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Author's Note: This story is just a plot bunny that occurred to me today. I'll try to update whenever I can. This is set after Star By Star and is an AU Dark Jaina fic.


Go now.

Anakin, I can't!" Jaina commed.

Anakin raised the detonator so that his brother and sister could see. Thirty seconds. He released the trigger. Take her, Jacen. Kiss Tahiri for me.....

Anakin used the Force to nudge the sphere away, then caught an amphistaff in the ribs and went down hard, letting his lightsaber fall from his hand. His aura was only a faint glow, flickering between dim and nonexistent. The maelstrom inside was dying away now, flowing back into the Force.

Anakin was gone.

....Jacen laid a hand on her knee, hoping his touch might serve as her anchor.

"We can't give up. We still need to destroy the queen."

Jaina looked up, a faint spark of presence finally showing in her vacant eyes. "You left him to the Yuuzhan Vong."

"We had to," Jacen said, accepting the rebuke. As much as he himself was hurting, he would rather Jaina lay the blame boiling up inside her on his own shoulders than her own. "They were all over him. You saw that."

Jaina pushed his hand from her leg. "He put you in charge, and you left him behind."

....Jaina felt someone watching and turned to find Vergere staring at her from the shelter of a nearby archway, Anakin's lightsaber dangling from one hand and her narrow eye angled in what seemed a peculiar expression of dismay. Jaina sneered at the creature, then raised her hand and loosed another bolt of Force lightning.....

Alema came to Jaina's side and, somewhat tentatively, took her by the arm. "We'd better go."

Jaina knocked her arm away and started to run. There was no where Vergere could go that Jaina couldn't find her and no speed that she could go that Jaina wouldn't match. She would die....

Jaina ran and ran, never stopping. Any Vong that got in her way were promptly moved aside with Force lightning. She rounded a corner and slammed back into the wall. Her vision and consciousness went dark. Vergere....

There came a terrible thunder overhead, a firestorm so bright it lit the darkness behind Jacen's closed eyelids. He heard a voice calling- a voice that he had known all his life.

"Jacen?" A pause, frantic and demanding. "Jacen, answer me!"

A delicate hand, brushed back his hair and he opened his eyes to look into a beautiful familiar face. Tenel Ka.

"It's okay. You're on board the ship now. We're leaving. We have too."

"Jaina?" His voice was desperate and hoarse.

She shook her head once, decisively. "Gone."

Jaina Solo gasped, and screamed until her throat was raw. She was alive. She was awake and she was in the Embrace of Pain.

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