Marry Me Today

by Jules713

I'm back with a song-fic! It's about Leo and how he felt when he was proposing. My version!

Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed nor Things I'll Never Say

by Avril Lavigne.

Leo Wyatt sat on a stone bench in the clouds, thinking about his problem. It had two choices, one resonable,one stupid.

His problem was that he loved a witch, Piper Halliwell and he wanted to propose. Normal? No way! He was a whitelighter.

Witches and whitelighters weren't supposed to be together. His 1 choice was to propose and get married in secret.

His 2 choice was to tell to Elders, the ones who forced them apart, his plan. Stupid! He orbed to Earth in front of Piper's door and knocked softly for it was night time.

No answer, so he walked n.Piper lay on one side as though expecting someone. Piper stirred and sat upright.

" Leo?" she called into the darkness. Te radio was playing softly as though Piper had not fallened sleep.

I'm tuggin at my hair

I'm pullin at my clothes

I'm trying to keep my cool

I know it shows

(/N i know avril didn't have songs in 2000! 2 words/fan fic)

Weird, thought Leo, this sounds like me!

"Leo did you hear me?" Piper asked, concerned for him. She froze him and called to her sisters.

"Piper's to early! Was da matter?" Phoebe muttered, shielding her eyes from Piper's bright lamp. piper pointed to the frozen Leo.

"Something's up with him!" She exclaimed. "He wouldn't talk to me!"

"Well duh you froze him!" Prue said obviously. Piper gave her a dirty look. the radio was still going. But by now it was at the end.

Marry me today

Guess I'm wishing

my life away

With these things I'll never say

Phoebe heard the song and rocked to the music. She saw the bulge in leo's pocket shaped like a ring box.

"Uh-uh, un freeze Leo and see what he has to say!We'll wait at the door!" Phoebe said hurriedly, grabbing prue's hand and running out the door, leaving a confused piper and a frozen Leo. Leo unfroze.

"Well piper"Leo started."Piper-I-"

Piper interuppted,"You're not breaking up with me are you?"

Leo looked at her wildly, " No!!"

The radio came a loud blast--

This is WKKB, that was Avril Lavigne! Let's see we have a few shout outs. Happy Birthday to Alexis Hill and Bobby Theret. Ah a very unusual shoutout. Here's 1to Piper H.- Piper looked aroundwildly- from Leo-she turned to him, he grinned sheepishly- I love you, marry me? Sweet first time we ever had one of those! And now a very old love song requested from a San Franciso lover! Here's the Beatles!

She loves you-yeah,yeah,yeah

She loves you-yeah,yeah,yeah

She loves you-yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah

Piper looked up at Leo and hugged him, " Yes, I love you too!" They kissed, as Phoebe and Prue came in and shouted


The rest is TV history!

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