To Be A Malfoy

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James is around five months pregnant now.


Chapter 20: Parents

When he entered the manor late that night, Lucius headed straight up the stairs to his and James's bedroom. Upon entering he was hit with the strong smell of vanilla, which could only mean that James was in the bath, something he was doing more often now that he was getting heavily pregnant with their twins. Judging by the fact that he couldn't hear any off key singing, James was probably fast asleep, which was also something he was more prone to doing in the bath now, it seemed to relax him too much.

The blond went about pulling off his robes and kicking off his shoes, he had only just realised how much warmer it was in the manor than it was outside, though it was early February so he had hoped there would be more warmth in his home.

After getting rid of the bulk load of his clothes, Lucius headed into the bathroom and found James surrounded by bubbles in the bath and fast asleep, just as he had suspected. He went and knelt down beside the ornate old tub, he trailed his fingers across the surface of the water before flicking some of it at James's face. Then he was reminded of just how quick James's reflexes were, "Ow…" he had just received a hard smack in the shoulder.

"S'what ya get for wakin' a sleepin' man…" muttered James groggily, a small smile on his face.

"The only way I can wake you is if you're asleep," Lucius rubbed his shoulder. "Anyway, you shouldn't be sleeping in the bath, you might drown."

James snorted quietly and opened his eyes, "And we all know that would be a terrible thing," Lucius frowned slightly. "…It was a joke, Luce, you know, funny, ha ha…"

"Shut up, James."

James grinned and moved a little, he seemed to be in a much better mood than he was this morning when Lucius had left him on his own, "Can you help me out? Please?" he held out his hands for Lucius to take.

Lucius smirked and nodded, "Course I can," he stood up again, took James's hands and pulled the dark haired man to his feet and helped him out of the tub, getting himself splashed with water in the process. He then grabbed James's bathrobe and put it around him to keep him warm.

"Thanks," James did his bathrobe up, not just because it was cold but he was rather self conscious at the moment, especially with the weight he had gained, which could only be expected when you're pregnant with twins. "How was your day?"

"Could have been better," replied Lucius as he went back into the bedroom to get off his now damp clothes. He went into the walk in wardrobe for something dry to wear. "Its days like this that make me hate the human race."

James came out of the bathroom, his hands on his growing belly, "Well don't start complaining to me 'cause I'll only smack you for it."

"Love you too, James," huffed Lucius from inside the wardrobe.

James settled down on the bed and tried to get himself comfortable, he had been told to start resting a lot more now that he was just over being midway through his pregnancy.

Lucius came back out of the wardrobe in a simple pair of black pants and a Slytherin green shirt, which was only buttoned about half way up. He tilted his head to the side upon seeing James fidgeting on the bed and smiled slightly, "Still having trouble getting comfortable?" James grunted in reply. He went over to the bed and sat down on it next to James who had given up trying to get comfortable and just lay there on his back frowning. "Just think," Lucius ran his fingers gently through James's dark hair, "Only a few more months and you won't have to be pregnant anymore. We'll just have endless nappies to change and bottles to make, and sleepless nights-Ok, ok, no need to hit."

"You're not making me feel any better," grumbled James, he was starting to pout.

Lucius stretched out on his side next to James and kissed his husband lightly on the lips, "Sorry, just trying to cheer you up."

James gave a small smile, "I know," he played with some of Lucius's hair. "If I could sleep in the bath without any worries, I would, its much more comfortable."

Lucius rested his forehead on James's and kissed him again, "Then whom would I cuddle up to at night?"

"We have a cat."

Lucius made a task of pressing kisses along James's jaw and down the column of his throat before replying, "I'd much prefer having you in my arms," he pressed another kiss to the exposed skin of James's chest.

James made a little noise that was somewhere between a moan and a whimper, "Are you trying to make me horny?"

"No, you just taste nice."


Lucius laughed quietly and pressed another kiss to James's pouting mouth; "You love me for it."

"I do not, you arrogant jerk."

Lucius raised his eyebrows, "I thought you said I'd improved?"

James smiled, "You have, I'm just getting into practice for when I'm in labour."

"Lucky me."

James's smiling face suddenly started scowling at the blond, "Don't mock me."

Oh Merlin, I was only teasing him, thought Lucius, he knew full well that he had just upset his younger husband. Though he had helped James through two previous full term pregnancies he still hadn't learnt when to keep his mouth shut. "I wasn't mocking you, James, I was only teasing."

James struggled to sit up in a huff, he was well aware that he was behaving irrationally but he couldn't help it, his hormones were all over the place and despite what Lucius had been through recently, he still wasn't as sensitive to peoples needs as he could be. "Didn't have to though."

Lucius sighed and rubbed his temples before sitting up so he was level with James again, as much as he loved his husband he really didn't want to have to contend with the man's hormones as well as his new job at the moment. "Jamie, please don't be like this," he pleaded, as he rested one hand on James's enlarged belly and used his other to rub James's back gently. "I'm sorry I upset you, but you are perfectly capable of telling me when to shut up, you don't usually have a problem with that."

James started to move away from Lucius but the hand rubbing his back felt too good to leave, so he slumped back against the headboard and continued pouting. "I hate being so emotional…" he sniffled and bit his bottom lip.

Lucius got himself comfortable, then he pulled James into his arms and pressed a kiss to the pregnant man's messy black hair, "Sh…its okay. I understand, and I will try and be nicer in the future, okay?" James gave a muffled sob against Lucius's chest.

Just a few days ago, James had spent the entire evening crying because he had read the obituary for someone's pet hamster in the Daily Prophet.

Lucius continued rubbing James's back and stroking his hair for what must have been at least an hour before the dark haired man gave another sniff and spoke.


"Mm," Lucius muffled a yawn into James's hair; he had nearly fallen asleep from having the comforting feel of his husband's warm and still slightly damp body in his arms.

"When did you honestly start to love me?" James's voice was quiet and almost hesitant.

Lucius sighed, he had been expecting a question like that for quite a while, but now that James had asked that while being pregnant, he wasn't entirely sure how to answer it in case it upset the pregnant man again. "Honestly…I first realised it when you were pregnant with Karliya, though I am quite sure the feelings were there before that, I just didn't acknowledge them until that night in the basement." He felt James tense up a little at the mention of that horrible night near the beginning of his second pregnancy. He pressed a kiss to James's head and continued caressing the pregnant belly; he could just about feel the babies moving. "And ever since then I've been falling for you more and more…"

James played absentmindedly with the sash of his bathrobe; "You only married me because of Draco, didn't you?"

"Yes…" There was no point in him lying, it would only upset James more, as everything did at the moment. "You were carrying my child, I thought it would be the right thing to do, even if I was very uncertain about everything." He turned James's head so he could look the other man in the eyes. "I'll happily redo my vows if you like."

James smiled and pressed a kiss to Lucius's lips, "That won't be necessary…I just like to be reassured."

Lucius moved his hand from James's stomach to one of the dark haired man's bare thighs, "Anytime you need reassurance, you know where I am," he brushed a kiss to James's jaw. "You are gorgeous, you know that?"

A tint of red had come to James's cheeks, "I am not…I look like a cow." He said it as if challenging Lucius to agree with him.

Lucius smirked slightly and kissed James lightly on the lips, "You do not. You look fantastic, and don't try to tell me otherwise." He kissed James again, deeper this time and for longer until James whimpered and tugged hard on his hair. "Ow! What was that for?" Lucius rubbed his head.

James chewed on his bottom lip, "Don't get my hopes up if you're not going to shag me…"

Lucius raised an eyebrow slightly, "Well if that's what you want," he ran his fingers through James's thick hair and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Though I'm not quite sure how we're going to do this…" he indicated to James's enlarged stomach.

James rolled his eyes, "I thought you were one of the smart blondes."

"I haven't done this before."

"Yeah well, this is what happens when you refuse to sleep with me during the last two pregnancies," snapped James irritably.

Lucius raised an eyebrow slightly, "Would you rather I not sleep with you now?"

James bit his bottom lip, "Sorry…"

Lucius tilted the dark haired man's head up and kissed him on the lips, "Apology accepted…"


As the next day was a Saturday, Lucius decided he couldn't really be bothered attempting to get up this morning or this afternoon, as the latter was rapidly approaching. Despite the fact that James was pregnant and thought himself to look like a cow, he was very exhausting last night, which is why Lucius was too tired to move.

James came into their bedroom tsking at his lazy blond husband, he had cast a Concealment Charm on himself as he was going out, mainly because not many people knew he was pregnant and with Lucius's status in society now, he preferred it to stay that way. "You're lazier than your son."

Lucius grunted, turned onto his side and cracked an eye open so he could see James, "…You're looking very…unpregnant."

James raised his eyebrows, "I'm going to see my parents for lunch, and they don't know yet," he sat down on the side of the bed and played with Lucius's hair. "I hope you're going to be up when I come home."

Lucius yawned, "Do I have to be?"

"I might need someone to cry on when I get back," replied James none to jokingly.

Lucius forced himself to sit up, the covers of the bed barely covering anything from his waist down, he put a hand under James's chin and kissed his husband on the lips, "Well, if I'm not up when you come home, come and join me in bed."

James smirked, "Lazy shite."

Lucius settled back down onto his back, "I was going to offer to go with you, but if you're going to be like that…"

James smiled and let Lucius's hair slip from his fingers, "I think it would be easier on me if you and my father weren't in the same room, especially if I tell them I'm carrying two more Malfoy spawn."

Lucius huffed, "Charming."

"I still love you."


James gave Lucius another quick kiss before standing up, "I'll see you later."

"Mmhmm, goodbye."

James headed for the door, "Oh, and you may get an owl or a floo call from Hogwarts, Karly's sick and she's begging to come home."

Lucius yawned again, "If she begs I'll give in, you know I will."

"Well, try not to."

"I'll try."

"That's all I ask," James smiled, "Goodbye."

"Goodbye. Again."


James's time with his parents went surprisingly better than he had thought it would, much better than the previous few times he had been to visit them. For one thing, he didn't start arguing with them and his father managed to control himself when the discussion had turned to Lucius. James had also eventually told them that he was once again with child and that the twins would be due soon. His mother had been happy for him and Lucius, but his father hadn't been too ecstatic. Not that James had thought he would be, but it would have been nice if he was given a simple 'congratulations' by his dad, if not a hug like his mum gave him.

James was currently curled up on the couch in one of the manor living rooms, his head on Lucius's lap and his husband's fingers threading through his hair. "Why can't he just be happy for us?"

Lucius glanced down at James's face before looking back to the book that he had propped on the arm of the couch, "I'm sure he probably would be if I wasn't the father."

James let out a long and deep sigh, "Screw 'im."

"Didn't know you were into that kind of thing, James."

James rolled his eyes, "Shut up."

Lucius had the sleeves of his shirt rolled back a little, and he continued stroking James's hair. But when James moved a hand, it brushed his left sleeve back just enough so that James could see his blackened Dark Mark. "…I can explain…"

James forced himself to sit up (not an easy task when he was so heavily pregnant), and he scowled at his husband, "I thought he was dead!"

Lucius closed his book and put it down before turning to James who was giving him a look that was somewhere between shock, anger and worry. But it could have passed for just plain confusion. "So did I, Jay, and as far as I know, he is. But my Mark has been burning for the last couple of months, and I have no idea why. I thought I was the only Death Eater that had been taught how to call the others, I could be wrong, I don't know… The only reason I haven't told you is because I didn't want anything to worry you into miscarrying."

James wasn't quite sure what to say, Lucius seemed to have known exactly what he wanted to hear so he had nothing to argue with. "So…he might not be dead?"

Lucius pulled James back into his arms and pressed a kiss to the younger man's head, "I don't know, James, I honestly do not know. Just try not to think about it, okay?" he started stroking James's hair again. "We can't have you stressing yourself out right now."

James nuzzled Lucius's neck and frowned, "I'll try not to worry, but you know I'm going to."

Lucius turned James face towards his so he could look into those apprehensive brown eyes, "We'll be fine. These babies will be fine, and they are going to have us both around to raise them," he kissed James gently on the lips. "Don't you worry your gorgeous little head about it." He succeeded in getting James to smile.

"Like I said, I'll try."


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