She's always been the courageous one, the one who helped her fellow senshi be informed. She's only known what its been like to die.... But has never been the death of an innocent soul. For her, all she was doing was protecting her princess, queen, leader and friend. However the gods decided to punish her, making this appear as though she wanted to murder him. She didn't and never will...

Flash Back

The well-known sailor senshi were up against not a youma, not 5 youma's but 5 boys.
Apparently they were on a mission to destroy the sailor senshi. They were good. Perhaps even better than the senshi. They had guns and one had a katana too. Even though the senshi had magic, the battle was still as even as ever. All it was was a miss of an arrow and then his life ended.

Flash back finishes.

Yes, she was, is and perhaps always will be, Sailor Mars, Commander of fire, Fighter of love and justice.

Change point of view to Rei's

I regret, ever being a senshi, who knew that being a sailor would mean being able to kill a man? I always thought that being a senshi was full of good deeds. But no, the death of an innocent has proved me wrong. Perhaps I am not destined to be a sailor scout... I know my "fellow" scouts would agree. They told me that I am a disgraceful senshi, and that I should be ashamed. I am, why wouldn't I be? I the sailor scout of mars not ashamed for the death of an innocent? The thought of it is outrageous!

Flash back

I had just fought off my challenger, taking a chance I sought to see how Sailor moon was going... Not so good I guess...Her partner was a few meters away from her, pointing a loaded gun at her heart. Angry at the thought of him pulling the trigger, I charged up a "flame sniper" and shot at the gun. Like I said, these 5 were no idiots. The guy holding the gun, Heero I think his name was, pulled his gun away from the arrow, allowing it a safe passage way to piercing the poor boy.

The death was quick but sad. The flames engulfed his boy. His screams and shouts from his companions were the sounds that made the truth dawn on me. I, Sailor Mars the destroyer of evil, had just killed a boy.

After escaping the scene, I was lectured by Ami and Makoto and the rest. I was still shocked so I didn't exactly hear everything. But I picked up the key words. You are a disgrace to the senshi...ashamed.... disgraceful...murder...death.... purpose...shame... Finally I couldn't take it anymore. Tears threatening to fall I ran into my room. While running out I hissed at them, "Get out..."

End flash back

Change P.O.V to third person

Over the next few days, Rei was unusually different; she was quiet and not as snappy. Her grades went slightly higher. That was all. Whenever she was in the arcade or when she saw her "fellow senshi" they would ignore her.

Life was back to how it used to be for Rei Hino. No-one to talk to, only speaking to teachers or students when they needed help or when organizing things.

Yes a change in Rei's life has appeared yet again. Except this change would not bring her friends and a life of fighting crime. No, this time it would eliminate them, and as for the crime fighting, what's the point.

A week later

"Class today we are going to do an assignment, which is a biography on a pen pal from Trinity High. I will give you your partners today and expect the biography to be in, in a month so that gives you plenty of time to get to know them." Said Mrs. Takeuchi and reading from her list she called out the names while handing out a sheet, which has the address and such on it, you know, details.

"Minomoto, Koji and Dorlain, Relena"

"Mangangi, Takeshi and Conna, Sarah"

"Renaldo, Clarisse and Bartholomew, Harry"

"Hino, Rei and Barton, Trowa"

The list went on and on and on. Rei's partner for this assignment actually looked cute in the photo provided. He had these gravity defying bangs, which amused her. She was sure Minako and Makoto would drool over him. She thought and then remembered. Oh yeah, Im a disgrace in the name of a senshi...

Change to Rei's point of view

As soon as I got home I noticed my computer's "you have a message" light flashing. Curiously I opened the letter. It was from that dude... um what's his name? Barton yeah that's it Trowa Barton.

To Miss Rei Hino,

I am your pen pal from trinity, I hope your teacher Mrs. Takeuchi has informed you that we are supposed to make a biography on one another. Please reply with the earliest time that is convenient for you to chat to me perhaps on Msn messenger

From, Trowa Barton.

Well, he's polite at least. Ah well I might as well reply and say now's as good a time as any to get the biography done.

Clicking the reply button

I typed in my message

To Mr. Trowa Barton,

Now would be as good a time as any to get the bio done

From Rei Hino

Knowing how fast an email can be sent I logged onto my Messenger account .

As soon as I logged in one of them pop up boxes said that would like to be on your contact list. I pressed allow. And there he was on my contact list.

As I looked at my status I suddenly saw my nickname, it was goddess of mars...oh no. quickly I changed it to Flaming raven before Trowa realized I am Sailor Mars. He was online alright. Opening a conversation window wasn't too hard.

Flaming Raven: Hello?

Trowa: Is this Rei Hino?

Flaming Raven: Yes, Trowa Barton?

Trowa: Yes

Flaming Raven: Okay, hi how are you?

Trowa: Good, I guess and you?

Flaming Raven: oh just.....fine

Trowa: Okay then lets get started on the biography. Do you want to ask me questions first or should I ask you first?

Flaming Raven: you can ask me, im in no mood to ask questions

Trowa: Okay then, 1. when is your birthday?

The conversation went on and on until I said I had to go.

Flaming Raven: I have to go Trowa nice talking to you

Trowa: okay then, bye email me tomorrow telling me the time we should talk again

Flaming Raven: ok, bye

After the long conversation I went to have a shower. Nothing interesting except grandpa asking why Usagi and that didn't come anymore. "They didn't have time and Usagi is on holidays" so I lied, sue me!

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