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Winter kisses

It was a cold November night in New York City. Hermione Granger had been out most of the night hanging out with her friends. Now all she wanted to do was go home, take a hot shower, and curl into bed. But when she opened the door to her studio apartment she found something there that made her stop dead frozen.

There standing next to the open window she must have forgotten to close was a tawny owl. She walked nervously to the owl and untied the letter from its leg. The owl flew out at once, leaving Hermione staring at the letter. Even though it had been three years she immediately recognized the handwriting of Ron Weasley.

Her first thought was to immediately throw it out the window or to burn it on the stove. But something made her stop. She decided not to throw or burn it. But she also decided that she was not going to open it. So she placed the letter on the living room table and went to take a shower.

When Hermione came out of the shower she changed into a pair of sweatpants and a sweater. She then went to the living room where she intended to watch a little T.V before turning in. But her eyes fell on the letter. She picked it up and stared at it. On the front of the envelope it simply said Hermione Granger.

She wondered how on earth Ron had found her. Hermione had been so careful. She never used magic for anything and had even changed her name. Everyone now knew her as Jane Granger. She even got a job that was nowhere near magic. She worked as a librarian at the public library. So how did he find her. Then it stroke her. Dumbledore.

Hermione had a feeling that no matter what Dumbledore knew where she was and what she was doing. She was only to glad that he had never told anyone, at least until now. But she wondered if Dumbledore knew the reason why she had left.
It was their final year at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron had such big plans for the future, now that Voldemort had been defeated. During the final week Hermione and Ron went to see Harry everyday in the hospital wing. He had been severely injured during his battle with Voldemort. Harry and Ron would talk for hours about becoming aurors and even moving in together. But not once did they ever mention her. So Hermione understood that after Hogwarts her two best friends, the two people she had cared for more than anything for the past seven years were simply going to forget about her.
What made it even worse was that after Harry's battle with Voldemort Hermione had finally admitted her true feeling for one of her best friends to herself. Hermione had fallen in love with Harry Potter.

Without even thinking about it Hermione tore open the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Miss Granger You are proudly invited to attend the wedding of Mr. Ronald Bilius Weasley and Miss Selene Ann Fay. On the day of December 25th.

And on the bottom of the letter were two check marks. One for Yes I will attend and one for Sorry but am unable to attend. Hermione grabbed a pen off the table and checked one box.