Broken Robin

By Serene's Magick

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans or anything associated with them...except for the pictures I draw. Nor do I own the Justice League characters whose names will pop up every now and then.

Summary: A/U ending for 'Apprentice'. The rebellious fight only ended up giving Robin a bunch of broken bones and bruises because the rest of the Titans never appeared to offer him strength. Five years have gone by and the underground resistance is failing, when one of their own is captured is it the end of the fight or will this be the nudge in the right direction they need to win?

This story is dedicated to a friend of mine, who while I was writing this story would steal my notebook and read it. I hope you like the second half...the part you weren't able to read.


If only we had done something we could I shouldn't think like that; we couldn't have done anything with the nanobots in our systems. It would have been suicide for us if we did that and the outcome would've been worse.

But by the time we purged the nanobots from our systems, it was too late...for Robin...for us...for everyone.

Five years ago...that's how long ago we lost our leader, our friend, and one of the few people I trusted. Five years ago, Slade destroyed the Teen Titans and built an empire as we disappeared underground with the remnants of the Justice League.

Four years ago, Starfire and Beast Boy went to run their own resistance against Slade...and Robin...they now live in a disclosed location in the mountains.

Three years ago, I had over twenty thousand men...enough we thought until Slade started predicting our moves and killing us off one or two at a time. Now I only have twenty men maybe less.

Two years ago...we lost Cyborg in a raid against an armory base. It was that day when Beast Boy and his family pay their respects and to help set up a new regulation for raids. It was that day that I learned Beast Boy and Starfire had twins...a boy and a girl. After the ceremony for Cy's burial they too left and I was alone.

One year ago I thought that with forty men we could manage to do guerrilla warfare...once again luck abandoned the rebel fighters. I lost all of the men I had with me over the span of a week.

Six months ago Starfire sent word that one of her children were killed...four hundred of the enemy died that day and I don't even have the joy of remembering it even though I was the one that did the fighting...alone.

Two hours ago...I saw Robin kill someone. I vowed then that I would keep on fighting even though I knew I was fighting a losing war...I would keep on fighting until I died. I would fight for the people that died because of this battle and for the people enslaved by Slade.

I am the last known renegade general in Jump City.

My allies are Beast Boy, Starfire, Batman, and Superman...the rest of the Justice League is scattered around the world and we have very little contact.

I am Raven; one of the last of the three surviving Titans.

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