Birthday Wishes

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This year, Kit thought determinedly, it'll be different.

The light snowfall outside his window, however, kept falling, taunting him with the fact that winter had indeed started again. And that meant nothing but trouble for Kit. True, they hadn't known each other for much more than two years, but Kit had managed to botch every one of Nita's birthday gifts. It wasn't that he meant to, but everything seemed like a good idea until she unwrapped it. A common affliction in men, Carmela always said. The pair of Harry Potter socks had been awkward; he'd thought that it'd be fun since they were both wizards. You know, head to toe. Yeah, he still cringed at that one. Nita had tried to look happy, but obviously wasn't thrilled. And a wizard can't lie. In fact, he was pretty sure that they had gone into permanent hibernation in her sock drawer, as she had never worn them but once when it was a very desperate laundry day. Then there was last year. He had tried to enchant the wrapping paper into singing Happy Birthday to her when she opened it…. It had ended up screaming at the top of its lungs about how Nita was molesting it. And the present was even worse: an industrial-size bag of chips. Like he said, it all seemed like a good idea until she opened it. Then the embarrassment started. Between Dairine and Carmela's tauntings over last year, he was seriously considering not giving Nita a gift and forking over some cash. Just as he was considering how much he should give her and if he should risk a card, Carmela snuck up behind him and ruffled his hair.

"El nino…" She purred maliciously, "Whatcha doin'? Thinking about how you're going to give us some entertainment at Nita's party this year?"

Kit scowled and ruffled her hair back, making her screech like a banshee and run upstairs to fix her ruined curls.

"Fine then!" Carmela shouted down the stairs, "I won't let you in on the Insight of the Woman."

"The Insight of the Woman?" Kit scoffed, "I think you've been watching too much anime."

And yet… it was strangely intriguing. Which was never a good thing with Carmela. Her ideas may be interesting, but then there was that weird sense of humor. Still… she was the best he had.

"Hey! Wait up, 'Mela!" Kit groaned desperately, following his sister up the stairs to her lair.

Carmela's room could have been declared a disaster area. Clothes, make-up, and mangas strew the floor and the desktop was covered in weird-looking DVD covers and Japanese fashion magazines. And, of course, there was Carmela, who Kit was pretty sure could make anywhere she was present a disaster area for more reasons than messiness.

She could definitely use a black hole in here…Kit thought fearfully, sidestepping to avoid some sort of torture device for women.

"So the grasshopper wants to learn now, huh?" Carmela grinned evilly, fiddling with the control on her "curling iron", "Well, you could get her one of these. They're useful for hair-- and stalkers.

Kit was still skittish around the thing with Carmela as the wielder, but he didn't want to even think of Nita in a rage having one… or Dairine getting ahold of it.

"She doesn't have any stalkers." Kit groaned, "And she doesn't really do her hair. It just dries like that… in perfect auburn waves… smelling like rose petals… "

Carmela cleared her throat, snapping Kit out of his daydream.

"Are you sure? I see a Nita-stalker right here in front of me."

Kit blushed appropriately, then sighed.

"Do you think you can help a hopeless case like me, Carmela?"

Sucking up never hurt with her, and soon his method worked. Carmela smirked and set down her curling iron.

"Do you just want help getting her a gift or do you want to win the heart of the fair lady, too?"

"HEY! I don't like Nita like that! We're just partners and I want to make sure that she'll get a good gift from me for once on her birthday. There is absolutely nothing going on between the two of us more than being friends and partners." Kit shouted, leaping up from his chair.

"I thought you punks couldn't lie." Carmela said, smiling fiercely enough to show all of her teeth.

"That's only when we talk in the Speech. And I'm not lying! Just tell me what the perfect gift is!"

"Only if you say that you don't like Nita like that in the Speech."

Suddenly the room looked a lot smaller, and everything was making his claustrophobic. There was only one option: bolting. And like any sane male he did just that, running out of the room and down the stairs at top speed, fueled by panic.

"Sorry, 'Mela! I think Ponch needs to be taken out!" He shouted up the stairs.

Boss… Ponch panted with that sly little dog-grin plastered on his face, You do know that you're terrible at that, right?

Yeah. Kit sighed miserably.

Just as he thought that he was off the hook, Carmela came thundering down the stairs.

"Come on, bro. We're going for a walk. I'll cut you a deal on this one. Free, genuine help from your big sis."

Free and genuine with Carmela were rarely just that. Kit looked at her suspiciously, but shrugged and pulled on his down jacket. Outside, the first layers of snow had settled, which normal people would find enchanting, or "magical". It was like sand in an hourglass to Kit, though, waiting to bury him, telling him that this year would be like all the others. After all, he only had eight days left to organize anything, and even magic had its boundaries. Maybe it was better to just get her a nice, sappy card…

"Now." Carmela grinned, interrupting the defeated silence, "What we need is a game plan. What does Nita want more than anything?"

Kit sighed; he knew pretty well what Nita wanted most, but it wasn't exactly possible to grant, no matter how much he may want to. He kicked at the snow with the toe of his boots, sending a small flurry into the air.

"I don't mean to get philosophical or psychological, but I think that'd be her mother. It is her first birthday without her. And I obviously can't grant that kind of birthday wish."

Carmela sighed sadly as he sat down on a park bench. She patted him on the back encouragingly, but what could she say? He'd got the right idea (for once), though she'd been hoping for something easy like a new outfit or a cute little stuffed animal. Still, no Rodriguez had ever backed down once the gauntlet had been thrown. But… there wasn't much chance of fulfilling this challenge ethically. Straining her brain for a few minutes, a light went off in her diabolical little head. One way remained. A perfect idea, if she did say so herself. A grin lit up her face and she pulled Kit off the bench.

"I've got it!" She sang, humming a victory theme song while Ponch pranced around her feet exuberantly.

An utter and complete desolation washed over Kit. When Carmela got this happy about a plan, no good could come of it.

Why did I even ask her in the first place?? At least she isn't a wizard… Kit thought, thanking his lucky stars until it occurred to him that she was in contact with several forms of alien life that may not regard death in quite the same way as Earth.

"CARMELA!" He groaned, running after his sister, "If you try to use necromancy, I'll never forgive you! And neither will the Powers!"

Carmela gave him a flash of that mischievous grin, and winked at him.

"No need to worry, el nino, I'm not that stupid, you know. Anime has taught me not to screw with dead people if I don't feel like be possessed or something. Anyways, my idea is completely legit, but if you want to pull it off, you better hurry up."

Ponch tugged at his leach as Carmela ran ahead. Not even being half-pulled down Camelot Drive by an attention-hungry black lab could break him from the growing feeling of apprehension building up. Could Carmela actually know what she was talking about or would things just crumble beneath him like they always did?

Ponch strained at his leach and panted.

You know, it can't possibly be worse than Harry Potter socks, boss. He smirked.

Aww, shut up…Kit grinned, chasing after his one hope of a perfect gift, Ponch laughing at his side.

Hopefully this wouldn't be the biggest catastrophe yet…

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