convicted murder escaped the wizarding prison, Azkaban, and was supposedly after Harry. Harry was taught how to produce a patronus, found a guilty man innocent, found his godfather, and two friends that were his last links to his parents. Sirius, his godfather, was forced to fly away on Buckbeak, a hippogruff, after Harry traveled back in time.

Fourth year was a dozy. Harry, the Weasleys and Hermione all went to the Quidditch Cup, Ireland vs. Bulgaria. Deatheaters came, and everyone ran. Harry was then entered into a tournament only meant for seventeen year olds. Everyone thought he entered himself, except for a few. He had to get a Hungarian Horntail's golden egg, swim to the bottom of a lake to rescue a friend, and journey through a maze with creatures. The prize at the end was a trophy. That turned out to be a portkey.

Harry and Cedric both grabbed the cup and were taken to a cemetery. Cedric got killed. Voldemort was reborn and dueled Harry, who barely escaped with his life.

Fifth year, Harry was considered a crazy, attention seeking child, and was put into a living hell. The new Defense against the Dark arts teacher, Umbridge, worked for the ministry, and took over the school. Harry led a secret club called Dumbledore's Army, to get the real defense training that they needed. During the O.W.L.s, Harry had a vision that Sirius was being tortured. Playing the hero, Harry went to look for him. In the process, he rode a thestral, brought five friends into danger, found out a prophecy including him and Voldemort, fought Deatheaters' arses, was possessed by Voldemort himself, and saw his only father figure in his life die.

Sirius' death had hit him hard. Very hard. And the boy-who-lived was going to do something about it. "The power the Dark Lord knows not." "No one can live when the other survives." Those were the two most important parts of the prophecy. So when Harry got back, he was determined to find out whatever that power was, and train it, perfect it. Not only would he find that power, he would do everything in his will to be the best he could be; stronger, faster, better. He needed more knowledge. After seeing Dumbledore and Voldemort duel, Harry now knew how inferior he was.

As soon as Harry got to his relatives' house, he sat and planed what exactly he was going to do. Each morning he would run. At first it wasn't a lot, then he started improving his endurance. He also volunteered to work at his uncle Vernon's work, to lift drills. One of the other things he did when he first got home was send Florish and Blotts an order form. Thus, he read every night; old ones, new ones and ancient ones. The subjects were on everything: healing, fighting, ancient runes, languages, everything. But sometimes, Harry would just read through the night. His body didn't need sleep anymore, or not as much anyway. The reoccurring dreams of dying friends, and family haunted the sacred land of sleep. His physical body was changing too. He was tall; 5' 9" compared to his previous 5' 5", and kept growing. His untamable hair was becoming much longer, reaching his shoulders, and was looking silkier.

Now, Harry was walking down the hallway. He chuckled as he remembered the first time he arrived here.


Potions, a subject Harry thought he could never excel at, and as of now he was making the animagus potion. It would put you in a trance like state, in order to see that animal. Now it was almost done, just…

"5…4…3…2…1…" The liquid turned an emerald green. Harry extinguished the flame underneath the cauldron. Harry poured some of the potion into a cup he snuck up from the Dursley's kitchen. He then proceeded to down the drink in one gulp.

"Hm… Tastes like honey." That was the last thought he had as the trance crept up upon him.

Harry arrived in what looked like the entrance of a zoo. Every animal imaginable were present, magical and non; from griffins to wolves, and parrots to phoenixes. What Harry also saw shocked him to the bone. There actual people, and people of every color, style and race. But not only were they people, but also, there were vampires, and elves. Not the house elves, but the regular elves that are graceful, and well respected. They were originally in hiding, because the muggles, non-magic folk, wanted their technology. The race of elves are born more magically in depth. Meaning they understood their powers, therefore being more powerful. They were also in tuned with nature, basically they lived in trees. But that's not the fact that shocked Harry. It was the fact that these people were not animals. Animagi turn out to mean people could turn only into animals. This meant only one thing. That he was a…

"Shapeshifter!" Harry yelled. All action in the zoo stopped. They all looked at him, unblinking. A black panther's muscle twitched, then it was chaos. Everything charged forward, they were one hundred fifty yard away and closing. Harry struggled to move his feet, but failed. It was like he was glued to the spot. He was now fully panicked.

A burst of emerald flames erupted in front of him; a phoenix came. It was emerald and silver. It tilted his head side to side, as if asking, "What are you so afraid of?" Harry looked over the left wing of the phoenix. The creature in question looked over its shoulder, to the stampede, and back at Harry. He could have sworn the exquisite bird smirked, right before it flew straight into Harry's body. He frantically looked for a hole, and suddenly looked up, to see the panther in mid-jump. The black cat flew into Harry's body, and so did all the others. Harry thought he never had seen so many animals. Then, it all was over, and all Harry was left with was a headache the size of Big Ben.

"Wakey, wakey, sleepy head!"