Return to me....
Don't leave me here...please
I feel the chill of winter without you
Love me! Insult me! Whatever you want!
Just be here near me...

My body doesn't live without you
My heart stops beating, making me still
The senses in my body dull
Till I can't feel anything
Then, I no longer feel anything but the pain of separation...

I'm desperate for your presence
A push, a tickle, a ghostly touch
The pain and the happiness you give
I would gladly accept all of it
Just please...

Return to beloved.

.:Return to me:.

There were some things I could never admit. Loving you was one of them. Your unmistakable grace...the powerful and superior feel you gave off. And left. I saw you leave...for the next world...the afterlife.

I honestly thought I'd be fine. But then...I couldn't sleep or eat. Your face haunted me. I couldn't deny that I was in love with you anymore, was too late. Even when I realized this, I still thought everything would get better. That I could...would forget about you, like almost every other person in my life. But I didn't.

You stay there in my mind. Your smirk haunts me, and your victories over me still irritate my senses. There was something about you that I can't forget...something...that had set you apart from all the others.

I realize it now...what had made you different. You were like me. You could understand me. We had the same arrogant attitude, yet we were both mature. In your time, you were molded to run a kingdom, while I was here to run a company. We both had power, and that made us similar. We almost had the same smirk too...taunting and full of pride.

But it wasn't that you were similar to me that made me love was the differences that made you attractive. I would never want to love a copy of me...something so void of happiness and kindness. I loved you because you were almost like an idol to were...what I never could be.

You were just...different. You looked the past, while I sought to forget it and rush to the future. My company is the symbol of progress and the futuristic world I hope to achieve in gaming. And of actually had a heart. I could never care enough about anyone but Mokuba to make me budge to help someone. My heart was doesn't beat like a normal human's. It's devoid of a passion to live and love and be social. I can spend hours working on new technology with just me and my laptop, but I can hardly stand 5 minutes of a person's jabbering. I enjoy the silence.

You were like my equal, maybe better. You were the only one with enough wit and power to defeat were the only one worthy of my dead heart...or what I thought was dead. I feel it thump in my chest as I remember you fondly. Were you the only one that could revive it? And...would I want it to be revived?'s just better to forget about you...but still, that task is near futile.

If there was one thing I regret, it was that I missed my chance. I didn't get to say goodbye or even tell you I cared about you. I can't sleep at nights. The solitude doesn't comfort me anymore. I feel regret everywhere I go. On some rainy, depressing days, I feel like joining you in the afterlife, but I stay alive. Slowly but surely I feel myself wasting away while I dwell on the thought of death, but I know I haven't completed my quest in life. Therefore, I cannot move on in peace. found everything you were looking for, so you had no regrets leaving this world.

Return to beloved.


Pika's rant: Okay, I know I haven't written stuff in about a year, but there's a chance I'm slowly getting back into it. So...this story, Return to Me, could either be a sad one-shot, or it could become a prologue to a story which may or may not be finished (depending on if I get ideas or not).

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