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"You ready for this?" Tony muttered under his breath as they stepped out of that Tahoe and into the small parking lot of the beautiful brick farmhouse that held the bed and breakfast.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Kate whispered back; shifting uncomfortably in skanky attire. She still felt like a complete slut.

"Alright then," Tony responded as he grabbed their bags from the back seat, "Let's go then." Ajusting the bags on his shoulder so that he had one hand free, he grabbed on of her small hands and interlaced their fingers.

After receiving a startled look from Kate, he nodded his head to the front door they were headed for, "Time to get into character. You never know when someone's watching us."

Giving him an understanding nodd, she gripped his hand a little tighter as she reaced out to ring the door bell.

Less then 30 secounds later the door swung open to reveal a pleasant looking women in her 40's with a huge grin on her face. "We'll," she screeched in a happy little voice, "You two must be Mr. and Mrs. Marcus! Welcome to our home! If you two will follow me, I'll show you around and then get ya'll settled in your room!"

After enduring a painful hour of touring the house, Mrs. Jackson finally left them alone to get settled into their room; and suddenly, Kate wished she was still viewing the house. Anything was better then being stuck in this tiny little sweet with Tony for hours on end.

"Hey," Tony said, as he collapsed onto the queen sized bed with a sigh, "We've gotta be down there for dinner in about two hours. Do you wanna take another shower or are you good?"

"Naw," Kate shook her head as she collapsed onto the bed next to him, "I'm good."

"Alright then," Tony replied stretching his arms out over his head, and then turning on his side to face her, "Soooo, what do you wanna do to kill the time?"

Turning on her side as well Kate gave a small sigh herself, "I dunno. What do YOU wanna do?" They honestly sounded like a bunch of bored children.

"Oh I can think of a few things," Tony said, shooting her one of his famous grins.

"Oh really what's that?"

"This….." They were so close already that he barley had to move at all, but in less then a second his hand was on her cheek, and his lips found hers. It was soft at first, just so he could test the waters…but when she responded eagerly by slipping her hands around his neck and pulling him closer: he deepened it. Kissing her harder and with more passion then he'd kissed any women in a long time.

And when she finally opened her mouth to let him in, he immediately accepted….the two completely oblivious to the fact that they were both still wired.

They had other things on their minds.

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