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Kiss my Wookiee!

Intentions Revealed

"Hey Zsinj!" Han Solo yelled at the evil warlord, "Kiss my Wookiee!"

The warlords face went red, and he began to curse in about sixty different languages, well, that was how many Han counted before screen of the holo vid flickered and the transmission ended.

Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, leaned back in his chair and laughed.

"You know Cub," growled Chewbacca the wookiee, "where I come from, I'm rather good looking for a wook!"

Han gave his partner a lob sided grin. "Yeah, I'll bet Malla tells you that all the time! I'm sure it would be an honour to kiss you!" Han laughed again.

He started fiddling with a small box in his pocket and said, more to himself than to Chewie, "I wonder what Leia would have said if she had seen that."

Chewie growled again.

"She would not have said that I was a complete idiot!" Han protested, jumping up, once again alert.

The small box fell from his hand to the floor.

"Damn!" Han scrambled across the floor of the Falcon, grabbed the box and opened it to check that its' content wasn't damaged.

"What are you doing with a ring Cub?" Chewie roared at him.

Han stood up and put the ring in his pocket again for safe keeping. "This ain't for me Chewie. It's for Leia." He paused before he continued. "I'm thinking, I'm not sure yet, okay, I'm thinking of asking her to marry me."

Chewie roared.

"What do you mean, 'It's about time'?!?!" Han cried. "It takes more time than you think pal! I love Leia! I have for ages! She loves me! The question is, does she want to spend the rest of her life with an ex-smuggler, a scoundrel?"

Chewbacca roared at him to calm down then growled quietly, "She loves you, that much is obvious. She loves you for who you are. You have nothing to worry about!"

Han glared at him. "Thanks buddy, but since when have you become the love expert?"

Chewie gave him a wounded look and said, "I have a wife and kid. That makes me more of an expert than you."

"Nice," said Han, "put her on auto pilot and let's get some sleep!"

Little did Han know, that night was going to be a little different.

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