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"..." = talking

'...' = thoughts

Any other signs would be obvious.

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Truth, Dare, Double Dare or Promise to Repeat Everywhere They Go

by: cherryblosomz

How it All Started

=In Feudal Era=

It was a bright sunny day, and the Inu gang had just finished off killing a whole herd of demons. They were strolling along the path, alert for any dangers.

Then, out of the blue, Kagome said, "Hey you guys! Want to hang out at my place for a while?"

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Everyone though for a while, and after a moment's pause, Sango answered, "Yeah, sure, why not? It'd be nice to take a brake from facing demons. And to see what it's like in your time."

'Yeah, and to see how mom, Souta and Grandpa's doing too.' Kagome thought to herself. "The rest of you guys alright with that?"

"Yeah, I could live with that." Miroku said.

Shippou didn't do much but a mere nod. It was (A/N our little friend...) Inuyasha that got all annoyed.

"What is wrong with you wench?! You know we can't stop collecting the jewel shards, or else Naraku would get them all!" Inuyasha bursted, soon to explode.

(A/N cherryblosomz: I can fix that. ::snaps fingers:: ::Syaoran magically appears:: use the Time card and stop time in the feudal era! ::Syaoran (who by the way, is under my power) does so:: THERE! Now on with the fic)

"Well there you go, problem solved. Now let's get going!!!" exclaimed an unusually impatient Kagome.

"Uh... ok." Came the reply.

=Down (or up) in Kagome's time=

"Here we are. Make yourselves at home... AFTER the introductions are made," Kagome said."

"Sure..." was all the gang could say.


"Remind me to never stand beside Kagome when she's yelling" Sango said as she was shivering to the shrill noise.

"Ok, you have my word," replied Inuyasha, who was standing to the other side of Kagome.

"Yes, dear? Ah, I see you have brought your puppy eared friend, oh," Mrs. Higurashi (sp?) said, suddenly noticing the others, "And who might these people be?"

"Mom, you know it's rude to just call them people you know, and plus, Shippou isn't a human being, he's a fox demon." Kagome said.

"Wow... Kagome didn't mention the fact that I am only a cub" (A/N is this what you call baby/young foxes?) Shippou said quietly, only so that the gang could hear.

"You're just lucky this time," Inuyasha said.

Suddenly, a loud thwapping noise could be heard. (A/N sorry if that doesn't make sense...) "DEMON IN THE HOUSE! DEMON IN THE HOUSE!!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!! YOU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING TO MY BELOVED FAMILY! GET OUT!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" hollered Kagome's Grandpa.

"GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Shippou's only a fox cub!!!!! It's not like he's going to do any harm to us!!!!" cried Kagome, obviously annoyed, not to mention a little embarrassed. "Don't mind my grandpa you guys, he's a little... awkward at times."

"Yeah... so we could tell," Sango said, slowly nodding her head.

"Oh, and mom, this here, is Sango. The one who is dressed as a monk is Miroku. The one done there," Kagome said, pointing down at Shippou, "Is Shippou. And the one beside me here, is the one hanyou we know as Inuyasha."

"Well, I hope you will enjoy your visit then." Mrs. Higurashi responded.

"Come on you guys, let's go to my room."

=In Kagome's room=

Everyone found a comfortable place to sit. Soon after that was done, everyone's faces were set into a bored look, not sure of what to do next.

"Hey! I know! Let's play truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat!!!"

"Um, don't mind me asking but, what is that? It sounds complicated." Shippou said uncertainly.

"Don't worry. It's not complicated at all!!!"


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