Title: Explanation
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: G
Pairing: Kurapica/Leorio

Disclaimer: Hunter X Hunter, Kurapica or Leorio doesn't belong to me. (-- but I forgot the owner's name... hehe...)



I was always seen as the smartest in the group, using logic sense and always reading books whenever we stopped by for a short rest anywhere. I've read a lot, about places, what happened there, what would happen if you do this, what this is called, why is it called that and many more. I thought that what I knew was already enough for a teenager like me, but life continued rolling by, I met Gon and the others, I passed the Hunter Exam and I found out about Nen.

I thought that I've seen everything by then, but I guess I was wrong.


You can say that I can be pretty dense, but I've still got my intelligence. It's pretty shocking when you hear a person like me dreaming to become a doctor. I mean, I don't look anything like the medicine type, do I? After the Hunter Exam, I've kept on studying, books and pens around me, a medical dictionary and another dictionary for unfamiliar words. By the time that I was supposed to take the final test in becoming a doctor, I thought that I practically knew and understood everything written on the dictionary.

I thought wrong.


There are something's that you can't explain, no matter how much science disagrees. People think that everything can be explained if you just look into it, but sometimes, if you keep on looking deeper, the more and more confused your mind gets.

Like feelings. Understanding feelings is pretty difficult even if other scientists think that they've already discovered it. Feelings are... simply... unexplainable... Even I won't be able to explain it. I know that, because...

Because I can't explain my love for Leorio.


Fine, the dictionary's always with me, but every time I search for words that I think can explain whatever I feel, the words then suddenly becomes so confusing. And my eyes goes blurry and I polish my glasses, put them back on, but the blur didn't disappear. When I sigh and close the book and rest my mind for a while, that's when everything clears.

I don't know what happened, nor do I care. The dictionary can't explain things like these.

Like I can't explain my love for Kurapica.


Author's Notes: Is it just me or is the ending just overly corny, sappy and lame? -sweat drop- Gomen, I was in a rush to do this and I never had the talent in writing POV fics like this, so bear with me...? -laughs nervously- Anywho, I'm a bit obsessed with Kurapica/Leorio right now, so this is my first fic with this pairing and my second fic in Hunter X Hunter, so... Gomen if they're way too OOC. oO Anywho, review kudasai! =]