Okay this is my first fanfic, not counting the Power Ranger fanfic I did when I was like 11....anyway, this is suppose to take place when Gaz is about 15 and Zim znd Dib are about 17. What else...?? Oh yeah, I guess I have to say here that I don't own Invader Zim or any of the other characters in this story.


"Help…Save me…"

"Who are you?!!" he cried. "Who are you?"

He ran, following the soft voice that called to him. Running, until he came upon a beach. The sand was white looking more like snow, and the ocean shimmered and sparkled, reflecting the moon and the multitude of stars in the sky. A gentle breeze swayed the nearby trees and circled around him, almost caressing him. As he surveyed what was before him, he saw the figure facing the water. It stood there, motionless, draped in a dark, hooded cloak.

"Help…Save me…" the voice softly pleaded.

Where is that blasted voice coming from, he thought. Is that stranger calling me? He'd been following the voice, trying in vain to figure out who dared to bother him in this manner.

"Who are you?!!"

Without waiting for a response, he charged towards the stranger to finally put an end to this madness…

"You will be sorry you messed with the li--!!!"

He awoke, and once again, the cloaked stranger managed to elude him.


Hurry up, Gaz!!!"

"Bite me Dib!"

Gaz hated getting up in the morning and hated it even more to be rushed. She looked in the mirror, brushing her long, violet hair. "Stupid hair, stupid school, stupid Dib!!!" Gaz threw her brush on the floor in frustration. She looked back at the mirror; but frustrated with what?

Dib impatiently waited at the bottom of the stairs for his younger sister to get ready for school. It wasn't getting to class late that bothered him, indeed not. It was something, actually someone, else and his name was Zim. Just thinking about the alien made him angry enough to urge his sister again to hurry up.

"Gaz!!! If you're not ready in the next five minutes, I'm leaving without you!!!"

I need to be there and keep an eye on him, Dib thought. He put it upon himself to protect the Earth from Zim's schemes of conquest and to expose him for what he really was to the rest of the world. Now, if only someone would believe what he knew about Zim…

Dib failed to see a boot sail down towards him, which whacked him hard in the face. As he put his hand over his eye and winced, Gaz came down the stairs and grabbed her book bag, without saying a single word. Still wincing, Dib followed his sister out the door, making their way to school.


Zim was exhausted. Planning the conquest of a planet was not easy. It also didn't help that he hadn't been sleeping well for the past week or so. He could barely stay up in his classes, much less work on a plan to conquer the Earth. Somehow, he had managed to get to first period English Lit on time. He rubbed his eyes carefully so as not to disturb his contact lenses too much. As he sat at his desk, he saw Dib enter the class, glaring at him.

"Hello, Zim," Dib said snidely. "Ready to fail at conquering Earth? 'Cuz you know that I'm gonna watch you and sabotage whatever you plan!"

"Stupid Dib monkey!!" Zim countered sleepily. "Do you really think you can stop the mighty ZIM?!!"

Then he yawned.

"Kind of hard to take over Earth when you can barely stay up for Lit!" Dib quipped.

Class was starting, and the teacher instructed the students to pull out their texts; they were to read A Midsummer's Night Dream. Dib looked over at Zim, expecting a dumb response. But Zim stayed silent; he was dozing off. It was very un-Zim like. A little bewildered, Dib turned his attention to the teacher.


Gaz was already seated at their usual lunch table, playing her GameSlave while munching on what looked like a questionable lunch. Dib soon joined her, and of course started to immediately rant about Zim.

"Gaz…he's planning something. I know he hasn't done anything to prove that in the last few days, but he's just waiting for everybody's guard to be down. Not me, Gaz!! I'm gonna be ready for him and whatever evil scheme he's concocting!!"

With that, Gaz got up from the table and walked away, eyes still glued to her GameSlave.

"What did I say?" Dib called after his sister. He failed to notice a small tear running down her cheek.

But his attention then focused to Zim, who was seated at a table near by. Zim wasn't eating the lunch in front of him, but then again, that wasn't a complete shocker. However, Dib notice Zim doodling on a piece of paper; what exactly, he couldn't make out. He was too far to see.

"What is he planning?" muttered Dib under his breath. Before he had a chance to go over and investigate, a bell rang. The lunch period was over. All the kids were picking up their trays and leaving, including Zim. The paper he been working on had been left behind on the table. As he picked up his tray, Dib brushed by the table the alien had occupied. With no one looking, he snatched the paper, shoved it into his trench coat pocket, and left the cafeteria.


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