By Chaoseternus

Note: This is set in the Thundersdawn Series by Chaoseternus and is backstory.
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Heres a joke for you, two ships, the Enterprise NCC 1701-E and the Dauntless class Indefatigable both investigate an unusual gate, which one ends up in the wrong universe?

Continuity: RSS03 Indefatigable

In a whirling vortex of displaced energy, the Dauntless class Indefatigable arrived at the fringes of the Edonia Nebulae, catalogued by the Asgard some five thousand years ago, this particular nebulae had never seriously been investigated.

Now, it was the focus of the first science and exploration mission by the RSS. For this task, the much maligned and underused decoy launcher had, in a surprisingly quick refit, been removed with extra sensors patched in its place and the secondary command centre commandeered by science division for its direct hook-ups to the sensor grids.

There was nothing special about his nebulae, this mission wasn't about oddities or unusual traits, this was about getting data on the bog standard nebulae mass and not just what they look like, but their composition, the energies within and the like.

Of course, SGC warships, most notably Prometheus had spent time in nebulae before, but they were usually hiding so scientific evaluation wasn't exactly a priority. Under the watchful eye of Captain Hailey of the SGC, Indefatigable's sensors began probing, slowly gathering information and drawing data from the space around them; there was no hurry, no haste. They had known when they set out this might take some time.

Continuity: USS Enterprise NCC-1701E

With a weary sigh, Picard dropped the padd onto the desk, glad for once of the uninteresting and unchallenging orders contained within. The war may have just ended, but its effects were still rippling through the federation. Too many ships, too many personnel lost meant fewer ships to fight the brushfires, to expand the federation, to add to the federations knowledge and to rebuild the federation and their allies meant more work for the surviving ships.

It had been hard, they had been run off their feet and crew morale was down, fatigue and short tempers up and not even Laforges genius with maintenance had kept the list of incomplete repairs from slowly building up.

They needed an easy mission, a time to regroup and just breathe for a while.

And a mapping of an apparently standard nebula was certainly that.

Faintly, wearily smiling Picard tapped his combadge, "Bridge, set course for the Edonia Nebula, warp 5"

"Aye sir"

Continuity: RSS03 Indefatigable

Aboard Indefatigable, chaos reigned as a large coherent Naquadah source was picked up by the sensor array.

Hailey whistled as the sensors cleared, the distance between them and the unknown artefact dropping as they dived deeper into the nebula to investigate, the object in question was certainly a device, a creation of some sort and it appeared to be an Ancient construction, but that they couldn't say for certain without a visual inspection, what it most certainly was a gate of some sort, massive enough to take a Ha'tak with room to spare.

Hailey grinned, Carter would kill to see this when she got the report, finally she had gotten one up on the SGC's Head Of Science. Not that she could really complain too much, Carter had introduced her to the SGC and its mission and was therefore responsible for her seeing this but she liked to keep the friendly rivalry going.

They were both geniuses after all, and if they didn't try to be better than the other, to challenge each other to improve, who else was around to challenge them who knew of the SGC and was cleared for its mission?

"Could it be a combat gate?" Commander Ewing asked, his tone gleeful as he contemplated the possibilities.

Hailey raised an eyebrow, well that would remind her not to get too cocky, she hadn't thought of that, but…

"I don't think so" Hailey replied thoughtfully, "It could be a result of being scaled up but the energy signature doesn't quite seem right for that, its way outside recorded variations on gate energy signatures and it definitely seems to have active energies in areas of the electromagnetic spectrum most gates never touch"

"Damn" Ewing cursed, then nodded "Right, store your scan data, I'm going to order bridge to manoeuvre for a triangulated scan"

"That would be helpful, thank you captain" Hailey replied, she had just been about to ask for that.

Continuity: USS Enterprise NCC-1701E

"Curious" Data commented quietly from his station as the sensor results flickered at speeds no normal human could read across his screen, "Captain, there appears to be a device deep inside the nebula"

Picard paused at the open door to his ready room, and turned to face the android, "What kind of device?"

"Unknown, construction most closely matches preserver artefacts but it does not appear to be a preserver device, the energy signature is suggestive of wormhole technology but even that is not definite" Data paused, "And the mineral the device is made of is unknown and appears to be absorbing approximately 45.67% of our sensor emissions"

Picard strode across the bridge to Data's console, "Somebody who knew the preservers perhaps?" If so, then that would make this an unparalleled discovery.

"It is possible, but we would need more sensor data to confirm, I would suggest a closer examination"

Picard nodded, "Yellow Alert, helm, take us into the nebula"

Continuity: RSS03 Indefatigable

"Bridge to Captain Hailey" Ewings voice blared across the room, and cursing Hailey turned from the scan data to tap the comm. Panel on the wall.

"Go ahead"

"Engineering reports a drain on the sensors, something is absorbing our sensors, most likely that device, look into it please"

"Right away captain" Jennifer replied, turning swiftly from the comm. Panel to tap swift commands into the secondary bridges sensor controls.

"Damn" she muttered to herself, annoyed "Copy that captain, we appear to be losing approximately 46% of the sensor emissions," she glanced again at the results, her eyebrows raising as they shifted, "maybe not… now received the 46% but it appears to have been modified, shifted into a range which is difficult for our sensors to pick up, I'll get back to you when I know more captain"

Continuity: USS Enterprise NCC-1701E

"Captain, we are being scanned"

Picard and Riker shared unsurprised looks, "By the device?" Riker asked.

"Negative, the scan is emitting from the device but the device does not seem to be generating the scan itself" Data paused, a curious look flashing across his face, "Wait one"

After a moment, Data turned from his console to face the captain, an expression of consternation and excitement flickering across his face, "The scan appears to have a variant quantum signature"

"Mirror universe?" Picard asked grimly.

"Unknown, it is impossible to confirm a variant quantum signature without a solid item to scan let alone identify the universe it came from"

Picard nodded, "Prep the log buoy and have it on standby, take us to within transporters range please"

Continuity: RSS03 Indefatigable

Hailey ran over the latest scan data again, a confused expression on her face, it didn't make any sense, it was almost as if the sensor data they were receiving wasn't entirely theirs, but was mixed with someone else's.

She shook that off, the device wasn't using any sensors and there wasn't anyone else around to be performing a scan.

Sighing, she tapped the comm. Panel again, "Captain, we need to do a surface investigation, we're not getting much up here"

"Copy, any sign of rings?"

"Yes, one set but we will need to be closer than usual to use them, I would estimate 1000 kilometres max because of interference from the nebula and we will need to be suited, there is no atmosphere down their that we can pick up"

"Understood, we will close to 1000km in five minutes, prep your team"

Continuity: USS Enterprise NCC-1701E

"1000km, that's a little close to get to an unknown artefact isn't it?" Riker asked, as he shrugged into his spacesuit.

"Unfortunately it is necessary, interference from the device and the nebula restrict the range at which transporters can be used" Data replied.

The Enterprise shook hard, as if grabbed by a mighty hand and red alert sirens activated throughout the ship, "Red Alert, all hands man battlestations, Commander Riker, Commander Data to the bridge, this is not a drill"

"We're in the grip of some kind of tractor beam" Lieutenant Kashmir shouted, as the bridge shook and rumbled, "Correction, now reading nine tractor beams, they are emitting from the device"

"Break us out, helm, emergency astern, give it everything you've got" Picard barked as Riker and Data charged onto the bridge, Data quickly taking over the Ops position from Kashmir .

"I am now reading an energy wash from the device, tachyons, nadions, chronitons… energy wash is consistent with an opening wormhole, and we are being pulled in"

Picard quickly assessed the situation and resisted the urge to curse, "Launch the log buoy, and target the tractor beam emitters"

Continuity: RSS03 Indefatigable

"No effect, I'm now reading a shield in place, energy signature suggests…" Lieutenant Powell shook her head, "energy signature suggests melded technologies from several techbases but Ancient primarily"

"Engineering, I need more power on engines," Ewing shouted into the comm. panel as a console behind him blew with the distinctive whine of a power surge.

"I cannae get you more power, the relays wont hold, we're dicing with overload as it is"

"Scotty…" Ewing replied frustrated.

"Will you nae call me that? I ain't from no TV show you know, we donnae have the power, and structural integrity is lighting up the board like a Christmas tree, the wee bairn wasn't designed for this"

"Shit!" Ewing cursed, "Stop engines, all hands rig ship for violent manoeuvres, looks like we are in for a ride whether we like it or not, and launch the log buoy"

Continuity: USS Enterprise NCC-1701E

"Engines all stop aye Captain"

The mighty ships lights flickered, and control panels darkened suddenly as Data spoke, "I'm detecting an energy pulse wave from the device and"

Data stopped abruptly, then continued in awed tone of voice, "I am now detecting a contained wormhole within the device"

"Confirm that" Picard ordered.

"It is confirmed captain, we will hit the event horizon in approximately 15 seconds"

Sharing a look with Picard, Riker shouted, "All hands, brace for impact!"

Continuity: RSS03 Indefatigable

"We're clear!" Powell shouted as the ship right itself from a massive lurch "looks like someone dialled in before we completed dialling out and we got shunted to one side"

"Somebody dialled in?" Ewing asked concerned, and then at Powell's nod, began barking orders, "All stations report status, tactical, arm all weapons, and have engineering get those shields back up, now!"

"Picking up an energy surge from the wormhole, consistent with a massive entry event, somebody big is about to drop in on us"

Ewing cursed, "Put us on the flank of the gate, I want us in position to give them everything if necessary"