Darkness Emerging

Everyone, welcome to my second Nef/Ami fanfiction! First of all, remember that this takes place in the post-Act 42 Live Action PGSM universe, not the anime. I hope you all like it, and that everyone's in character and everything. Please go easy on me, because I did my best!

Synopsis: This story is based on a premise that was lightly touched upon in the DJ Moon 3 sound drama. Since Queen Metaria's powers are greatly increasing thanks to Usagi's influence with the Crystal, the Youma are becoming stronger and everything; and since Ami was turned to the forces of evil by Queen Metaria's powers, isn't it possible that she could find the Darkury within trying to re-emerge?

Author's Note: Hey, everybody! I'm finally continuing this story! And along with new chapters, the story has been slightly re-vamped. For those of you who have read it before, I just changed a couple things, like fixing typos, and re-arranging some sentences to make them more in character. But, there is one big change: Ami will no longer call her love monkey, Nephrite, Nefurin, but Naito-kun! When I was re-reading this story, I really liked everything about it, but the 'Nefurin' thing drove me nuts. I mean, would you want to call your hot boyfriend some girly nickname? I thought not. Now, with that in mind, enjoy the story!!!

Disclaimer: All characters, situations, etc. related to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are property of Toei and Naoko Takeuchi. I own nothing, and am only doing this for fun, not profit.

Chapter One

This was the worst day of Nephrite's life. He hated it all. The humans, the music, everything. But there was something he hated more than anything. Something that he could see, that he could want, and yearn after forever more, but could never have.

Ami, he thought. Just today, Ami had walked into the center and looked straight at him, not thinking twice. It tugged at his heart. What he couldn't understand, though, was why he cared. Ami was a mere human, and he, Nephrite, despised the entire human race. Yet every time she walked in, he felt his heart break. He wanted to cry out to her, to plead for her to remember him. Why do I feel like this?! I don't understand. She's a Sailor Soldier, and I'm––

He stopped dead, remembering how Beryl had cast him away to suffer in the mortal world. I was a Shitennou. I can't possibly care about her! So what if she remembers nothing? His mouth went dry. Nothing. She doesn't remember. How can she not remember?! He slowly clenched his hand into a fist. She gave me that cape...she showed me kindness...Why does she not realize who I am?

'She thinks you're dead,' a little voice whispered inside his head. 'Remember? That day that Beryl made you stab yourself, in front of everyone...'

Nephrite straightened up. That's right, he thought, saddening. It doesn't matter. I don't care. I don't care about her! Merely thinking that made him feel hollow. We are two different people, from two different worlds. I can't care about her.

Usagi exuberantly sang into the microphone in the secret karaoke room. Mako smiled at her energetic friend. "It's good that Usagi is feeling a little better," she whispered to Rei and Ami, who were sitting across from her at the round table.

Rei nodded. "Yeah...but we still need to be concerned. The youma are getting a lot more powerful."

Ami looked down at her hands on her lap. Poor Usagi-chan. She's been through so much. She's clearly trying to hide her pain through singing.

"Ami-chan?" Rei asked. "Are you all right? Is something the matter?"

Ami quickly shook her head. "It's nothing. I just need to be getting home." She picked up her floral handbag. "See you!" she called, heading up the stairs and out the door. I feel so bad for Usagi-chan, she thought, walking to the automatic doors. "Goodbye!" she called sweetly to Motoki, who was feeding Kamekichi, and to Nephrite, who was slowly dusting the counter. He looked up from his cleaning and into her beautiful face. She paused a moment, staring curiously at him.

Nephrite's eyes silently pleaded with her. Please, let her remember me, he silently wished.

Ami shyly smiled. "Bye, then." Nephrite wordlessly watched her leave once more. Sighing, he stared down at his black and white tennis shoes. Why should she remember me? I mean nothing to her.

Ami slowly walked down the busy street, away from Crown, and away from that Nefurin person. It's odd...he seems so lonely. I feel as though I know him, and... She couldn't think straight. I'm over-analyzing. I've never met that guy before. With that, she continued home.

Queen Beryl inhaled slowly. "The great evil is becoming stronger." She clicked her long red fingernails impatiently. "The Mystical Silver Crystal shall make Queen Metaria reach her full power, and then Endymion and I will rule over the lands together!" She smiled. "Just you wait, Sailor Soldiers. I'll get even with you soon enough."

A sudden gust of wind made the leaves in the trees rustle angrily. A hideous youma materialized in the middle of a crowd of people.


The youma turned at the sound of the voice. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter stood several yards away. "In the name of the moon..." Sailor Moon declared.

"We'll punish you!" The four shouted in unison.

"Moon Tiara Boomerang!" Sailor Moon thrust a golden boomerang at the monster. The youma waved it away with a sweep of its hand, and put its fists together. Dark energy swirled around the Soldiers. One by one, they fell to their knees in anguish.

When the dark cloud finally cleared, Rei pulled herself to her feet. "The youma ran away," she said angrily.

"Ami-chan!" Usagi cried, running to her friend's side. Ami was shaking on the ground, her head bowed as though she were sick.

I'm fine," she said, lifting her head. "What was that?"

Mako helped Ami stand up. "I'm not sure. Are you all right?"

Ami nodded. "That energy just caught me by surprise, that's all."

Usagi looked down at the ground. "The Mystical Silver Crystal..." she mumbled. "This is my fault."

"No, Usagi," Rei began, but Usagi shook her head, tears filling her black eyes. She turned and ran away, her transformation disappearing instantly.

"Usagi!" Mako yelled. "Come back!"

The others started after her. Funny, Ami thought. I feel so weak...but we have to cheer Usagi-chan up! She hurried after the others.