9: Breech Of Dawn
by Chaoseternus

Trust is broken and the rules rewritten when traitors are revealed and secrets released.

Chapter 12: Regaining Control

Thompson smiled victoriously as he dragged the trolley of boxes back into his office.

Not the temporary one back on Thundersdawn, but his office at GC St Athan.

Gods, it was good to be back.

No more nosy reporters, the troublesome ones having either been discredited totally, told to shut up by now disbelieving editors or in a couple of cases, rubbing their hands with glee as they joined up.

Thompson smirked; it was one of his more brilliant ideas.

Everything they did had to be recorded, noted for prosperity so why not have some trained observers around to do it? For that matter, why shouldn't Alpha Centauri have its own news service? Or why couldn't the RSS get its own version of the Armed Forces News Network?

Selection had been careful of course, but it was surprising how many reporters got very cooperative if promised a home on another planet.

Fed up of the pollution on Earth, wishing it was greener for your children? Well, we have a proposition for you…

Stuck at the bottom of the ladder because of one small mistake that the news business will never forget? We have a chance for you to make yourself a name…

Fed up with protective custody or bodyguards just because somebody really didn't like your reports? Well, we know of a place they will never be able to reach you…

It all added up, now they had reporters from the three member nations of the RSS joining up, founding a Alpha Prime News Network, a Tau'ri Alliance News Network for frontline reports and behind the scenes analysis.

It had actually managed to shut up the 'bleeding hearts' on the oversight committee, an event of epic proportions, independent observers covering the RSS, it was perfect, troublesome in some ways, they would have to be watched permanently just to insure they didn't try an unauthorised contact with Earth, but he doubted they would try.

When this story broke, they would be on sight and experienced with the Tau'ri forces, an un-estimateable advantage.

For the most part, the conspiracy nuts and theorists had disappeared from the area too, either correctly claiming a cover up or fleeing, afraid of having been caught out by such a blatant attempt to capture them, to silence them, they 'knew' after all.

Everything was back to normal, almost.

RSS St Athan was compromised still, this facility would now be under permanent watch by civilians, be they 'anoraks', alien nuts, conspiracy theorists or disgruntled, disbelieving press.

Operations here would have to be carefully controlled, but not stopped, no. It served their needs for a slow bleed of information to reach the public, for evidence to slowly build up, it would help prepare the public for the inevitable disclosure.

That would be an ugly day, anything that eased the blow, well that was a good thing in his eyes.

For whilst he knew it had to come, Thompson was afraid of the day of disclosure. He knew human nature, he knew chaos would follow, he knew people would most likely die as a result in riots and hate attacks, and he didn't like the thought at all.

Sighing slightly, he sat down at his desk, home at last.