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Chapter 12:

Maybe I Have Wings...

The Thought coursed through her veins like wild fire, the blood running through her body pumping wildly as violet eyes shone with empty emotion, empty except for a small flame of anger, a small flame of regret, and a small flame of sorrow.

"I... Can't..." She whispered to herself, unaware that Trowa had come running into Mamoru's apartment, his forest green eyes widened in sorrow and worry as they scanned the debris and damaged forms of the senshi. They captured the true image of the little raven haired girl called Hotaru, crying, in her palm a small pile of golden dust.

They examined the faces of the torn and anguished faces of the ex-senshi.

And analyzed the distraught face of Rei. Nothing now could describe what he thought of her. It had been a while since it was revealed that she had killed him, but it hadn't been so long since the pain left him. He sincerely doubted that if Rei hadn't been forced and planned to kill Quatre that burning fire of hatred would separate them forever. But since knowing that they where destined, his views changed completely.

"You must believe..." He murmured and walked towards the wistful ebony haired teen. Her creamy skin allowing dancing rays of the now pointless sun to show off her tranquil skin- revealing nothing from within. Sighing, the auburn haired male leant forward to caress her cheek where a small tear trickled down her features, allowing the purple visionaries to shine again, with sorrow.

"Where is she" Rei suddenly hissed as she used the back of her wrist to maneuvered the tears away from her eyes. Malice and hate evident in her voice.

"No, Not she but IT... That THING that DARES to possess the body of Hime" Quickly straightening herself Rei let out an ear piercing cry. It sounded like a screech.

"Phobos... Demos!" She exclaimed without emotion as the two ravens flew towards her, their midnight feathers fanning out and flapping with urgency. Rei clapped her now gloved hands together, urging the crows to speed up after she henshined.

"Moons Of Mars-" She whispered in awe as the birds flew directly into her brooch allowing her to immediately sprout black wings with a hint of crimson. Their power coursed through her as she launched herself out of the window, in futile search of the hime that flew.

As soon as Rei had left the apartment the ex-senshi dispersed, their multicoloured eyes shining with sorrow as they went their ways, some where even restraining tears that threatened to fall, but most where unsuccessful.

Trowa himself left the building, a feeling of anxiety oversoming him as he continued to stalk his way home. Passing a multitude of brown trees filled with pale pink cherry blossoms. Maybe If We never decided to fight youma Quatre wouldn't have died... Maybe if we didn't The pink haired rabbit wouldn't have died... Or even that man the blonde was going on about...

"Maybe in a way it WAS ALL OUR FAULT!" HE yelled the last words with such force that several crows took flight. But that wasn't all.

What approahced next was shocking. It was a loud roar that muffled his ears, yet screeched at them at the same time. He felt like he was falling, drowning in a sea of neverending darkness. And that he was.

"I'd Say you killed him!" A voice purred out from a throne. The shady darkness obscuring the figure that draped herself over it in a regal manner. The figure in front of him was Jadeite, how he managed to avoid death was beyond her. I suppose i didn't hit him hard enough... At least Rizka didn't survive She thought malisciously as her eyes drifted over towards a bowl filled to the brim with the deepest red wine.

"War Maiden..." She hissed, her voice cutting through Jadeiete's mind like a blazing sword. What do i know about the new War maiden?She asked herself as she gently caressed the unconscious male beside her.

"He's not dead Ma'am..." Jadeiete tried to retort, but an icy glare from the sapphire eyes immediately silenced him.

"I know that Jadeiete... Are you perhaps implying that i am... how to term it... incapable of telling if a man is dead or not? May i remind you who happens to be the future ruler of the unicerse? Jadeiete?"

"No- No- Of Course not..." The blonde replied uncertainly. In the next second he gasped, her throat clawing for air as sharp claws sunk visciously into his neck; almost crushing his windpipe.

"You DARE! You DARE speak ill of me?" The lady hissed, her scepter pointed harshly at Jadeiete though her body in it's self moved in no way.

Sighing coldly she released Jadeiete, allowing the fumbling servant to disappear and rematerialise in his chambers while mentally swearing at himself.

"This won't be good..." He muttered.

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