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It was the day before the start of the term, August 31st, and everyone was getting packed form Hermione and Molly's advice.

" 'It's best to be prepared, than not' she preaches. 'Your track record isn't too good,' she mocks. 'No need to fly to the school this time, I'm not going to get into that danger!' Well you bloody are NOW!" Ron fumed to the air, hoping that Hermione could hear his rant. "Honestly, who does she think she is, ordering our last day of summer to pack?! It's unjustified! I could be playing Quidditch right now! Stupid know-it-all!"

"Ah," said Harry, happy for the break of the ranting, "but, Ron, she's a hot stupid-know-it-all" Ron blushed to his roots. "Mate, you really should ask her out, before some else does."

"I don't like her!" Ron steamed.

"Keep on telling yourself that, mate. I know it, you know it, hell, even Draco and my father know it! And if Hermione caught your eyes, then you'd better bring a stick to beat them boys away."

"FINE!" Ron stormed out, and Harry, with a wave of his hand, packed his and Ron's trunks. Sitting down on his, Harry heard Ron's lanky feet stomping up the stairs and down the hall. The noise stopped and Harry turned up his Elven hearing to the max, just in time to hear ton's proposal and a very loud shriek, followed by a thump. Ears ringing, Harry guessed that Hermione's shriek was a 'yes' and then proceeded to tackle Ron in joy. All this noise had woken the creaming banshee of the house. Harry vaulted the banister outside his room and landed right beside the portrait.


"MRS. BLACK!" Harry roared, power seeping out of his pores. The painting shut up abruptly. "Are you proud that the last of the righteous Blacks had died. That the last Sirius Black had died honorably protecting me, Heir of the Founders and Merlin, Prince to the Elven and Vampuric throne, from Tom Marvolo Riddle, Heir to his muggle father, and Osirus, Salazar Slytherin's evil twin? That's right, Voldemort was a half blood, and not even rightfully an heir to the Slytherins as Osirus was disowned, and you and your husband followed him blindly. You forced your own son to run away and the other to die and the hand of your master's hands, as a death muncher. To force Bellatrix Black down to the dark side by blaming the murder of her parents, that you killed, on the light. Your grandfather Phinius started this hatred growing ups with love, but getting it ripped away because his parent died when he was five. Before him the Blacks were well respected, but you tainted it, and because of the reputation you and your forefather put there, Sirius was convicted of murder without a trial. Now tell me, are you happy with all the guilt you have on your conscience? Are you aware what your actions caused. Maybe that's why you scream at us, to make us feel like you, to get out your frustrations, and blame it on us, but nothing could ever make us like you, even if we had that guilt."

"You're right, and I'm sorry for darkening the world with my presence." With that final statement the portrait of the late Ms. Black unfixed itself off the wall and shattered as it hit the ground. Harry's magic burnt the remains in black fire.

"Well, at least we got rid of the old hag." Remus said, breaking the silence. During Harry's speech, people gathered, and most were stunned by Harry's ability, born with a true leader. "Sirius would be proud." Remus clapped a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Yeah, well, I'm hungry, and it's time to celebrate Ron and Hermione's engagement." Harry said, walking down the stair sand into the kitchen, to start cooking. Everyone stayed behind and congratulated the two on their getting together.

When everyone finally filtered down into the kitchen, they were surprised to see that Harry was cooking up a storm, the muggle. They all just sat down, and Mrs. Weasley went to help, but she was blocked out by an invisible barrier.

Sora laughed, "He did the same thing to me. Said he didn't want me to mess up his beautiful meals, not that you would, of course, but he just likes working alone."

Soon everyone was seated and fed a scrumptious dinner. (the day was spent packing)

Not long after, Dumbledore arrived and joined the cleanup.

"Children, I have your O.W.L.s." He said, a Molly washed the dished.

Hermione squealed and snatched the results like a lion going at meat. Ron timidly took his, as did Draco. Harry simply got his with a simple 'accio'. And he heard a distinct cough, that somewhat sounded like 'lazy' from Remus. There was silence throughout the kitchen as people waited for their results.

"So Herm, how'd you do?" Harry asked indifferently. Severus was sneaking up on his son to see his results, but with a snap of his fingers, Severus was no a cute little black puppy. "You, my dear father, need to breath lighter!" The dog growled, then yipped and wagged its tail, proceeding to jump and lick Harry's face. It then nuzzled into Harry's pocket, but Harry pulled him out before the meddlesome trouble maker got his O.W.L.s.

"Right," Harry said, keeping a hold on the black dog. "So how'd yawl do?"

"I got O's in everything, except Astronomy, I got and E. But I mean who didn't? We had that whole Umbridge ordeal. Who wouldn't be distracted by that? Come on-"

"Herm, we get the point!"

"Oh, um, I also got best in class for History of Magic and Arithmancy (A/N: I have no clue how to spell that). I came in second for Transfiguration, and Charms, though. Professor McGonagall said I was first in the class, who could have beaten me, no that I care and all but…"

"Guilty." They all turned to Harry, looking suspicious.



"Yup! I got O's in everything but an A in History and E in divination and Astronomy. I got best in class in DADA, which I beat the past record by Nicolas Flamel. I also got best in class in Transfiguration, and charms, tied for Care of Magical Creatures with Ron and got second in Potions." (A/N: I've got my reasons, at the end of the chapter.)

"Well, how'd you two do?" Hermione asked Draco and Ron.

"Well, I got O's in DADA, Divination, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. I got EE's in everything else, except an A in History and Astronomy. I tied for best in class for Care of Magical Creatures with Harry." Ron said.

"I got O's in everything except EE's in Transfiguration, History, Care of Magical Creatures, and Arithmancy. I got best in class for Potions!"

"Great!" Remus said, "You guys did great!"

Harry was snapped out of the happy moment by the forgotten puppy.

"Bad dog!" He exclaimed. "Emma come here! Here, play with him…"

The yelping could barely be heard over the thunderous sound of laughter erupting in the kitchen. A pop sounded, and more laughter commenced as Severus walked in (as a human… er, Vampire) with lavender hair and bows all over him, not to mentions the feminine lace and pink clothing he sported.

"Change it back, Harry."

"Aww, but you were such a cute puppy!" The Elven prince said as he squeezed his father's cheeks.

"Severus retaliated and dressed Harry in a Slytherin get up.

Harry now wore an open emerald green robe, matching his eyes. He was stripped of his shirt, showing his hard work torso, and a snake tattoo on his chest, plus some other scars. He had dark, almost black, green leather pants on, and old dragonhide boots.

"Not bad Father," Harry replied as he looked down, "I like the tattoo, I think I'll keep it! Maybe I will get an earring too, I really like Bill's. I know! I'll get a lightening bolt! I am who I am, no sense in hiding it… Salazar was my grandfather, so this really isn't an insult, and I do look quite fetching, also the fact that was almost sorted into Slytherin."



"I told the hat, not to put me in that house."

"Harry, you told the hat? I swear in all my years of teaching, no one told him to do anything." Albus said.

"Yes, but it was you who said that it is our choices that make who we are." Harry countered.

"True, true… but no one has ever done that before."

"Yeah, and no one survived the killing curse, now did they. Nor did they go on all my adventures." Harry said as he sat down on the floor, opening his robe a bit more. He rolled his eyes when Ginny drooled even more. He looked at Severus and Draco, "Did you know that in our second year, we snuck into your private storage, and murph-" he, however, was silenced by Hermione's hand. He did continue, though, telepathically, "and stole ingredients to brew the polyjuice potion, so we could sneak into the Slytherin common room, to find out if Draco was the Heir of Slytherin. Little did I know that I could have just gone into the common room without a problem." At their confused faces, Harry continued, "Hissing 'open' in parseltounge will open it. It will come in handy when I want to… play… with those… students."

"Ah, that explains it, but I would have never expected Miss Granger, now, what happened to my Gillyweed?"

"Dobby stole it, I was up all night trying to find out how I was going to survive at the bottom of the lake, when Dobby woke me up and waving that slimy thing in my face. Now, if Hermione would kindly move her hand-"



Harry elongated his fangs and licked his captor's, while rubbing his sharp k-nines over her palm.

"Eww, Harry!" Hermione squealed and went to slap him, but her hand went through him. She and the other's gasped in surprise. Harry turned in a white mist, the disappeared.

"Ah, the one advantages of being an elemental." Harry's voice echoed throughout their heads.

"You, my son, have to have a little talk with me." Severus said to the air.


The Potions Master jumped and turned to look, only seeing Harry's lips.

"Harry, m'boy, I take it you have seen 'Alice in Wonderland,' yes?" Dumbledore said.

The prince materialized around the lips and nodded, "But you are aware that the author was high when he wrote that? I mean who would write about talking cards and a cat who could take its head off. Very much like Orion here."

"Hey, I don't take off my own head, you just chop it off."

"Then maybe you should move."

"I do!"

"Away from me you idiot! Are you daft? Pointy object plus you equals body minus head, get it?" Harry asked as a black board with the equation written on it.

"I do!"

"Right…" Harry said slowly, "you study this and tell me what you've learned next time."

"Enough of this, I want to know how you do that!" Draco cut in.

"Which part?"

"I have control over the elements. I told you that, earth, wind, water, fire, light and dark. I can use them to travel too, like Falwks." At the mention of his name, the said bird burst into flames as he arrived.

"Hi everyone!" He trilled.

"Show off…" Harry muttered.

The bird flew to Harry and hit him with his wing. "You didn't have to watch the whole conversation you know."

"Sure, I did, Master!"

Harry growled, "For the last time, I am not your master! I am Harry, and I am your friend."

"Sure Master!"

"Fine, as your master I order you to call me Harry, and treat me as your friend." Harry said smugly.

"You should have said that in the beginning," The phoenix laughed, and Harry leaped at him, but the bird evaded it easily. Harry leaped again, and shifted to a emerald and black phoenix, only to dive the older one, while morphing to an exact replica of Padfoot. He tackled the red and gold bird with new found weight and pined him to the ground. Falwks squawks were heard as Harry licked him mercilessly.

Remus was shocked to see his old friend again, but it only brought back happy memories.

Harry shifted back and rolled off the phoenix, leaning back on his hands. Suddenly, he coughed and a phoenix feather came out of his mouth. He caught it, and a flash of light encompassed the kitchen. When it ended, there was no more feather, and Harry's hair had red and gold streaks going through it.

Harry got up and Falwks went on his arm. They trilled to each other for a moment and Harry turned his back to his surrogate family. "Uh, Dad? Do… can you check if I have another tattoo?"

Severus got up and looked at Harry's tattoo. "Uh, well, Harry, you don't necessarily have a new tattoo… just a… different one." With that he conjured up a mirror, and Harry checked it out. The snake that was previously clumsily tattooed onto his skin was now elegantly wrapped around the net of the Phoenix Lord.

"Well, I defiantly was NOT expecting this, were you?" Harry asked. "Well, at least this will cover up my scars." Harry said with a smile.

"Scars from what, exactly?" Severus asked.

Harry's smile faltered. "Ah, my many… adventures."

"Many adventures? That's the second time you mentioned them, and I want to know what they are." Severus said.

"Well, I did meet Fluffy before you did, Sev. And, although I didn't get my leg chewed off, I didn't escape unscathed. Then there was Aragog and his many meat eating children. I did fight a basilisk, and then there was Ripper, that was Aunt Marge's dog, and the Dursley's themselves."

"Enough of this adventure deal, I want to know how you spoke into our minds." Draco said impatiently.

"Oh, I am a telepath, empath, and a multi-animagus, which I'm sure you already know." Harry said. He didn't want to remind them that he was a Shapeshifter, hoping that if he needed to have an alias that they wouldn't put two and two together. "That also means I'm a beast-speaker, and I'm a Master at any skill."

"So your actually going to do well in your classes?" Minerva asked in mock-shock.

Harry smirked, "I could easily pass all the NEWTs with better than a perfect score."

"Then why continue going to Hogwarts?" Albus asked.


"Harry," Ron said, "you could easily make any team for Quidditch."

"Yeah, but smashing the Slytherins is so much more pleasing." Harry replied and they all laughed. Harry then walked out, shouting over his shoulder that he was getting some nighttime flying done.

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