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Truth, Dare, Double Dare or Promise to Repeat Everywhere They Go

Chapter 2: Let the Games Begin!

by: cherryblosomz


"So... how exactly DO you play this 'Truth or dare' thingy?" asked Inuyasha somewhat rudely.

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"Well, first off, one person (P1) starts the game and asks another person (P2) in the group 'Truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?' Then, P2 that is asked Truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat, has to choose 1 of the 4. If P2 chooses truth, then P1 has to ask P2 a question and P2 has to answer truthfully. If P2 says dare, the P1 tells P2 to do an action that P2 is forced to do. If P2 says double dare, then P1 says an action that BOTH of them (P1/P2) are forced to do. If P2 says promise to repeat P1 can ask P2 if they have ever done a certain thing. If P2 lies then P2 has to do it for real, but if P2 tells the truth, then P1 has to do what P2 has done. Afterwards P2 can ask another person to truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat." Replied Kagome. (A/N I owe a BIG thank you to PrincessMononoke7!!! Without her review, I could have never written that... SO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe)

"Um... ok... I think I get it..." Shippou said uncertainly.

"Alright then, since everyone should get it, let's try!" said Kagome. "I'll go first. Hmm... Shippou, truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?"

"Aw man... why me?!" thought Shippou. "Um... I guess I'll choose dare." He said out loud.

"Ok, Let's see. I dare you to kick Inuyasha ten times!" Kagome dared, grinning inwardly.

"DON'T YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Inuyasha practically exploded after hearing that.

Shippou had a shocked look on his face as he literally turned into stone for three seconds. After he became alive again, it was his turn to explode. "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"It's a dare Shippou." Sango said.

At that, everyone nodded, even Inuyasha, who was still fuming mad.

"Um... all right, I'll go..." Shippou said shakily.

Shippou slowly approached Inuyasha, closed his eyes, and kicked, not realizing where he was kicking. (A/N Shippou's on Kagome's knee, Kagome's on her bed, Inuyasha is sitting in front of the bed facing Kagome) Shippou opened his eyes and gasped. In front of him was an Inuyasha with 10 bumps on his head.

"Uh-oh... I'm not going to like this..." thought Shippou.

"Why... you..." Inuyasha started.

In a blink of an eye, Inuyasha was on top of Shippou, punching him as if he were some punching bag. (A/N OMG!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!!!! I'M SO EVIL!!! ::winks::)


This time, it was Kagome that was fuming mad. "YOU STOP RIGHT NOW OR ELSE..."

"Or else what?" asked Inuyasha, forgetting one little tiny thing, as he continued to punch Shippou.

"OR ELSE SIT BOY!!!!!!!!!!"



"Ok... I got the kaboom part... but crack? What was that?" cried Miroku.

Sango water dropped. "It was only the floor, which now has an Inuyasha hole in the middle."

"INUYASHA!!! LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!! YOU BROKE MY FLOOR!!!" Cried Kagome furiously. "Oh... I hope Shippou's all right" she said, more to herself then anyone.



Meanwhile downstairs, Kagome's grandfather was in a frantic.



"...better get the floor fixed or maybe I should keep this as a souvenir... nah. Mom will kill me." Kagome said. She snapped her fingers and a whole bunch of workers appeared and fixed the floor in a jiffy.

"How'd you do that?!" exclaimed a wide-eyed Miroku.

"I have my ways," Kagome replied. "Anyhow, Shippou, it's your turn!"

"OK!" Shippou looked around. 'Time for revenge...' he thought. "Inuyasha, truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?"

"Dare me runt!" Inuyasha said, not a bit afraid, that was, until he heard what the dare was.

Shippou smirked. (A/D they're becoming a little too OOC aren't they?) "Don't be so sure. Kagome, what are we having for dinner?"

Kagome raised her eyebrow, saying, "Hungry already? We're having ramen."

"OK!!! Then everything can go as planned." Shippou said.

"R...R...RAMEN?! I WANT MY RAMEN!!!!!!!! RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried a starry-eyed Inuyasha.

"There was a plan?" asked Miroku.

Ignoring Miroku's question, Shippou said, "Well, I'm sorry to say, Inuyasha," said Shippou, "But it doesn't look like you are going to get your ramen tonight"

"WH...WHA...WHAT?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?!?!" cried Inuyasha.

"Yeah... why?" the others asked, even Buyo, (who was also in the room) had a confused look on his face.


"...n... no... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" sobbed Inuyasha.

Miroku anime water dropped. "You'd think he was drunk."

"Yeah..." agreed Sango.

"Hey, you guys, can we just get going?" asked Kagome, "The clock's ticking."

All heads turned to Inuyasha.

He blinked, confused for a few seconds, until he realized that it was his turn. "Sango, truth, dare, double dare, or promise to repeat?"

"I think I'll do truth," replied Sango.

"What? Are you too chicken to choose dare?" smirked Inuyasha.


"Woah... cool it. Alright. I dare you to let Miroku tie you to a chair and you have to stay there for 15 minutes!" Inuyasha declared victoriously.

"Hmm... Lady Sango? Are you ok?" asked Miroku, filled with curiosity as he looked at a shock filled Sango.

"Go... Might as well get it over with..." Sango stuttered.

"Here's some rope, Miroku!" Kagome said, as she tossed the rope towards Miroku, landing helplessly on his head.

"Thanks..." Miroku said, admiring his 'new' hairdo.

"Just do the dare already!" exclaimed Shippou.

"o.o Ok." Miroku tied Sango up, and of course, receiving one or two slaps along the way, wait, rather kicks.

15 LOOOOOOOOONG minutes after, Kagome untied Sango, who had been sitting like stone.

All of a sudden, once she was untied, Sango cried, "FINALLY!!!!!!!! FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!" as she danced with joy.

"u... are you ok?" Shippou asked timidly.

'Well of course I am! My turn! Monk, truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?" Sango asked.

"I'll take truth." Replied Miroku, afraid of what would happen if he chose dare.

"Alright. Why are you such a pervert?"

"Uh... I dunno."

"WHADYA MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW!? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!" Sango exploded. (A/N literally. Kimi: NO DUH me: w/e)

Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippou all water dropped (anime-style).

"Um... family tradition?" replied Miroku.

"Really?" Sango raise her eyebrow.

"Yeah... really..."

"I don't believe you, but what ever. It's your turn, monk."

"WOW! Thank you! Inuyasha, truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?" Miroku asked.

"Dare," was the simple reply.

"Ok! I dare you to..." Miroku pause to think.

"This had better be good monk." Inuyasha growled. "And not perverted."

At the sound of the work 'perverted', an idea popped up in Miroku's mind. :I HAVE IT!! I DARE YOU TO SIT BY KAGOME AND "MAKE OUT" WITH HER FOR 5 WHOLE MINUTES!!! ... SINCERELY!"

"I SAID NO PERVERTNESS!!! "cried Inuyasha, horridly.

"it's a dare" Sango said.

"Nice of you to state the obvious," Inuyasha said.

Meanwhile, Kagome had literally turned into stone, and Shippou was 'knocking' on Kagome's head saying, "KAGOME!!! WAKE UP!!!"

Still nothing.

"HELLO?!" growled Sango, "EARTH TO KAGOME!!!!!"

Ten minutes passed with nothing but hitting and shouting. Just as the others were about to give up, Inuyasha said one word. "Wench."

THAT woke Kagome up... with a not so good conclusion for Inuyasha... She angrily dragged Inuyasha, who was thoroughly mystified, onto her bed and said the one hated work. "SIT BOY!" (well... two)

"Uh... Kagome?" Miroku said slowly.

"Yes?" Kagome questioned back.

"since you dragged Inuyasha onto the bed an said sit, wouldn't that have not hurt?"

Confused, Shippou asked, "Sango, what did he mean?"

"Beats me." Came the reply.

"Yeah, I know, I'm kinda annoyed about that, but I don't want another Inuyasha hole in the middle of the floor." Kagome said, catching Miroku's point.

"But can't you just fix it again?" Shippou asked.

"Oh year! How stupid can I be?!" exclaimed Kagome.

"Very" mumbled Inuyasha, who was still face down on the bed, waiting for the spell to wear off.

Kagome instantly dragged Inuyasha on the floor and yelled, "SIT!!!"


Kagome sat down on the bed with a satisfied smile.

Of course, Kagome's grandpa continued to be in a frantic.

"Sango, Miroku, Shippou come help me drag Inuyasha back up here before my grandpa does anything crazy. Oh, and be careful of the hole." Kagome said.


10 minutes later.


Workmen appeared.


Material appeared.

"Ma'am, would you like a mirror or see through glass?" asked at workmen.

"uh... mirror please." Replied Kagome.

The workmen set off to work and finished in a jiffy.

Kagome stared at the Inuyasha shaped mirror. "What the? I said FIX the floor, not put a mirror ON the floor!"

The same workmen replied, "Ma'am. We can't fix it anymore. So it's a mirror. Now we must go." And with that, all the workmen disappeared.

"Ok... Since that's over with, Inuyasha, DO THE DARE!!!" exclaimed Miroku. "Oh, and I have the timer," while waving it around.

Inuyasha went to Kagome, who was as still as stone, but melted like wax the second she felt Inuyasha's lips.

"Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock." Was all that could be heard.


The two unwillingly broke apart/

"Well that was longer than expected..." Sango said, eyeing Miroku.

"Well... I may have set it a little longer than 5 minutes..." Miroku said, stretching the truth.

Inuyasha suspiciously asked, "Oh, is that so? And by how long may I ask?"

"Uh.. well... you don't really need to know that," Miroku nervously said.

"Yes we do!" growled both Kagome and Inuyasha, as they both got into fighting position to literally kill Miroku.

"Well..." stammered Miroku.

"WAIT!!! I KNOW!!! I SAW HIM!!!" cried Shippou. "HE SET THE TIMER TO 10 MINUTES!!!!"

"MIROKU!!!!" Inuyasha and Kagome started pounding on Miroku, although they didn't really mind that much, but it gave them a reason to kill Miroku.

30 minutes later, Inuyasha and Kagome finally stopped, proud of their accomplishment, leaving the poor monk on the floor.

"Well, since you guys have stopped fighting, we may as well go on." Started Sango. "Say, whose turn is it?"

"It's Inuyasha's." replied Shippou.

"Great." Inuyasha stated. "Kagome, truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?"

"Uh... truth" replied Kagome.

'Ok, that was unexpected. But this would be a good chance to ask her about that guy...' Inuyasha thought. "Alright. Who's that kid that you're going out with in you era?" he asked.

"Uh... well... you don't really need to know right?" stuttered Kagome.

"Well?" asked Inuyasha impatiently.

"Really?! You're dating someone?! WHO???" asked Miroku, with sudden interest. (A/N dun ask why... cuz we all kno why...)

"Well, his name is Hojou. But seriously, I don't even like him." Said Kagome.

"Feh. Yeah right." Inuyasha said.

"WHAT?! It's true! I don't like him like that Just as a normal friend!!!" protest Kagome.

Shippou was tugging Sango's shirt as he asked, "What's dating?"

Sango eyed the other and answered, "You'll find out when you are older."

"AW!!! That's not fair!!!" cried Shippou.

"Yeah well, live with it. Kagome it's your turn." Snapped Inuyasha.

"Fine! Sango, truth, dare, double dare or promise to repeat?!" Kagome half snapped, half asked.

"Woah... dare please." Replied Sango, a little scared at how Kagome was snapping at her.

"ok! I dare you to dance with a pickle!!!"

"ok... has food gotten into your mind?!" asked Sango, strangely calm. "BUT WHY A PICKLE?! WHY'D I HAVETA DANCE ANYWAYS?!?!!?!?: (A/N aw... common guys, you didn't really expect her to be calm do you?)

"YEP!!!" yelled Kagome. (If you know me... I think you'll get what I mean by 'yell') "Go downstairs and find yourself a pickle, girl!"

"Alright..." said Sango.

10 minutes later, Sango came back with a pickle in her hands.

Kagome put on some music and stared at Sango, waiting for the show.

"WELL??? DANCE!!!!"

"Uh... well... um..." Sango stuttered nervously, clutching the pickle. "Alright..." and there she went.

AS Sango was dancing, Kagome was laughing her had off. By the time Sango stopped, Kagome was on the floor rolling with laughter. As you could imagine, Sango was fuming mad. There fore, they got into a dust ball fight.

Meanwhile, the boys just watched the whole time, bewildered, other than the time where they all jumped onto the bed to keep away from Kagome's hysterics....


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