Title: Return of the 50 Foot Eyesores

Summary: (Sequel to 'Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores') When Ravenwing and ShockStar's long lost sister kidnaps Tri Blade and Waverider for revenge, it's up to a handful of Decepticons to save them...or else.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers Armada, or the characters for that matter. I do own Tri Blade. Waverider, Rica, and Mogli belong to my friend, Jaken's Angel. And this new Mary-Sue...belongs in hell. But I don't think they'd want her. Oh, and this has a Gary-Stu!

Author's Notes: I honestly feel pretty stupid. Anyone notice how many typos were in the last chapter of Attack of the 50 Foot Eyes? I'll try not to do that in this fic. (By the way...This is slightly AU because Sideways and Wheeljack are at the moon base at the same time.) Anyways, on with the fanfic!

------(Chapter One: And So it Begins...)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Autobot named WindFang. Her colours of pink, silver, and red suited her perfectly curved body and she had the most dazzling pair of turquoise optics. She was a powerful Autobot, and she was very tough. If anyone ever even looked at her wrong, she would have them pinned to the ground with a gun at their throat. This made her well respected among the ranks.

She lived on Cybertron with her boyfriend, Terror Ray. He was a Decepticon who had become an Autobot because he loved WindFang so much. Like his girlfriend, he was well respected and even feared. But, none the less, everyone adored the two and looked up to them. He also had amnesia, so he did not remember his life as a Decepticon.

WindFang had two young sisters. They were seeker femme twins named Ravenwing and ShockStar, and they were also loved and adored...But ShockStar was a Decepticon. She betrayed her faction and killed their father.

At the moment, WindFang was working on a report of some kind. She was rapidly typing away, her optics focused on the screen.

"WINDFANG!" A voice cried.

She whipped around and saw Terror Ray standing in the doorway.

"Love, what's the matter?" She asked.

"It's your sisters..."

"Yes, I know. They went to Earth a month ago."

"No, it's not that," Terror Ray said, sadly.

WindFang frowned. "Then what's wrong?"


"WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?! BY WHO?!" WindFang stood up, her optics glistening with tears.

Terror Ray sighed sadly. "They were killed last month. ShockStar had been burned to death and Ravenwing was shot."

"Who did this?" WindFang growled.

"They're names are Tri Blade and Waverider."

"Their factions?"


WindFang broke down crying. "Why? Why did this happen?"

Terror Ray comforted her. "We'll make them pay. I promise."

"Good!" She hissed. "I want them to."



Megatron normally wouldn't have been surprised to hear one of his soldiers scream. He would have just assumed Tidal Wave was trying to kill Waverider and Demolisher again. But this time, he jumped slightly and stood up from his throne. This time, it had taken him by surprise for two reasons. One: Most of the Decepticons were recharging. Two: That had been Tri Blade's scream.

He nearly ran down the hall and quickly typed in the code to open the seeker's door. When the door slid open, the others were standing next to him, interested, annoyed, and tired.

"What happened?" Demolisher asked.

Tri Blade was sitting on his recharging bed, shaking. His optics were wide and blank, and he paid little attention to the other Decepticons in his room.

Scowling, Megatron strode up to Tri Blade and smacked him.

"Snap out it, soldier!" He commanded.

"Tri Blade," Waverider said, stepping over to him. "What's wrong?"

"I...I apologize," Tri Blade said, slowly. "I had a dream..."

"So?" Sideways muttered.

"I do not dream! This is the first one I have had...ever!"

Waverider put a hand on his shoulder. "What happened?"

"It was strange," Tri Blade said, narrowing his optics a bit. "I saw ShockStar and Ravenwing, then they turned into two Transformers I have never seen before. One obviously transformed into some sort of sports car and the other, a motorcycle. There was a black slash across his chest plate where a Decepticon symbol used to be...An Autobot one was below it."

"How is THAT scary?" Sideways demanded.

"ShockStar," Starscream whispered.

"Oh. Never mind," Sideways said.

"It was just a dream!" Megatron said, shaking his head. "Go back to sleep."

"No." Tri Blade stood up and walked passed them. "I wish to know who they were. I am going to go through those files we received from Cybertron, if you do not mind."

Megatron shrugged. "Go ahead, but I didn't expect you to until tomorrow."

"I will do it now."

"Suit yourself!" Starscream said. "I, personally, need to recharge."

"Date with Alexis?" Wheeljack asked, flatly.

"How else do I spend my weekends?" Starscream shut off one optic to wink, then turned and walked to his room.

"C'mon, Cy," Waverider yawned. "Let's go back to your room."

"Okay." Cyclonus glanced at Demolisher. "Want to come with us?"

"No, thank you," Demolisher muttered, heading to his room.

Eventually, Megatron was the only one in Tri Blade's room. He wondered why Tri Blade didn't use his computer, but when he looked closer, he saw the computer was smashed. There was glass all over the floor, along with shards of metal.

He walked over to a panel on the wall and flipped the cover open. He typed something in and the lights came on.

His optics widened and he gasped. There were dents all over the wall and several puddles of energon were on the Tri Blade's bed.

"Primus, what the..."

His optics widened in shock when they caught sight of a message written on the wall in energon...

It read: You will pay for what you did to ShockStar and Ravenwing.


Tri Blade's red optics slowly came online. He sat up and looked over at the others in the room, confused.

"What happened?" He asked.

"That's what we want to know," Sideways muttered.


"I found you unconscious in the throne room. You were damaged," Megatron explained.

"I do not recall sustaining any injury," Tri Blade said, frowning. He stood up and walked passed the others to his room.


Megatron narrowed his optics. "You mean you didn't do this?"

The pyromaniac seeker turned around and looked at him in surprise. "Why would I write that?" He asked, pointing to the message.

"Point taken," Starscream said. "But if you didn't know your computer was busted, why didn't you use it earlier?"

"Simple, I didn't download the files onto it," Tri Blade answered, shrugging.

Waverider glanced at the message. "I don't get it. Why would anyone care about those two? And how did someone get into the base without any alarms going off?"

"Perhaps an Autobot?" Thrust suggested.

"They hate those two bimbos as much as we do," Demolisher reminded.

Sideways walked over to Tri Blade's computer...or what was left of it. He then looked over the dents in the wall.

"We would have heard something if there had been a struggle," he pointed out.

"Then how did all this happen?" Tri Blade asked, his shoulders slumping.

"Dunno," Cyclonus murmured.

"...Tri Blade, did you figure out who you saw in your dream?" Waverider asked.

"No, I did not."

"Hmm..." She looked around the room. "This is interesting..."

"Hardly!" Starscream said, crossing his arms. "This is just plain weird!"

Tri Blade cast another glance at the words written in his own energon. He shuddered and looked back at the others.

"I will clean this up," he said, smiling weakly. "And then I will..."

"No," Megatron held a hand to silence him. "you will not work on those files. Sideways can."

"All right, Lord Megatron," Tri Blade said.

Sideways slipped out of the room and walked off to a computer.

'I have no idea how this happened...' He thought. 'But I intend to find out. If any of those perfect twits show up it will interfere with my plotting!'

He opened the file and scanned through all of the new recruits who had entered the faction. He scowled as he looked them over, and all of them looked nothing like what Tri Blade had described.

"So it's safe to say the Decepticon he saw has been a traitor for a long time..."

Growling, he closed of the file and accidentally opened ShockStar's. His optics widened as he scrolled down and saw...

"Oh dear Primus..."


"ShockStar and Ravenwing have a WHAT?!" Megatron demanded.

"You heard me, sir. They have a long lost sister."

"If she is long lost, how did anyone know to include her in the file?" Tri Blade asked.

"I don't know. You should know by now that everything about those two was clichéd!" Sideways muttered. "Anyways, I saw that their sister has a bond mate named Terror Ray, so I looked him up..."

"What did you find?" Megatron asked.

"Terror Ray is indeed a traitor. During an attack, he gained amnesia and ShockStar's sister, WindFang found him. They...fell in love at first sight...and he became an Autobot."

Starscream shook his head. "That still doesn't explain how Tri Blade's room was nearly destroyed."

Sideways narrowed his optics. "I'm getting to that! Terror Ray has a telepathic ability that allows him to enter dreams and manipulate them, making them come true in reality."

"Oooo, like Freddy Krueger!" Cyclonus said.

They all stared at him.

"Never mind," Cyclonus muttered.

Tri Blade frowned. "What are we supposed to do, then?"

"I have no idea," Sideways admitted. "They obviously want revenge for ShockStar and Ravenwing."

"Wait a second..." Waverider looked up. "Ravenwing killed ShockStar, but Tri Blade is the one who burned her to a crisp...and I'm the one who fired the Requiem Blaster at Ravenwing, so..."

Cyclonus latched onto her into a hug. "I will protect you!" He said.

"...I feel safe now," Waverider said, flatly.

Suddenly, the Mini-con alarm went off.

"Um..." Tri Blade walked over to the computer in the throne room. "It's in...a mountainous region. I'll type in the coordinates and meet you in the warp room."

"Let's go!" Megatron said, leading the way.

Tri Blade watched them go, then turned back to the computer. He would have been able to do this in the warp room if Tidal Wave hadn't blown up the controls while chasing Demolisher around the base. When he finished, he turned to catch up with the others, but stopped when a figure blocked his way.

"What the..." Tri Blade backed up and reached for his flamethrower, but something connected with the back of his head and he went offline.

"What do you want me to do with him?" A male voice asked.

"Take her back to the lair. I'll get the other one."

"Will you be all right on your own?"

"Of course. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I need protecting!"

"I know. I worry about you, though, my love."

"...Fine. Just get him to the lair and I'll capture Waverider."

"Right away."

Tri Blade and his captor vanished.

The female smirked.

"Your next, Waverider!" She began to walk out of the room and suddenly tripped on a piece of debris.

She quickly stood up and looked around to make sure no one had seen that.

"I'll avenge you, my sisters..."


"Where is he?" Starscream asked, impatiently.

"We're ready to go!" Wheeljack said. "He should be here by now!"

"I say we leave without him!" Thrust sneered.

"He is right, Lord Megatron. Surly Tri Blade with catch up in a bit," Demolisher agreed.

Megatron frowned. "Fine. Waverider, go and make sure he's alright. Meet us at the location of the Mini-con."

"Yes, sir!"

Waverider ran out of the room and the others warped off.

As she walked down the hall, she realized just how creepy the base was when no one else was around. She glanced down at the blaster on her wrist before rounding a corner and stopping dead in her tracks.

"What was that?" She turned around when she heard a noise behind her. "Tri, that you?"

Stepping slowly towards the noise, she aimed to fire.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" She let out a long scream when something brushed passed her leg. Optics wide, she looked down and...

"Oh, Mogli! It's just you."

Waverider sighed in relief and turned around, crashing into someone.

"Tri Blade, where were..." She trailed off when her optics caught sight of an Autobot insignia standing out against large metal breasts. For a second, she almost thought it was Ravenwing, but when she looked closer, she saw an Autobot that obviously transformed into a sports car. She made a move to attack, but instantly went offline when a fist collided with her face. She slumped over and the Autobot carelessly kicked her to make sure she was unconscious.

"This was too easy," she said, smirking. "And all surveillance cameras have been fried. They won't even know what happened."

Laughing a beautiful laugh, she warped out and took Waverider with her.

Forget surveillance cameras...Mogli has seen the whole thing.

He frantically beeped and ran around in circles until he crashed into a wall and was knocked out.

And so it began...


A/N: I wasn't going to make a sequel, but then I got the idea of having the first Mary-Sues have a long lost sister, then I got even more ideas, so I decided to go ahead and write this! Anyways, there will be more humor in the next chapter. I have a bit of writer's block and couldn't think of much funny stuff.