To Be A Malfoy

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Summary: Slash. M-Preg. AU. At 17, James Potter fell pregnant to his older forbidden lover and was disowned by his parents. At 19, the war has started & James lives in a manor with his husband and son, Draco. Will also include flashbacks of the past.

WARNINGS: This story involves SLASH, which is romantic situations between the same sex, i.e., men. Or more to the point, James/Lucius and Sirius/Remus. This story also contains M-Preg, yes I will eventually explain how a man can get pregnant but not at this point in time. And last but not least, this story is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fic, which means everything is different, like Draco's parents for instance, they are James and Lucius in this story instead of Lucius and Narcissa. And no, Harry does not exist in this story.

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Chapter 1: James Potter-Malfoy

At seventeen years old, half way through his Seventh Year at Hogwarts, James had by pure accident become pregnant. When his found out they had been furious, not so much because he was pregnant, but because he was gay. They had taken him out of school and soon after disowned him, for tainting the family name with his perverse preferences.

The father of his baby, much to a lot of peoples' surprise, had graciously opened the doors to his manor and allowed James to stay. James finished his education by correspondence while he was pregnant and soon after the baby was born, he married Lucius Malfoy.


James Potter-Malfoy was now nineteen years old; he was sitting on the window seat in his husband's study staring out at the Malfoy Manor grounds. He smiled faintly as he watched his husband playing outside with their two-year-old son.

It wasn't safe anymore, the war had started. James refused to be on either side, he was sitting on the fence, neutral. His two best friends, Remus and Sirius were both firmly on the good side with Dumbledore, while Lucius was a Deatheater.

He loved Remus and Sirius, they had stood by him through his disowning and his pregnancy and he loved Lucius. But to know they were on opposite sides in the war and were liable to kill each other…He just couldn't bare to think about it.

But if worse came to worse, James would take his son and go into hiding until the war was over.

But, in actual fact, James and especially Draco were safe. Because Lucius was a Deatheater and Voldemort's right hand man, that out James and Draco under the Dark Lord's protection, not to mention the love and protection they would get off Lucius. Despite the fact that James was a Gryffindor, who was best friends with an outcast Black and a werewolf, Voldemort had taken quite a liking to the unruly haired lover of his top Deatheater.

James had met the Dark Lord a few times, the first time he had been absolutely terrified, this was near the beginning of his pregnancy. Voldemort had made it very clear that he would not harm James or the baby, and he had made it clear to the rest of his Deatheaters that James was not to be harmed, that order was enforced more when Draco had been born.

Also, knowing just how fond the Dark Lord was of him and his son, it gave James some power over Voldemort, just like Lucius had.

James continued gazing out the window as he thought of a question Sirius had asked recently.

"I have to wonder Jamie," Started Sirius in concern for his best friend. "Are you happy with your life?"

At that moment, James didn't have answer for Sirius, but thinking about it now, he did. Was he happy? He could honestly answer yes. Sure, he was worried sick and scared for his husband and his best friends during this war, but that didn't mean he wasn't happy. He had everything he wanted or needed, his loyal friends who stood by his side through everything. He was with the man he loved and he knew Lucius returned the feelings, even if it wasn't always obvious, and finally their little boy Draco. The kid was absolutely adorable, he had Lucius' hair and eyes of course, much to James' disappointment, but James loved him just as much.


James got up from the window seat and decided to go and join Lucius and Draco outside in the sun, he hadn't really been out recently, he had been pretty ill with the flu the last week and so he had been under strict bed rest.

Because he had been sick, James had lost a bit of weight because he had been off his food and now Lucius was trying to fatten him up a bit so he didn't look so frail. He was also more pale than usual as well, not to mention his voice was still croaky and he had a bad cough still.


James crouched down as his son ran over to him, covered in dirt and grass stains, immaculate blonde hair messed up just as much as James'. "Hey tiger." He lifted Draco up and gave him a hug; conscious of the grey eyes watching them and the mud Draco was getting on his clean clothes. "What have you been up to today?"

"Went to old house wif daddy."

James looked straight to Lucius in annoyance, he had promised he wouldn't take their son near the Riddle House. "You promised."

"You were still asleep, I had to do something with him." Replied Lucius coolly as he walked over to his scowling husband and happily giggling son.

"But the Riddle House?" Said James irritably; he put Draco down when he started struggling. "Wake me up next time before you go and put him in danger!" He snapped, he was probably one of the only people who would talk to Lucius like that and able to get away with it without being hexed.

Lucius' grey eyes narrowed slightly, "You think I would purposely put our son in danger?"

James continued scowling, "No, but I don't reckon you think about what could happen to him in that place. You know full well the rest of those Deatheaters hate Draco and I. You know what they would do if either of us were left alone in that place with them."

This was a fear Lucius knew well, although all Deatheaters had been ordered not to hurt James and Draco, it didn't stop them taunting the vulnerable Gryffindor when he wasn't near Lucius or Voldemort. "James…"

"Just leave me alone." James started to walk away, but he felt strong arms wrap around his waist and stop him from moving any further. "Let me go!"

"What is wrong with you?" Questioned Lucius, his voice was concerned but his eyes showed annoyance.

"Nothing." James glanced at Draco who was chasing one of the House-Elves around the garden. "It just annoys me that you keep breaking your promises, to me and to Draco…"


James sighed and pulled out of Lucius' arms, it took a lot to render the Malfoy heir speechless as well. "…Just…never mind. I don't know what I'm talking about…" He sat down on a stone step and crossed his arms on his legs.

Lucius did feel a bit guilty for upsetting James, he knew his husband hated not being able to speak to his parents without being insulted, he knew James desperately missed his friends. All the Gryffindor had now was Lucius and their son.

Lucius went and sat down on the step next to his husband, he put a hand tentatively on James' back. "I do love you James…I am sorry that I keep breaking my promises, but I don't always know when Voldemort is going to call a meeting." He explained. "But if it upsets you that much then…maybe you should tell Voldemort every time I make a promise so that he knows when to not call meeting."

James gave Lucius a half-amused glance, "Like I said, just-never mind. I just feel a bit too emotional at the moment."

"Do you mind me asking why?" Asked Lucius curiously.

James sighed heavily, "I'm pregnant."


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