The Sorting's Warning

I have been sitting all year through,

Making the song for all of you,

For I am the Sorting Hat you'll see,

No other hat's as smart as me.


Into four houses you could go,

And from there scuttle too and fro,

The Hufflepuffs and Gryfindors,

Then Slytherins and Ravenclaws,

The choices are all up to me,

Inside your heads is were I'll see.


The Hufflepuffs are always loyal,

And never think to curse or toil,

Your secrets safe with one of them,

For they will keep it till the end.


Loyalty also lies in here,

The wraith of Gryfindors do fear,

For though they're bold and brave and sure,

For betrayal there is no cure.


Slytherins love pride and glory,

For them it is a shorter story,

Make friends with Slytherin sparingly.

And never trust all that you see.


Ravenclaw are the ones with brains,

And the smartest one's by far,

They're serious and don't play games,

This skill will bring them far.


To unite under the name of school,

They must not think themselves the fool,

For if the four fail to unite,

The Dark Lord will win the fight.


XXX Dyran Hunter XXX