A few months later...

After Ami had returned to normal and fully awakened to her Past Life memories, the Senshi banded together, and it was not long before they all felt their Past Lives emerge within themselves, relying on Nephrite, Ami, Minako, Luna, and Artemis to guide them every step of the way.

When Zoicite learned that Ami had been healed and that Nephrite remembered the Silver Millennium, he told Nephrite it was time to journey to the Dark Kingdom and save their Master.

Usagi, filled with concern for Mamoru, as well as Queen Beryl's growing power, decided that the Senshi should assist Nephrite and Zoicite. Together, she said, they would be able to defeat Queen Beryl, for they would have the combined powers of the Moon Princess, the Senshi, two of the Shittennou, and the Earth Prince.

After infiltrating the Dark Kingdom, the warriors were met by Kuroki Mio and Jadeite, acting on Beryl's orders, and Kunzite, acting on his evil revenge. A Moonlight Attractive Attack and blasts from Endymion, Nephrite, and Zoicite finished off Kuroki Mio for good, but it took more to make Kunzite and Jadeite no longer a threat. Coaxing from their former friends and the healing power of Sailor Moon's Mystical Silver Crystal are what did the trick.

Once Jadeite was released from the spell, he grinned and said, "Master! Zoicite! Nephrite!" and embraced them like brothers. Soon he was told of their plans for Beryl, and swore his allegiance. Kunzite also remembered his past, and felt an incredible amount of guilt for his past actions. Endymion put a hand to his shoulder, smiled, and said, "Welcome back, my friend." Acceptance from his Ruler was all Kunzite needed to feel healed. He too swore his loyalty to the cause. With all of them at full strength, reunited once more, Beryl and Metaria did not stand a chance.

Now, it was spring, a new school year...

"Ami-chan! Rei-chan! Minako-chan! Mako-chan!" Ami turned her head and giggled, seeing the familiar teenager running towards them, her black pigtails trailing in the wind.

Rei put on a mocking smile when her friend reached them. "Usagi," she chided, "You're late again!"

Usagi pouted. "Rei-chan...it was my turn to clean the classroom!"

Minako waggled a finger. "Ah-ah-ah. No excuses!"

Usagi frowned. "Minako-chan!" she wailed, swatting her giggling friend on the arm.

Makoto laughed. "Hey, hey you guys," she said, "Let's stop being silly and go shopping like we planned!"

Usagi and Ami cheered. Luna and Artemis smiled, each perched on their respective Senshi's shoulders.

As the hours flew by, peering in windows, racing into shops to try on shoes and buy jewelry, Ami sighed, feeling happy and content. Ever since Queen Beryl had been destroyed, life seemed completely peaceful. She glanced at her friends' smiling faces. They were okay. They were together.

Soon, though, their shopping trip had to end. Usagi looked at her watch. "Ah! I have to go meet Mamoru!" Quickly hugging her friends, she said her goodbyes and rushed off, Luna crying out that she was running too fast.

Makoto smiled apologetically. "Not to be like Usagi, but, I need to stop by Crown in a little bit."

Minako grinned slyly and nudged Makoto with her elbow. "To see Motoki-kun, hm?"

Makoto blushed. "Sh-shut up!"

Rei shrugged. "I need to get going, too. I have to help the kids at the temple with decorations for the festival." she turned to Artemis. "Artemis, would you like to come along?"

Artemis perked up, nodding enthusiastically. "I love helping the children!" he hopped from Minako's shoulder to Rei's.

Minako smiled. "I have to get to the studio and look over some piano music for my new single."

Makoto nudged Minako back. "And take care of your new boyfriend."

Minako turned crimson this time. "Now you shut up!"

Ami giggled. "Well, I promised to meet Nephrite for lunch."

As the friends went their separate ways, Ami half-hummed, half-skipped down the street in the warm sunshine. When she finally reached the outdoor café, she raised her hand in greeting to Nephrite, in his human form, who was already waiting for her.

Our eyes met by chance
That was the beginning
I heard the sound of something changing deep in my heart
Going down a street for the first time
I doubt even a lost puppy
Would understand this confusion
I can't go back now

Greeting her with a kiss, Nephrite brought her to a table and they sat down, admiring the potted plants that brightened up the patio. "Oh, I almost forgot," Ami said abruptly, leaning closer to Nephrite, "Have you spoken to Zoicite recently?"

Nephrite nodded. "Yeah, why?"

Ami smiled. "I think he has a new girlfriend."

Nephrite grinned. "And who might that be? A pop star by the name of Aino Minako, perhaps?" Ever since the Dark Kingdom had been destroyed, the Shittennou each decided to live out their lives in the human world, feeling that it was the best choice, not only because Earth was their home long ago, but because they could still be there to protect their Master if the need should ever arise. Kunzite had gone back to his quiet life as Shin, Jadeite was living in the moment, enjoying his young life and all Earth had to offer, and Zoicite had decided to pursue his dream of becoming a composer, and had teamed up with Minako for her latest album.

Ami laughed, remembering how, in the Silver Millennium, the second-eldest Shittennou and the Senshi of Venus had been more than just passing acquaintances. "Well, we know how long that has been going on, don't we?"

Until yesterday I went along
Not even caring what your name was
But in that instant, time came to a halt
I'm a new person

Ami glanced around, loving the way the sunlight reflected in the windows, creating tiny rainbows. "It's amazing the way everything has unfolded, isn't it?"she asked Nephrite, thinking of all of her friends.

Nephrite nodded, smiling. As his hand clasped over Ami's and the petals from a nearby tree swirled by in the wind, he found his smile stretching into a grin. It's a good day to be alive, he thought.

The key to forever will be locked
In a maze, if there is
Someone in your arms

The End

Author's Note: Hey, everybody! Did I keep you waiting too long this time? *laughs* Did you like the way it turned out? I must say, it is a huge, huge difference from the way it was originally going to end, when I first was writing it all those years ago. It was originally, back then, going to be roughly five or six chapters, and just be 'la la la, oh, poof, the darkness is gone.' But then, when I stopped writing it for a year or two, and when I came back, I felt I had grown as a writer and thus it became the lengthy drama it is today. It turned even longer than I intended a few months ago! I know the epilogue may seem rushed, but, after all, epilogues are supposed to be short, sweet, and to the point. I had never originally intended an epilogue or to go into all of those details of the final battle, but I felt that some of you might like to find out what happened. I had so much fun with this story, and wrote it to its fullest. I would like to thank you all so much for sticking with me, and reviewing, your encouragement is the reason I was able to finally finish this story. Thank you so much, I really hope you liked it. Daydreaming Blonde, thank you for being one of my first readers--this was for you! Aino-Minako-san, thank you for all of your excitement, and encouragement. Sailor Donut, thank you for being my proof-reader. And to all the rest, you have my deepest gratitude. ^_^ Oh, and the insert song this time was 'Mi Amor' by Hama Chisaki (Mizuno Ami). Not only did the lyrics fit, but I felt bad that this song never got featured in the actual series. So here it is! ^_^

Thanks again,

Lizzie (Chibimoon921)