9: Breech Of Dawn
by Chaoseternus

Trust is broken and the rules rewritten when traitors are revealed and secrets released.

Chapter 1: Breech Of Trust

Joan Williams sighed contentedly as she lay back in the plush deep chair that took pride of place in her small quarters. Her inboxes may not be empty, her work not entirely done but then she was a senior officer in the RSS, her work was never done, no, she was off-duty.

And that was one hell of a good reason to relax, she got so little off duty time as it was, hell, they had even given her quarters within the main RSS building itself, so that she would always be handy if needed.

It made having friends around for a party real interesting. Luckily, most of her friends were serving or used to the peculiarities that came from friends in the service, and so she didn't have too much trouble.

Sighing, she reached across the chair, grabbing the remote to her 17'' Plasma screen TV, and flicked the TV on to BBC News24. Sipping, she smiled to herself, she loved that TV! It was amazing what you could buy if you rarely got off base to actually spend any money, it all soon built up.

The smile froze; the tea dropped unnoticed to the floor as she frantically dialled the volume up.

"Oh, bugger me!" she gasped, then dashed out of her room, racing through the endless corridors to the Admirals office, uncaring of the fact that all she wore was her loosely tied dressing gown and a pair of fluffy bear slippers.

Gasping for breath, she dived without knocking into a startled Admiral Thompson's office and grabbed the remote straight of the bemused Admirals hand, she dialled straight into BBC News 24.

The Admiral lost his bemused expression instantly, shifting first to stunned, then furious, finally settling on pure fury.

Reaching down, he picked up the internal base phone on his desk, and pressed the button marked 'RSS, Security Chief'

"Pick up BBC News 24, Now" he slammed the phone down, "How the HELL did this happen? "

"I don't know sir, I just don't know"

"Now as you can see, this unidentified memorial clearly lists several US warships by name however we are able to confirm that not only is each of these ships, Iwo Jima or Eisenhower has recently lost crewmen with the names listed, not only that but there is currently no known military service that uses English names and an RSS prefix for its vessels.

The squadron's listed also do not exist, and yet as you can see from the video, all the Heads Of State from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council were present.

That clearly indicates that the names on this plaque have some vital importance, and yet nothing on it makes sense.

So far, no comment has been received from official sources regarding this monument, hidden away in the corners of RAF St Athans.

In further News, Sky News has received information to the effect that last years attack on RAF St Athan was carried out by an official agency of the United States Government.

At this time, it is highly likely that this is linked to President Ordover's decision to disband the NID and arrest all that agency's agents under Treason charges"

"How in the hells name did they get that tape?"

"That" Thompson replied grimly, is the three-billion pound question"