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Chapter Six

Hermione had already told Ron that she was going to bring two friends with her to the wedding, but she did not tell who they were. Before evetyone left the Leaky Cauldron Hermione made Ginny and Mcgonagall promise her that they would not tell anyone any thing about her. Hermione spentt the rest of the day showing Devon and Norma around Diagon Alley. They got a real kick at how the entrance was hidden. Hermione and Norma brought some robes at Madam Malkin's, then they all went to Florish and Blotts.

As trhey were stepping out of the book store Hermione sptted someone walking up the street. It was Harry Potter. And on his arm was a girl that Hermione had never seen before. They were both laughing at something. Hermione quickly pushed Norma and Devon back into Florish and Blotts and closed the door behind them

"Jane what are you doing?'' Asked Devon. He was looking at her like she was crazy

"I think I know" Norma said. She was looking out the window. She turned to Hermione. "So thats him?" Hermione only nodded

"Who Harry?" Devon asked quickly looking out the window "Who is that with him?"

"I don't know"

"Do you think its his girlfriend or his wife?" Asked Norma

"I don't know" Hermione said not looking at any of them. She was looking at Harry's back as he walked by the store window. Then suddenly Harry looked back right where they were standing. Hermione quickly ducked out of the way.

The next morning Hermione was awoken by a knock on the door. She sat up and looked at the time on the clock next to her bed. It was 6:19 am. "Come in" Norma came in

"Sorry to wake you early. I just wanted to talk to you"

"About what?" Hermione asked confused

"About yesterday at Diagon Alley"

"What about it?" Hermione asked. but she knew very well what Norma was talking about

"About seeing Harry. About seeing Harry with another girl" Norma said with a trace of annoince in her voice.

"So what there is nothing I could do about it. Lets face it he never liked me in that way. The feeling was one way"

"But what if he does-"

"If is the key word. Besides he can't have liked me that much. For all I know that woman was his wife"

"Why don't you see if he does like you? Aren't you going tro at least try to find out"

"If he does then what. For Merlin's sake Norma he probably has a wife and a kid. I'm not going to ruin that for him"

"That may be true. But your going to regreat it for the rest of your life if you don't even try to find out if there was or is something there. Look now. You ran away for five years. Don't you think its time to stop running. Norma got up and walked to the door. Before closing the door behind her she turned to Hermione, who looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Don't you think its time to be Hermione Granger again?"