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Heres a joke for you, two ships, the Enterprise NCC 1701-E and the Dauntless class Indefatigable both investigate an unusual gate, which one ends up in the wrong universe?

25Discontinuity: Edonia Nebula

Picard glanced around the bridge one last time, checking to ensure everything was in place ready for the shift home, the last intergate activation that would be allowed for some time. They didn't know if the gate weakened the dimensional barriers after all and keeping the gate closed should stave off the risk whilst a thorough investigation was carried out.

The things they could learn from this device! The secrets of how universes operated, how dimensions were kept separate…

The very notion had sent the most brilliant minds of the federation, at least those that knew, into ecstatic joy and preparation, or, as the case may be, a sharply raised eyebrow followed by swift and thorough preparation.

Picard sighed as his eyes once again rested on the viewscreen in front of him, he would not lie and say he liked this universe, there were too many threats to his ship, his crew in it for any sane captains liking, let alone a war, correction, a holy war that would most likely last generations.

He didn't like that concept at all, not a holy war though he could understand all to well why the Tau'ri fought, he would do the same, the religion of the Goa'uld, such as it was, was only for fanatics, not for sane people. And for a war to last generations… well, Picard had carefully gone over all the intelligence that had been gathered during Enterprises stay in this universe and he could not see it ending any sooner. Too much was at stake and the many too power, their dominion too large.

Grimacing, he turned his head, looking at the tactical officer out of the corner of his eye, "any word as yet?"

"They seem to be running a final sweep air… estimate fifteen minutes to completion"

Picard tapped his chair impatiently. He could understand their caution but he wanted to take his crew home and all this triple checking was wasting time…

He wouldn't complain of course, he knew they were just being cautious, doing their best for the crew of Indefatigable. Strange that so much would be done for just one ship, one crew Picard mused, they had even diverted resources from Station construction to ensure that Indefatigable, the first ship he had seen in this universe was fully operational, fully loaded and overloaded with spares ready for their mission.

For Indefatigable was making the crossover.

Indefatigable would be following Enterprise through the Intergate to the federation universe. Osiris was loose in their universe, and they needed the support of the Tau'ri to hunt her down, destroy her forces and free her host.

She would form a solid backbone for the Federation/Klingon taskforce that would be assembled to deal with Osiris. Picard knew she was more of a bludgeon than the federation vessels but sometimes a bludgeon was what you needed.

Her weapons fired projectiles at FTL velocities giving them tremendous kinetic energy, let alone their explosive head, those weapons would be a match for anything in his home universe. Even, Picard suspected, the Borg.

But they lacked subtly.

Picard snorted, everything in this damned universe seemed to lack subtly. Their weapons had more pure power but could not be adapted to the situation as easily as federation tech could, most of the time with federations systems it was reprogram and you could adapt your weapons to your new task. The Tau'ri couldn't do that, even with their pulse lasers without physical modifications and from what Picard had seen, no-one else could either, not as well as his Enterprise could

Their shields too could take far more damage, were far more robust but lacked any significant frequency shifting ability. Picard grimaced, frequency shifting wouldn't help the federation against Osiris either though, Goa'uld weapons were too primitive, too much energy was bled into other frequency ranges, preventing a matching shield frequency being found.

Picard nodded, the crux of the matter was simple and one he would have to remember for the war ahead. This universe relied on bludgeons, not the scalpels of his universe.

He would have to plan around that.

"Captain, Indefatigable has formed up on us," the tactical officer glanced back down at his console as a bleep sounded, "she signals all ready sir, and we are receiving good luck signals from the Tau'ri fleet"

Picard sat forward in his seat, a smile appearing on his face at last, "acknowledge the signals and Mr Data…" Picard glanced at the golden android in front of him, "take us home"

"Aye sir"

Cohen watched with mixed feelings as the intergate closed, the watery event horizon disappearing before her eyes, swallowing Indefatigable and Enterprise.

Now, she and her crew were truly alone in a way not even Janeway and Voyager could begin to imagine.

She cleared her throat, "signal Persephone, For Commodore Diaz, Valiant officially transfers command to Tau'ri Joint Command, Royal Space Service, StarGate Command as per Treaty of Edonia Nebula stipulations 34 through 50, please acknowledge"

"Acnowledged Valiant, welcome to our little war here. We got your first mission here too…"

Star Trek Continuity: Edonia Nebula

"Signal Enterprise," Ewing stood as the effects of the gate finally cleared, " Indefatigable acknowledges transfer of command to Starfleet pursuant to Treaty Of Edonia Nebula stipulations 34 through 50 and 78 through 134, please acknowledge"

"Copy Commander, Welcome to the fleet"

Discontinuity: Elsewhere…

Maktenos smiled with ecstasy, another world of Anubis was now his to command and this one had a very useful Naquadah mine.

Anubis wasnt long for this world, that much he knew for certain. Already large portions of his fleet were defecting, their faith shattered by recent events.

But those cylons were a problem, their co-ordination had lost him significantly more ships, more people than Anubis's normal forces. They were a threat, a threat that would also have to be dealt with.

"Milord" Maktenos truned to the Jaffa, eyebrow raised questioningly, "intel suggests all bar one of the allied vessels has crossed back over. This last vessel, the Valiant appears to be under orders to stay in this universe and assist the Tau'ri"

Maktenos stroked the stubble of his chin with a frown, " Valiant you say. I want her, and I want her intact. Prepare a team"

"Yes Milord"


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