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Dyran Hunter


Greetings Howarts, one and all,

We're once again in the Great Hall,

I Hope your summer was bright and long,

I spent my time devising this song.


Four great founders there used to be,

Who found and then enchanted me,

For I am the Sorting Hat, you see,

No other hat's as smart as me.


Four great houses to be in,

hose with pride join Slytherin.

There's much here that you won't see,

But Slytherin stick with family.


The Gryfindors love pride and glory,

They contain a shorter story.

Gryfindors choose fight, not flight,

And stand against the wave of night.


A Ravenclaw's intelligence,

Is much more than some bookish sense.

Their unmatched smarts will bring them far,

Their knowledge like a guiding star.


The strength of loyalty is stead fast,

In every Hufflepuff of past.

They never shy from work or strain,

In joining them, you've much to gain.


Now you know the houses four,

I'm hoping that your brains aren't sore,

But before the dinner bell,

I have some words that I must tell.


Darkness sweeps across our home,

Making us feel all alone,

But the founders heirs are near,

Within Hogwarts; Keeping it clear.


They will push the darkness back,

Despite love and trust in lack.

For if the four fail to unite,

The Dark Lord will win the fight.