Shirra walked, no, glided past the silent, dark halls of the castle she and her sire lived in. Wearing a navy gown, she appeared to float on air. Where could he be?

She stopped when she passed the ballroom. Was it just her-or did she see Dracula dancing alone? She bit her finger. No, it was not an illusion or a dream. She decided to watch him. He was a wonderful dancer, she had to admit. But it was so odd doing it alone-

Then again, who was SHE to judge?


Cassandra was bored as any 9-year-old could be.

The teacher had yet to arrive and she was almost dying to have some assignments to do. ALMOST.

She closed her storybook. She had read it so many times she could rattle off a paragraph at will. She went outside the classroom-and held out her hand to an imaginary partner. It wasn't that she hated dancing entirely. She hated the rules and techniques that one had to stiffly adhere to while dancing.

With that, she began to twirl herself and dipped.

"Excuse me,"

A firm voice resounded, snapping her out of her reverie, sending her falling to the hard ground gracelessly. The violins in her mind died away with a mournful last strain, the candles in their caledabars of gold melted away and the chandeliers and other decorations in the ballroom in the palace of her mind disappeared. She was back in the Nightmare of Reality.

Her classmates tittered while the teacher-a substitute- waited for her to get up and into her seat before starting the lesson...


Dracula stopped when he realised his fledgling was watching him. Her face was unreadable.

"Shall we feed?"

she asked, crossing her arms, letting him off the hook –or so he thought.

"Yes, certainly."


Dracula awoke to find Shirra not at his side. Outside the casket, he heard music.

Puzzled, he awoke-and saw Shirra dancing with herself, Pixel playing the violin. She stopped.

"Taunting me?"

"Why would I even do that? Watching you dance by yourself tonight reminded me of a memory-an arc unfinished. I need an a kindred spirit to...finish it."

Looking into her eyes, he saw what she meant.

"She held out her hand. He took it.

And they danced the night away.

A/N: This was inspired by my dancing during Break Time outside the classroom-yes, I am weird-AND I'M PROUD OF IT! Anyway, hope you like this fic!