Pushing It Bonus DVD Feature! Pushing It V 1.0: Kitty and Peter watching a bad movie inflicted upon them by Doug Ramsey.


"Are you still awake, Peter?"

"Hmmm? Yes, I am, Katya."

"You've been quiet."

"I have been occupied, trying to stay awake. This film is... less than captivating."

"It is pretty boring. Dreadful, too."

"Yes, very much so. Why are we watching it, again?"

"Because it's a 'classic of camp horror cinema, and your life will be unfulfilled until you've watched it'."

"Doug said that, I presume?"


"Then why isn't he still here enjoying it with us?"

"Because he's watched it five times this month – and he's probably figured that if he stuck around, we'd string him up by his heels for inflicting this dreck on us."

"Hmmm. He is wiser than he seems... I do not mind horror, and I enjoy humor as much as the next man, but this film lacks either quality."

"And the dialogue is dreadful. God, some of those lines make the back half of my brain want to chomp down on the front half."

Peter snorted. "An interesting visual..." He and Kitty watched a little more of the movie in silence. "Katya?"


"If this film is so bad, why are we still watching it?"

Kitty thought about it for a moment. "I'm not sure. I think because this is the cinematic equivalent of a car crash – horrible, yet fascinating. You're eyes can't believe what they're seeing, so you have to keep watching to confirm to yourself that, yes it is truly that bad."

"I have never cared for car crashes. I think I'll find another movie for us to watch."

"Sounds like a good plan. Doug will be disappointed though, us remaining 'unfulfilled.'"

"Perhaps I am a philistine, but I have had enough fulfillment for one night." Kitty giggled. Peter clicked off the movie and got up from the couch to switch out DVDs. While he looked through the mansion's collection of films, Kitty watched him through half-closed eyes, a smile nine-parts angelic, one part devil, curving her full lips. It surprised her how much grace he possessed, especially considering his size. Big men were thought to be clumsy, but he was far from it.

(Fragment Ends)

This was my first attempt at writing Pushing It. While I had fun with the Kitty and Peter's dialogue, the story was just not working out for me, so I started from scratch and you know the result. Still, I liked Kitty and Peter's banter, and didn't want to leave this languishing in my hard drive. Hope this tides you over until I can get Deathless Chapter 6 out.

Perhaps this is a bit hubristic, but if anyone would like to continue this, feel free. Just drop me a note to give me a head's up. Lia Fail and Kirayoshi are particularly welcome to try their hand, if you two feel like taking a break from your current projects.


Jeremy Harper