Title: Return of the 50 Foot Eyesores

Summary: (Sequel to 'Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores') When Ravenwing and ShockStar's long lost sister kidnaps Tri Blade and Waverider for revenge, it's up to a handful of Decepticons to save them…or else.

Disclaimer: Hasn't changed, yo.

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Chapter Eight: Final Showdown

Starscream could no longer tell who had the upper hand. Both of the twins had ganged up on Megatron and the three were now locked in an intense battle. Terror Ray stood off to one side and made no move to aid the girls, and Starscream knew why. If Terror Ray even lifted a finger to help them, they'd start whining and exclaim things like, "Just because we're femmes doesn't mean we need help!" or "Do you honestly think we're so weak that two of us cannot defeat one of them?"

Though only a few minutes had gone by, it seemed like the three had been fighting for hours. Balls of crackling energy were shooting all over the cave, and the Decepticons occasionally had to duck out of the way.

"Watch where you're throwing those things!" Cyclonus cried, barely managing to avoid a pink coloured wave of energy.

"This is boring," Wheeljack muttered.

"Lord Megatron, are you almost done killing them yet?" Cyclonus yelped, dodging more energy blasts.

"Patience, my friends!" Megatron replied.

"We would probably be out of here by now if Skye Flash hadn't run off," Sideways grumbled. "I wonder where he went…"


"What the…hey, where am I?" Waverider looked around her surroundings in confusion. Black mountains rose from the ground and reached towards the heavens. Bodies bearing the Decepticon insignia were scattered across a fiery battlefield. Everywhere she looked there was death. She winced and clutched her stomach, feeling as though she would be sick.

"Waverider!" someone called.

She turned around and was relieved to see Tri Blade approaching her.

"Hey," she sighed. "I don't suppose you have any idea where we are?"

"No, I do not. Though I have a feeling this place is most likely a hell of some sort."

"Great…" she shook her head. "Does this mean we really dead?"

"I suppose so," Tri Blade answered, shrugging. "After all, hell seems fitting for us, does it not?"

"Actually, you're still alive," a voice boomed.

The two jumped and whipped around to face Terror Ray.

"YOU!" they exclaimed.

"Yes, me. Welcome to your doom. I refuse to allow that meddling Skye Flash to ruin this! I must destroy you before you ever wake!"

"Whoa, wait a tic!" Waverider interrupted. "You mean this a dream?"

"Yes. It's the last dream you'll ever have."


Skye Flash gently set the two Decepticons against the side of the cave. He could hear a battle up ahead, but he made no move to help whoever was fighting. He stared at Waverider and Tri Blade a moment before nodding.

"Children, your friends are in grave peril."

"DUH!" they exclaimed.

"No, I'm not talking about them running out of time. I'm talking about what's happening right now. Terror Ray has the ability to attack Transformers in their dreams. I have reason to believe he is doing this to these two right now."

Rica arched a brow. "So what? It's just a dream, right?"

"I'm afraid not. If Terror Ray kills them in their dreams…they will die in this world, too." The kids gasped, but Skye Flash held up a hand to silence them. "Fear not! Oh, ho! The foolish traitor doesn't realize that I also have that power! Wait here, children! I shall go forth into their minds and save them from this evil!"

Before anyone could say anything, Skye Flash touched Waverider and Tri Blade's foreheads. He dramatically vanished in a puff of silver smoke.


Waverider groaned and forced herself to sit up. She was no longer standing amid thousands of dead Decepticons. Tri Blade wasn't with her, either. Frowning, she pulled herself to her feet and looked around. She was standing in the middle of a snowstorm.

"I hate snow!" she grumbled, white puffs of breath escaping her lips even though Transformer don't breathe. "Terror Ray, if you can hear me, I wanna get one thing straight! Tri and me didn't kill your stupid girlfriend's sisters, all right? It's their own fault. Ravenwing killed ShockStar and then Ravenwing exploded because she couldn't handle a little embarrassment. Tri Blade cremated ShockStar AFTER she was already dead. I hit Ravenwing with the Requiem Blaster, but that didn't kill her. Are we clear?"

"You're lies won't save you," a voice hissed.

Waverider whirled around, but found she was still alone.

"I'm not lying! Ask Tri. He'll give you the exact same story!"

"You will pay for the agony you bestowed upon my precious WindFang! And soon, very soon, your friends will pay for killing her!"

"They managed to knock her off? Good for them!" a grin spread across her face, but it vanished when the icy wind hitting her face became solid and struck her. She stumbled back and crashed into the side of a mountain.

"How dare you speak of her that way!"

"Where is Tri Blade?" Waverider demanded.

"Behind you."

Waverider slowly turned around and screamed. Tri Blade was trapped inside a large shard of ice.

"TRI BLADE!" She quickly raised her wrist blaster and fired. The attack didn't even scratch the ice. She fired a blast from her shoulder cannon and left, again, without results.

"Don't bother. That ice is laser-proof."

"Yes, but is it fire proof?" someone chuckled.

Suddenly, a flamethrower appeared out of nowhere and landed in the snow next to Waverider. She smirked and grabbed it, pulling the trigger as she aimed it at Tri Blade. Fire erupted from the weapon and melted the ice around him.

His options brightened as he gained consciousness.

"MY BABY!" he cried, snatching the flamethrower out of Waverider's hands.

Skye Flash leapt down from the mountain behind them.

"You are unharmed!" he said, softly. "I was so afraid that Terror Ray had killed you already."

"Please, I do not wish for you to think that I am ungrateful. I appreciate you returning my flamethrower. But…how do we know you are not an illusion created by Terror Ray to deceive us?" Tri Blade inquired.

"You can trust me," he promised sincerely.

"HOW DARE YOU COME HERE!" Terror Ray screamed, appearing out of nowhere and lunging at Skye Flash. "I am going to kill all three of you! YOU WILL NOT RUIN WINDFANG'S PLAN!"

Skye Flash grabbed Terror Ray's neck and hurled him aside.

"This will end, you traitor!" he hissed.

The two began fighting.

Waverider and Tri Blade watched, unsure of what to do.

"We need a plan. They're evenly matched…this could go on forever," Waverider whispered.

"I say we let them kill each other," Tri Blade grumbled.

"That may not even happen. Come on. Follow me."


Megatron's slammed into ShockStar's stomach and sent her flying. He knocked Ravenwing back with a fancy spin kick and gracefully landed in a dramatic pose. The twins charged at him, but he fired a bolt of energy at them, sending them backward once again. This didn't make any sense. They were just as strong as he was and there were two of them. Why was he able to fend them off so easily? And why were their movements so…twitchy? It was almost as if they were puppets being manipulated by invisible strings. Megatron couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it yet. Had they really been moving like that the entire battle? Okay, fine, so Starscream's beauty was distracting him…but he hadn't been that distracted!

"Hold still!" Ravenwing hissed.

The kids watched the battle from their hiding place in the shadows. Megatron was wining, but the twins were getting closer and closer to gaining the upper hand.

"I have an idea," Rica whispered.

She slowly began to stand, ignoring the others as they warned her to get down.

"HEY! RAVENWING! Your makeup makes you look like a clown!"

Ravenwing looked startled. Megatron saw his chance and punched her across the face.

Carlos quickly got on to Rica's idea. He waited until ShockStar charged at Megatron to speak.

"My grandma runs faster than you and she doesn't have legs!"

ShockStar tripped in surprise and fell into Megatron's kick.

Alexis joined in. "You guys are wearing wigs, right? I mean, I've seen better hair on a bald guy!"

"Yeah!" Rad added. "And I've seen better moves on a dead man!"

The insults horrified the twins. They tried to concentrate on fighting Megatron, but the mere idea of not being perfect alone was enough to throw both of them off.

"Yay, go Megatron!" Starscream cheered. "Whoo! You can do it, my love!"

After a few more comments, the kids realized the twins finally managed to fight and ignore them at the same time.

"Oh, great!" Alexis groaned. "We need another idea."

"Hey, I'm working on it!" Rica snapped.

"Hurry up! We only have ten minutes left!" Rad exclaimed.


"Are you sure this is going to work?" Tri Blade asked for the fifth time.

"Of course I am. Now, do you remember what you're supposed to do?"

"Yes…but I still fail to see how this is going to work."

Waverider sighed. "It's easy, Tri. This is our dream, right? If we focus hard enough, we can control what happens."

"Very well."

Tri Blade slowly walked over to the edge of the mountain and let his optics dim. He drew in a breath and held his hands out. A soft pink aura surrounded his hands. Suddenly, Terror Ray froze. The pink aura was now around Skye Flash, who looked up at the two in confusion.

"Skye Flash!" Waverider said. "Play along!"


"Do as I say!"

The aura vanished. Terror Ray found he could move again. He was just about to attack when he realized who was standing before him.


"M-my darling!" he said in disbelief. "You've returned to me!"

Any other Transformer would've blown their cover at this point, but not Skye Flash. No, he was much too clever and intelligent. He quickly assumed that one of the other Decepticons had used their imagination to disguise him as WindFang. Ah, yes…Waverider's words made sense now.

"Yes," he replied. "Terror Ray…hold me. Please."

Terror Ray rushed to his (her?) side and pulled his beloved into his arms.

His optics widened in pain when he felt something push through his stomach. He released the Transformer he thought was WindFang and looked down. He gasped in shock, for he had been stabbed! Pain filled his saddened optics as he gazed at WindFang. He fought back his tears as he sank to his knees. Finally, after a few moments to catch his breath, he spoke.


"Idiot!" Waverider said. She and Tri Blade slid down the side of the mountain and walked over to WindFang, who instantly turned back into Skye Flash.

"I've been deceived!" Terror Ray gasped. "But…but how? I am invincible! I am the Master of Dreams, the King of Nightmares! I am Terror Ray! I am…BATMAN!"

He slumped over and stared up at Skye Flash through dying optics. Time seemed to stop around him. He felt cold for the first time in his life. And suddenly…suddenly he remember his life before he met WindFang.

"We win," Skye Flash growled.

"S-Skye Flash!" he rasped. "I can remember!" A bitter laugh escape his lips. "Skye Flash…I…am your father."

"NOOO!" Skye Flash stopped in mid-scream and glanced over at Terror Ray. "Wait, does that mean you, my FATHER, was dating a girl MY age? YOU'RE SICK!"

"WindFang was older than you think."

"Ew!" Skye Flash whimpered.

"Hate to break your family reunion, but we're freezing over here!" Waverider called. "Can we go?"

"How could I have forgotten! We only have five minutes left! Hurry, we must defeat the twins before time runs out!"

"What in the name of Cybertron are you talking about?" Terror Ray asked. "Wait…oh, I see! You thought that WindFang actually sacrificed Tri Blade and Waverider's souls! HA! That old myth is a bunch of rubbish. But, hey, you know how stubborn that girl was. She wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell her that. She insisted on having a fancy ritual. So, I tapped into a dream of my own and brought the twins back to life."

"You mean we've been rushing around and worrying for nothing?" Skye Flash groaned. "That's just great! Tri, Wave, let's GO!"

They turned around and left Terror Ray for dead.


The Decepticons and the humans watched as the twins let out a beautiful wail. They clung to each other, screaming and sobbing as their forms began to crumble. In seconds, there was nothing but dust. Starscream couldn't help but sob when the femme he once loved died. He knew she should would never return now.

Megatron wrapped his arms around the seeker and gently stroked his back.

"There, there, my jewel," he cooed. "I'm here, it's alright."

"STARSCREAM!" Alexis shrieked.

"Ah, dang it! My nose is bleeding again!" Rica whined. "Thanks a lot, lovebirds!"

"Lord Megatron!" a voice cried out.

Everyone turned to see Tri Blade, Waverider, and Skye Flash approaching. Megatron pushed Starscream aside and swept the other seeker up into his arms. Waverider could almost feel tears in her optics as she rushed into Cyclonus's waiting embrace. Demolisher pulled both of them into a hug and grinned at his best friend.

"You're okay!" Rad said, happily.

"Yeah!" Waverider laughed. "That whole sacrifice thing WindFang was feeding us was a bunch of who-ha."

An eerie and mocking cackle echoed off the walls of the cave. Everyone gasped when they saw Terror Ray stumbled forward, energon oozing from the wound in his stomach.

"You…you thought I was dead!" he laughed. "T-time may not have been against you when you were in combat with ShockStar and Ravenwing, but it is against you now! I activated the self-destruct system in the computer room that WindFang set up. You have thirty seconds to escape before the entire cave explodes! Welcome to your doom…DOOM!" he fell over laughing and coughed a few times. He wheezed, his body had a violent spasm, and then he died.

"Slag!" Sideways swore. "RUN!"

Wheeljack and Thrust scooped up the humans, then everyone bolted out of the cave. They ran as fast as the could.

"Hurry!" Skye Flash exclaimed, his voice coming out in slow motion.

The explosion ripped through the cave. Everyone lunged out the front entrance and landed in the snow. The cave exploded. The day was saved.

Just as they did after killing Ravenwing nearly a month ago, the group floated into the air. The Autobots appear beside them and they began to spin faster than the speed of light. Their colours blurred and fused together. Rica threw up and her vomit flew into Thrust's face. Smokescreen, Hotshot, and Sideswipe were screaming like little girls.

And then…everything went black.


Starscream and Megatron stared at each other in disgust, paying no attention as the kids explained what happened to the Autobots. They were just about to lunge forth and attempt to kill each other when Alexis coughed and scowled up at them. Starscream smiled and lifted the girl up. He wiped his mouth off on the back of his hand.

"Alexis, I can assure you, I am NEVER kissing him again."

"Good!" she said, grinning a bit.

Without a word, Megatron grabbed Tri Blade and forcefully kissed him. He pulled back, but kept his firm grip on Tri Blade's arms.

"I can't believe I kissed you!" he snarled at Starscream, glaring at him over the pyromaniac's shoulder. "You taste worse than ShockStar!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, you taste worse than Waverider's homemade energon!" the seeker retorted.

"My lord!" Skye Flash interjected. "Forgive me for interrupting, but I must go. I'd like to thank your soldier, Cyclonus. He was kind enough to punch in the coordinates for Cybertron on my ship's autopilot. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's been a very long and tiring day! I must return home. I would stay, but I am surly needed on Cybertron."

"Whatever," Megatron shrugged and slipped an arm around Tri Blade's waste. "Men! And…Waverider. Come, we must return to our base. Today has been far too random and pointless for my tastes."

They warped away and the so did the Autobots.

Smiling, Skye Flash stepped into his ship.


The Decepticons and their Mini-cons sat around a large table in one of the storage rooms of the moon base. They were silently drinking energon, each consumed in their thoughts. This had been the worst day of their lives. It was pointless, embarrassing, random, tacky, cheesy, lame, and over before it really even began.

It was Demolisher who broke the silence.

"Lord Megatron?"

"Yes, what is it?" Megatron set down his energon.

"There's something that still bothers me…did I hear Skye Flash say that Cyclonus programmed his autopilot?"

"That is what he said."

Cyclonus grinned and took a sip of his energon. He tried to look innocent as everyone stared at him, but they all knew he was hiding something.


Skye Flash leaned back in his seat and closed his optics, allowing sleep to take him. Little did he know that he wasn't headed for Cybertron. He was completely obviously to the fact that Cyclonus had rigged his autopilot to lead him elsewhere. Honestly, how on Earth could someone as "smart" as Skye Flash allow Cyclonus anywhere near their computer?

Skye Flash slept on, unaware of the fact that his ship was heading straight for the sun.


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