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.:Chapter 2: Journey:.

"What the hell? I'm not dead Isis; I can't go through that gate," Kaiba retorted.

"You can! I know you can! Listen, you were reincarnated. The only one who was reincarnated. No one else from the pharaoh's time has passed through that gate." ...true.

"I..." Seemingly for the first time, Kaiba was left speechless. Isis was telling him that he could get the pharaoh back. A second chance. He could tell him this time...but the pharaoh passed on for some r&r. Was it right to take it away? "And what was he supposed to do anyway?" he regained his voice.

"Because he was locked away into the puzzle, his own soul received the powers of the puzzle. He can seal all these monsters away. Please Kaiba, he is the only one that can do thi- oof!"He heard Isis collapse on the ground.

"Isis?" Kaiba lifted her off the ground.

"S-sorry, I have a small wound..."

"Small? Are you losing a lot of blood?" Kaiba felt a strange wet substance on his hand.

Isis paused. "...yes." She winced as she touched her right hip.

" need medical attention." He began his way back to the entrance; he had a mind formulated in his own mind.

"...will you do what I ask?" Isis asked hesitantly.

"...I will." Kaiba was selfish. Heck, the whole world was selfish. Yami was a true protagonist and hero. Domino and the whole world did and always would need him, it seemed. But the world (aside from Mokuba) could waste away for all he cared; he had his own purpose for reviving the dead.

It was...unnerving. When they got out of the broken structure, they found that Domino was near crumbling. He spotted things...duel monsters, only a few, crawling over the buildings. He didn't know what to think.

He rushed Isis over to the hospital, which was still standing to his great fortune. Her wound was serious, but she would survive as long as she got a blood transfusion.

Rushing. Kaiba rushed out of the hospital and into his car. He rushed to up to his office on the top floor of the Kaiba Corp. building. He rushed to the secret room, praying it was still safe. Monsters were on the roof of the building; he saw them. This place that created the means of summoning the monsters on cards was an obvious target. He needed to hurry before they began their attack.

Isis had explained it to him. The pharaoh had not had a body for a whole millennium; the puzzle was the way his soul remained attached to the realm of the living. She told him that his soul needed to possess something before he could return to the living realm.

Kaiba would make two trips to his plane on the Kaiba Corp. roof. The first was the body of course. The second was the support system that kept the body from wasting away. The plane would have enough power to support the body as well as get him to Egypt.

It wouldn't be an easy task, however. The monsters were on the roof, possibly lost, confused, but most of all, threatening. He unhooked the support system and grabbed the tank containing the replica of his former pharaoh. It was heavy; he wouldn't be able to defend himself if attacked.

Carefully, he opened the door that led to the roof, peaking out for enemies first. Thankfully, they were all on the other side, paying no attention to him. Or perhaps they were on the sides of the office building, already starting their attack.

He had to be quick about it. He rushed to the plane and opened the door to the cockpit. He loaded the body in between the pilot and co-pilot seat.

"Graaaa..." The CEO panicked and spun around, pulling out a gun at the noise-making fiend behind him. A revival slime warbled next to him. It was so...tiny. He dropped his guard, lowering his gun, but the slime took the chance to lunge himself at him. A gunshot rang out as the blue gunk splattered on the ground, then slowly gravitated back together.

The monsters swerved around and surrounded him immediately. Would he die now and doom the Earth? Kaiba cursed his luck. Two of the monsters lunged for him. He shot them down. Then, the sneaky slime snuck up on him and absorbed the gun into its blue gooey body before dropping off of Kaiba's arm and slinking away.

"Shit!" Kaiba couldn't take off. The monsters would be all over the plane if he tried, not to mention that he still needed to get the support system. He couldn't tell how long the body would last without it. The organs wouldn't function properly unless the sustaining fluid was taken out of the body anyway.

An attack launched. It was some kind of beam aimed directly for him. He hit the ground, protecting the delicate body in his grasp.

A mighty roar came from behind the plane. A counterattack. A much larger beam shot out and enveloped the Kaiba Corp. roof with light. Kaiba felt the skyscraper rumble under his feet.

"Wha?" Kaiba spun around. His eyes widened in shock. Towering above him was his faithful Blue Eyes White Dragon. Its eyes softened as it lowered its head to take a look at the reincarnation of its master.

"Broken...the seal is broken..." a voice whispered through Kaiba's mind. It shocked him. It was some kind of mental bond between him and his magnificent creature. That girl he'd seen...was the human manifestation of the Blue Eyes' soul.

"Your...your name is..." he tried to remember, "...Kisara." The dragon before him closed its eyes and nodded its head softly. It was engulfed in shards of light and shrunk until its human form was left standing there.

"I'm here to protect you," Kisara told him. They were now flying in Kaiba's sleek blue jet for Egypt. "It's dangerous...especially if they've found out what you're questing for."

"Why do they even want to come to our realm? Life here is no walk in the park either," Kaiba asked, flipping some switches on the control panel. He didn't want to admit this, but he wasn't sure if the jet could actually support the empty shell of a body until they got to Egypt. In a worst case scenario, they might run out of energy, as he didn't have time to refuel back in Domino.

"Well...there's a hierarchy of power within our realm. The monsters are here because while they're weak in our realm, they can dominate the humans here," Kisara answered. "...where is your brother?"

"He's hiding in a secret passage under the mansion. It would've been too dangerous for him to come," Kaiba replied hesitantly. He was worried that they would be attacked on the way. There were so many ways that this mission could go wrong, but there was only one good result.

"Kisara...what am I supposed to do exactly? How do I get past through the realm of the dead and return to the one of the living?"

"Not even I know that, Seto-sama. My soul has resided in the realm of the monsters for the past millennium."

"Great...I'm supposed to go about reviving the dead because one crazed woman says I can," Kaiba murmured to himself.